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Please see below for NEWS & HIGHLIGHTS of our machines and tools presented at the exhibition, including supplier booth numbers.

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DfT, Test Coverage & Documentation - Aster Technologies - A3.352
More than 25 years with Early Design for Test, coverage analysis, coverage measurement/QA, smart Viewing, ECO handling.
Now also system level analysis/viewing and even integration with TestStand/LabView for diagnostics.
Embedded JTAG Solutions - GÖPEL electronic - A3.351
ScanFLEX II: The new JTAG/Boundary Scan Controller : Now also with 19-inch housing for up to 3 independent controllers with separate connectors in 1 HE.
ChipVORX-SI : Future-oriented cloud service-based platform using powerful FPGA-IP for embedded test & in-system programming.
New JULIET Series 3 : Compact electrical test system utilizing embedded board test, functional test, programming and the UUT adaptor/fixture in one box.
TAKAYA APT-1400F (single-sided) and now also APT-1600F (dual-sided)
The world’s most popular, flexible, cost-effective and longest term reliable fixture-less in-circuit test systems in more than 30 years! 
Solder Paste Inspection Systems (SPI) - GÖPEL electronic -   A3.351
SPI Line · 3D
Very fast, world leading, in novative Dual 3D image capturing technology
Also for testing of sinter pastes & Direct Copper Bonded (DCB) substrates
THT Line
 New camera module now enabling 3D inspection of THT solder joints: Inspection of solder flow and solder volume as well as the height determination of THT pins
Automatic X-ray Inspection (in-line AXI) - GÖPEL electronic  A3.351
X Line · 3D
Combined Dual side 3D x-ray and 2D AOI system inspection in one go.
StingRay Detector for maximum PCB layer separation.
Probes - Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) -  A3.149
Probes for in-circuit test - function test - OEM - industrial :
POGO Spring Probes; loaded & bare board probes;  battery p robes;  RF high frequency & high current  probes; semiconductor  test products.
Adhesive Bonding, Dispensing & Potting - Scheugenpflug - A5.525
Dispensing systems
Very accurate, highly material efficient and most easy to maintain dispensing systems for 1 and 2 component materials – bubble-free/vacuum.
Scheugenpflug will present its new “plug-and-produce” processing module.
We look forward to seeing you in Munich - hopefully also at our Nordic/Baltic networking dinner Wednesday evening! 

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