Restart Ohio is underway!

We have been waiting for the time when things get back to normal or rather the new normal. We have created a PPE Resource page for businesses. Click here for a list of local suppliers. The Ohio EPA has issued guidelines for water safety for businesses that have been closed.
It is important that we keep everyone's safety in mind as we move forward. Wear masks when appropriate. Wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer when you are unable to wash your hands. Follow the guidelines for cleaning your business.
Support Seneca County

A group of local organizations are working together to create a coordinated social media promotion effort for Seneca County businesses in the food service industry. This includes all restaurants, bars, ice cream and frozen yogurt businesses. The social media campaign will not replace the Seneca Dining page (see the article below).
It is the responsibility of the business to provide the information to us by completing the registration form.   
Tips for posts:
·         Photos. One or two are ideal
·         Keep the text short and to the point
  • include a link to a website and if the business has a Facebook page, a link to that page
The committee will create the calendar which will be shared with participants and will also be posted on our Community Calendar. You will be given ample notice so that you can prepare. We look forward to promoting your businesses. 
Organizations involved in this effort are the Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce, Destination Seneca County, the City of Tiffin and the Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership and a committee of business volunteers. 

Please call 419-447-4141 if you have any questions. Please submit information by using the link below:
Seneca County Ohio’s Local Dining Guide During COVID-19 Shutdown. Use this resource to find carry-out and delivery options available and hours for each. It will be updated as we learn of changes. This guide is brought to you as a special partnership between Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce/Destination Seneca County and  Spire Advertising .

We encourage all Chamber members to update their content on our website. You can share more information there.
New Benefit for Members

Members that are new customers to Friends Office will receive a 2% rebate on orders over $50.  See the attached Flyer for details. This new benefit will save members money and benefits the Chamber too - a win-win for all !
NOACC Virtual Speed Networking Event
Friday, May 28, 2020
8:30 to 10:00 am.

We have partnered with NOACC and other chambers to host a Virtual Speed Networking Event. The cost is $10. Please select the Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Services when you register.
Justice Center Lawn is being decorated to honor all 2020 Graduates

The Downtown Marketing Committee would like to support our 2020 high school seniors. They will have a display on the Justice Center lawn, beginning on May 15 and lasting through the remainder of the month. All Seneca County schools will be included along with our universities.
Auction of Firsts
The Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership and the Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce are partnering to host an online auction of "firsts" that aims to benefit small businesses in Seneca County when they are re-opening. The  Auction of Firsts  will be a live auction and will take place on  Thursday, May 14 from 6:30-8:30 pm.  There is no cost to you as a business owner; you will simply provide us with the information about your item and then you'll receive a check when it's over with the amount that your item sold for. We ask that you help us promote the auction on social media or any way that you typically market your business.  This will be limited to the first 60 businesses that reach out to us  due to the two hour limit on the auction. 

Examples of items you could auction include:
  • First haircut
  • First drink inside a bar
  • First sit-down meal inside a restaurant
  • First sale allowed in-store
  • Any creative item that pertains to your business
If you wish to participate, please send us the following information by Tuesday, May 12th at 9 am:
  1. Name of the item you'd like to have auctioned
  2. A high-quality image of the item
  3. Brief description of the items
  4. Your logo if you have one
  5. A contact phone and email for the winner to reach out to claim their item
  6. Optional: The minimum amount you would need to make on these items in order to not lose money. (Keep in mind that the lower the minimum is set in auctions like this one, the higher the winning bid will likely be).

We will send you a link to the auction before it goes live so that you can help promote it. If you have any questions, please contact Amy at .
Outstanding Educator Award Nominations Are Open
The Outstanding Educator Award, is presented by the Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce at the Annual Educators’ Appreciation Breakfast to an educator who has exemplified vision, leadership qualities, and commitment to the improvement of education. The award serves to recognize and honor outstanding achievement in the field of education, inspire the recipients to embrace the qualities and characteristics required to advance the education profession, and encourage other educators to aspire to make a difference in the education of youth to shape a better future.
  • Nominations may be made by any individual of Seneca County 
  • Self nominations are allowed
  • Nominations may be signed by the nominator or may be submitted anonymously
  • Nominations must be post marked by the deadline Monday, July 6, 2020
Outstanding Educator Award nominations may be made  online       or    print the    Nomination form
Sole Proprietors can join the SOCA Benefit Plan

Anthem, NOACC and SOCA are very pleased to announce that the SOCA Benefit Plan MEWA is making room for sole proprietors. They can enroll in the plan starting July 1st. Brokers can give you a quote today. Details
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

We have created a new page " Information for Non-Profits and Attractions " on our website for aid that is available for historical societies, museums, and other cultural organizations.

Governor DeWine is holding press briefings visit to see when the next one is scheduled.
Seneca County Health Dept. Commissioner Beth Schweitzer is hosting a live video conference on Wednesdays at 10:30 am. Visit: Seneca County General Health District.  
The Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Services is here to help you as we face the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis together. Please reach out to us with any questions or needs that you may have. Our main concern is helping our members and all Seneca County businesses get through this crisis. We are posting all pertinent information and links to as we receive them. 
Please contact me at 419-447-4141 or e-mail, if you have any questions or needs that we can help with. Please take appropriate measures to stay safe!
Chamber members should take some time to update their content on our membership directory. Please add your hours and let your customers know what you are doing as we go through this crisis together.
Several of our members have ideas for things that can be done at home and some are creating family project kits. We have ask that members post them under their content.
Members must send an e-mail to after they have added their ideas to the directory. The What is There to Do page which lists ideas given to us by local businesses can be found when your hover the "News & Calendar" tab. This currently has ideas from Handshoe Cookies & Cakes , NorWesCo and Rustic Flair
We encourage you to continue to keep up the physical distancing when you are out and to wear a face mask. Things will begin to open up but group activities are still limited. Please use common sense as you head out! Continue to stay safe for your sake and those around you!

Visit to check out an eBook, movie and more.
And Save the Date For:
Friday, May 15
Ambassador Meeting
12:00 pm.  Details

Tuesday, May 19
SCHRA Meeting
11:30 am.  Details
Camden Falls, 2460 S SR 231, Tiffin.

Wednesday, May 20
Leadership Seneca County Graduation Drive Thru
5:45 pm.  Details

 Tuesday, May 26
Tiffin Area Safety Council Meeting
11:30 am.  Details .
Camden Falls, 2460 S SR 231, Tiffin.

Friday, May 29
Virtual Speed Networking Event
8:30 am.  Details

Chamber Challenge is August 20, 2020.
Casino Royale is Saturday, February 13, 2021.
Chamber Cash

Chamber Cash is our local gift certificate program—perfect for giving to everyone on your list! Comes in $5, $10, $25, or $50! Chamber Cash is sold year round. Please e-mail or call ahead with your order. A list of participating merchants are included with every order.

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