In April, we all thought school closings were temporary. Slowly we realized not only that closings were not temporary, but also that the entire 2020-2021 school year would be virtual for some and hybrid for others.
Families, teachers, school leaders, and teacher preparation programs are struggling to adjust to the “new normal.”
How are teacher preparation programs adjusting to preparing prospective teachers?
The City College School of Education is mirroring NYC schools. Some candidates are student teaching fully remotely, while others are doing it in-person in modules. Some college supervisors are fully remote, and a few are visiting schools.
  • David Covington, Executive Director, Alumni Association of CCNY
  • Peter Goodman, President, CCNY Education Association Affiliate Group
  • Regent Kathleen Cashin, Member of the Board of Regents, Co-Chair, Higher Education Committee
  • Ashleigh Thompson, CUNY University Education Dean
  • Edwin M. Lamboy, Interim Dean, CCNY School of Education

  • Bruce Billig, Director of Clinical Practice, CCNY School of Education
  • Student teachers
  • CCNY faculty members
  • Cooperating teacher
  • Principal  

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