• On the heels of our last webinar, we'll peel the onion deeper on statewide rent control in a March 6th event.
  • After San Francisco's largest landlord signals its intent to sell a vast portfolio of rental properties, the City's Community Opportunity to Purchase Act experiences its first strains.
  • In a balancing act, HUD has issued new guidelines on assistance animals, assuages the concerns of landlords and property managers who sorely needed clarification on fair housing law.
From the desk of Daniel Bornstein, Esq.
Bornstein Law is grateful for the brisk participation in our last webinar on statewide rent caps and eviction controls. Since this engendered many questions, we will be hosting another webinar that delves deeper into California’s newly minted rules on rent control and "just cause" reasons to evict. We invite you to register for the online event .

We are also following the untidy implementation of San Francisco’s Community Opportunity to Purchase Act (COPA), an ordinance that affords qualified non-profits the first opportunity to purchase multi-unit properties and the subsequent right to match offers from private buyers.

The law is always cleaner on the page than it is in real life, and after a Goliath landlord attempts to sell a substantial number of rental properties, some donut holes in the ordinance have been exposed. We give you a 360-degree view in our latest update on COPA .

Advancing non-profits to the front of the line is a scheme that may soon be exported to Oakland, Berkeley and East Palo Alto. In this East Bay Times article , we said that these public policies add new layers of confusion and hurdles that serve to push aspiring first-time homeowners and others to the back of the line.

In what has been a delicate subject for many, HUD has promulgated new guidance for the rental housing industry regarding emotional support animals. The agency has attempted to assuage the concerns of housing providers while enforcing the need for reasonable accommodations to residents whose legitimate disability demands an animal to comfort them.

HUD's reconciliation of the two interests is the topic of our latest blog .

Thank you for your continued engagement, and we look forward to providing informed advice to help you avoid potential minefields in a fluid legal landscape.

FRIDAY, MARCH 6th at 1:00 PM

We pick up where we left off in our last webinar by answering some of the questions we fielded.

After San Francisco’s largest landlord looks to divest one-third of its housing stock, there are some strains placed on an ordinance that gives qualified non-profits the first opportunity to purchase multi-unit buildings in the City and the right to match offers from private buyers.

The days are numbered for dubious and predatory websites that sell certificates, registrations and licensing documents for assistance animals to anyone who answers certain questions or participates in a short interview and pays a fee.

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