Hello Center Families and Staff!

As we prepare to restart services in our centers, we want to bring to your attention some of the preventative safety and sanitation measures we have put into place. These safety protocols were developed with guidance from an infectious disease specialist, health officials and government leaders. The list below describes the differences you can expect during “Phase 1” of reopening. As always, returning to services at our centers is voluntary, though we hope that the placement of these measures will give you peace of mind and demonstrate the level of commitment we have for the safety and health of our clients, families, and staff. If you have concerns please reach out to your Center Manager, BCBA, SLP or OT to discuss.  

Phase 1 Safety/Cleanliness Protocols will include the following:
  •  Pick up and drop off at our centers will be completed outside. Our waiting/reception areas will not be used at this time. You may park in designated spots or form a car line, depending on the layout of your particular center and instructions from your Center Manager.

  • Drop off: When you arrive, a staff member will come to your car, help your child out of their seat belt/car seat and walk with them into the center. Please remain in your car during drop-off and wear the mask supplied to you. 

  • Pick Up: You will again either park in designated spots or form a car line. For pick up, please stand outside your child’s car door and a staff member will bring them out to you after their session. Please wear your mask.
  • No personal items will be allowed to remain on premises. Materials such as nap blankets, changes of clothes, etc. will be sent home daily and must be washed and dried before being brought back to the center.
  • All staff members will receive their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which includes a face mask (changed between clients), hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes. Gloves and additional PPE items will be available at our centers
  •  All staff members will be required to take their temperature before sessions and as always, if not feeling well, cancel client sessions and seek proper medical attention. 
  • Client temperatures and overall “wellness checks” will also be taken at the beginning of their first session of the day. If your child is not feeling well, please contact your Center Administrative Assistant to cancel sessions for the day. If he/she is showing signs of illness
  • Increased hand washing protocols have been established to adhere to CDC recommendations. Clients, staff and visitors will wash hands upon arrival/dismissal, at the end of sessions, and before entering a new area of the center. 
  • Center specific protocols have been established to keep proper social distancing, as well as vigorous use of sanitation stations and increased daily and weekly deep cleaning schedules.

  • Room assignments will be limited to 1 or 2 clients per room

  • ELG or group sessions will be presented utilizing a “buddy system” (pairing children for “group instruction” while maintaining social distancing). If assigned to a group session, your child’s “buddy” will remain consistent throughout the week. For more information, contact your Center Manager or BCBA.

  • Gross motor/Reinforcement rooms will have a reduced number of items and large climbing equipment will not be used for the time being.

  • Before and after accessing these rooms, your child and their clinician will participate in hand washing

  • Items used will be disinfected after each use

  • Any item that comes into contact (or near contact) with body fluids will be sanitized before it is used again

  • Lunch will be provided either at your child’s therapy area or in a “group” area adhering to social distancing guidelines as well as local maximum group gathering guidelines.

  • Regular daily and weekly cleaning schedules will be implemented by center staff as well as outside professional weekly cleanings and regularly scheduled deep cleaning from these professional providers.

  • Cleaning schedules will require commonly used areas/items (door handles, phones, light switches, restrooms) to be disinfected multiple times per day.
In addition, a ll clinicians returning to services have completed a mandatory, comprehensive health and safety training program covering topics specific to home and center based services. This will ensure consistency in all processes put in place to protect families and staff. 
We’ve missed you and are excited to see you once again in your home and in our centers!  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child’s BCBA or your Center Manager . We will continue to provide updates in the coming days and weeks!
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