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November 29, 2012



"You will feel your soul being undressed when the tender hands of love begin touching you. The many different masks on one's face will be removed and the many different clothes which one is "attached" to will be ripped off one by one.

Then there will be a feeling of nothingness inwardly. Nothing to hold on to, nothing to be attached to and nothing to lose and therefore no fear. And when you are so totally naked inwardly, there will be a feeling of innocence. This will be the beginning of your immortal love story with the beloved."


Inward nakedness

We all have certain masks on our faces. Very rarely, we are absolutely truthful and totally innocent about who we are. We always have something to be hidden inside from others. So we never have this feeling of inward nakedness in which we have nothing to hide from others and therefore we are never in this state of innocence in our relationships. And we naturally and easily become very truthful in such inward nakedness.


If we are not naked inwardly this way then all those things hidden in our consciousness must be observed and understood very carefully. We have so many images about ourselves like the "intelligent one" or the "beautiful one" etc. All these images are the factors which prevent us from being naked inside. So, we must carefully and attentively be aware of such images by observing them very closely in our daily relationships. We must watch the response of our minds when we are flattered or insulted. We can be flattered or insulted only if we have an image about ourselves. If we are in this state of inward nakedness with no image of ourselves at all, then neither flattery nor insult can touch us. And we will never get hurt inwardly in such a state of the mind as it is only the image we built about ourselves which is getting hurt.


One might doubt whether it would be at all possible to live this way in a world which almost everybody is somehow untruthful with extraordinarily cunning and clever minds. One can absolutely live this way in this world as this is something totally different from being stupidly naive. There is extreme intelligence functioning through that quality of inward nakedness of the mind. It is the intelligence of inner simplicity which is true wisdom and therefore such a mind will easily see the right way to deal with the cunning and clever minds of today's world.


We are also attached to many different things like the boyfriend, girlfriend, furniture, car or the bank account etc. All such attachments must be wiped away since they become the things we hold on to and as long as we hold on to something inwardly we can never be totally naked inwardly.


And only in this quality of total inward nakedness we can know what love, joy and true happiness is.


Practical suggestions on inward nakedness:

-Be aware of the many different masks and images you have in your daily relationship.

-Be truthful 


Copyright 2012



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                        THE SECRET KEY


 The lone tree of the mountain tops whispered through silence;

 Secret key 200X200

"There is your beloved living in the kingdom of happiness

Dancing in bliss in the secret garden of love

What you begin to see is the door to this kingdom

What you should find is the secret key


Look for the beloved in the setting sun of far horizons

Search for her where the moon touches the waters

Get intoxicated with her smile shining through the stars

Smell her eternal beauty in the fresh morning breeze


Fall desperately in love with her and get lost

Rejoice in this love and dispel the darkness of fear

Let the light of joy touch the heart in this mad love

Free the all-consuming passion to light the fire

Listen to the song of the ecstatic unity


Memo Ozdogan
Memo Ozdogan

In that song lover becomes one with the beloved

Beloved then becomes life itself

And such love for her

The secret key..."


Memo Ozdogan

Copyright 2012



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Coaching sessions include subjects such as:

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From his early twenties, Memo Ozdogan has had great passion and personal interest in exploring western and eastern philosophy in order to see and understand different approaches towards the subject of living. He has delved into modern psychology, the original teachings of the Buddha, J.Krishnamurti, Rumi, Ancient Greek philosophy, ancient forms of spirituality and new age spirituality.


After deeply studying all these various approaches, he tried to find out the original truth in each of these different approaches without becoming a static follower of any of them. He quotes: "life is a very dynamic and living thing which is ever-changing, and therefore no philosophy of the past can be applied directly to life which takes place in the present moment. Philosophy or teachings might point out an important truth and much can be learned from them but one should never get stuck at any of them since life must be explored from moment to moment and that means one must continue one's inner journey of discovery at this present moment. This is the only door opening to the path of true happiness and liberation".


Mr. Ozdogan, from time to time, practices such secret key life coaching as his hobby because of his deep passion to further his studies in these matters. His occasional coaching has included some celebrities and fortune 500 CEOs while he was residing in USA in 2001. He desires to share his understanding with others by having such life coaching sessions on finding one's "unique" secret key of life.


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