VOL 3 ISSUE 3 | MARCH 21, 2017

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and LED Specifier Summit - Northwest
IoT Lighting: Not Your Typical Value Propositions
by Lois I. Hutchinson
The intersection of LED lighting and the Internet of Things is driving the lighting industry into new realms of building and IT services. Because lighting is ubiquitous in the built environment and it brings electrical power into all those spaces, lighting systems will very likely form the structure on which the IoT is built. Proponents of connected lighting systems are moving away from energy arguments toward innovative use cases and value propositions. However, issues of security, interoperability and interchangeability will continue to make these systems challenging to integrate and maintain.
by Maja Petrić | Guest Blogger
Light, Art, and Biophilia
Like art, light inspires. From sunsets to starlight, jellyfishes to fireflies, humans often perceive light as poetic and inspiring. But light does much more than just stir imagination; how we perceive light can affect everything from our emotions to our alertness and biological timing. Art shares a similarly profound power. Neuroscientists have determined that appreciating nature-inspired art, for example, elevates our wellbeing. Both light and art are potent tools to affect peoples' psychosomatic states. We can manipulate light to evoke sensations that engage body, mind, imagination and emotion.
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