The 2018 Winter Olympics just ended and all we can say is WOW.  Every time an athlete stepped up to compete you could feel the tension, see the determination, and sense the pride they felt representing their country.  

Revere salutes all of the athletes and while our team may not be athletically qualified to compete in the Olympics; we are sure that if there was a competition for engineering excellency, we would be in gold contention.   

As you partner, rest assured that we exhibit pride and determination in everything we do and we are always reaching for the gold!    

3 Ways Edge Computing Stimulates IOT Technology Capabilities
By Tom Kovanic, Panduit

For IoT deployments, going to the edge may be the best choice when it comes to helping businesses deploy IoT technology across their network infrastructures.

Panduit's white paper, Edge Computing: Behind the Scenes of IoT explains the difference between the cloud and edge computing and three ways the edge can help IoT technology deployments.

It also discusses the following key areas for consideration when deploying edge computing: real-time requirements, environmental conditions, space limitations, and security.

How Can You Improve Productivity "On the Line"?
By Roscoe Mazur, Industrial Control, Safety, Sensor Specialist, Revere Electric Supply

In manufacturing, if you see a conveyor, there is a high probability that you will also see cable pull switches.
Cable pulls perform an important function in the emergency stopping of a line. A line may need to be stopped for any number of reasons; some of those reasons include, but are not limited to:
  • Personal safety
  • Machine safety
  • Product damage
  • Package controls

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Complete Your Architecture

Incorporating an electrical infrastructure for controllers, networks, and control circuits plays a key role in supporting the Integrated Architecture ®  system. 

This infrastructure helps avoid down-time caused by electrical transients, helps protect critical networks switches and system interfaces from power failures, and helps ensure that signals read by the controller are accurate. 

Revere and Rockwell Automation provide a systematic approach that encompasses a wide range of solutions to common problems in these environments.

One problem that the  Integrated Architecture ®  system can assist with is optimizing panel space. Check out how completing your architecture can help eliminate wires associated with 24V DC power and signal monitoring. 

Philips Lighting - Light To Go:
Compact and Economical with the Latest Technology

Things just got easier. Introducing a new line up of lighting essentials - quick to order, easy on your wallet and simple to use.

Products Include:
  • LED High Bay
  • Linear Luminaires 
  • LED Recessed Troffer
  • Exit & Emergency
  • LED Area Light
  • LED General Purpose Floodlight
  • LED Dusk to Dawn
  • LED Garage & Canopy
  • LED Low Profile Wall
  • LED LWL Wall Light
  • LED Wall Pack
  • LED Tall Wall Pack
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Now a Distributor of Lutze Cables!

LUTZE is the ultimate partner in industrial cable and connectivity products for industrial automation. Their rugged, industrial cables are designed for harsh environments and provide the right solution for your power, control or data applications.

LUTZE specializes in flexible and continuous flexing industrial control, power and network cables, such as LUTZE Silflex®, LUTZE Superflex®, LUTZE MOTIONFLEX™ and DRIVEFLEX® VFD cables, for various applications in factory automation.


Eaton Series NRX ANSI and IEC Breakers

Eaton's latest innovation in circuit protection technology,
Series NRX low-voltage circuit breakers with Power
Xpert® Release (PXR) electronic trip units are designed to help reduce costs, equipment and space requirements in global data center, healthcare, oil and gas, marine and other
commercial and industrial applications.

Eaton's Series NRX low voltage circuit breakers meet the
needs of low-voltage power distribution for Underwriters
Laboratories (UL®) 489 and 891 switchboard applications
as well as global International Electrotechnical Commission
(IEC), 60947-2 applications.

For more information, please contact our Switchgear Specialists!

Spring Training Schedule is Now Available!

Revere and Rockwell Automation are proud to offer you a wide breadth and depth of training opportunities. Our latest schedule  runs from April - August 20 18.

MAY 16 - 17, 2018

Come learn how smart, safe and sustainable solutions can turn your marketplace challenges into advantages. Take advantage of automation expertise from Rockwell Automation and our  PartnerNetwork™, providing you with a comprehensive set of industry leaders in distribution, systems integration, machine building and complementary technologies.

LEARN about solutions that impact your business:
  • Assure quality and safety
  • Reduce unscheduled downtime
  • Optimize operating costs
FREE events featuring:
  • Hands-on labs
  • Technical sessions
  • Product and technology exhibits, staffed by applications and solutions experts

A complete list of hands on labs and technical sessions is coming soon!

*Revere will be hosting a hospitality event at 5:00 pm on the showroom floor on Wednesday, May 16th.  
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