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Welcome to the Iosco Exploration Trail e-News!

As the Iosco Exploration Trail continues through the planning, development, and construction phases our quarterly e-newsletter will serve to update the community on both the successes and happenings of the trail and the IET committee. As the IET grows our future program development, preparation for future trail maintenance, event planning, fundraising campaigns, contests, and more will be shared via the e-news. We look forward to your feedback and continued engagement with the Iosco Exploration Trail, Inc!
#GivingTuesdayNEMI-This Tuesday!
This year, 60 nonprofits are participating throughout the Community Foundation of North East Michigan nine-county service area, including the Iosco Exploration Trail. Twenty nine of those nonprofits are taking part in the campaign for the first time. Show your support for the IET, one of the 60 nonprofits participating, and help us reach a wonderful goal of $5,000 for #GivingTuesdayNEMI .

The IET is participating in #GivingTuesdayNEMI (Giving Tuesday Northeast Michigan) through our Community Foundation! You can support us on Giving Tuesday by clicking HERE  and donating. On November 27, go to Community Foundation through the link provided above, scroll until you see our organization’s logo, click on “Give Now”, and give your gift online. It’s as simple as that! A one day only opportunity to participate in # GivingTuesdayNEMI. Donations are accepted between 12 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. on November 27.

Gary Hollingsworth, in association with Alpena Community College, filmed and produced a spectacular video that showcases the Iosco Exploration Trail route, as part of the Iron Belle Trail, through Iosco County. Learn more about the IET as part of the IBT and enjoy the beautiful images throughout the video by clicking the link below. Thank you, Gary!

A Wonderful Year for the Iosco Exploration Trail 501(c)3
As the Iosco Exploration Trail 501(c)3 continues to grow, we are so proud of our accomplishments as a grassroots nonprofit. From humble beginnings, the IET has grown in many ways and 2018 has been a fantastic year. Through building a solid infrastructure the Iosco Exploration Trail, Inc. has driven the planning, development, and implementation of the IET construction. As part of Michigan's Iron Belle Trail, the Iosco Exploration Trail is highly anticipated throughout Michigan and the surrounding states. The Iosco Exploration Trail, Inc. serves as an example of what unity between neighboring communities can build and we are so proud of the progress and successes of this group.

Throughout the year, the IET hit many goals. We built a fabulous website, had a successful groundbreaking ceremony, quadrupled our social media engagement, and created an e-newsletter. We worked hard to educate the communities within Iosco County about the benefits of having a nonmotorized pathway through the region. This year we've highlighted businesses, had contests and giveaways, created nonprofit partnerships, and implemented a social media strategy. We applied for and received grants that continue to financially fuel a portion of the Townships funding needs to make the Iosco Exploration Trail phases come to fruition. We are looking forward to the future. With 2019 around the corner, we are thrilled to be heading into the new year with the support of the wonderful communities within Iosco County and Townships that have worked together and set an example for all of Michigan and beyond.
September 2018 Iosco Exploration Trail Groundbreaking a Success
Photo Credit: Patricia Alvord
The IET Groundbreaking in Plainfield Township, in partnership with Cooper Standard, in September 2018 was such a memorable experience and a huge highlight for the Iosco Exploration Trail committee. This great collaboration made for a fun and educational experience for all participants and involved local community businesses and supporters. Rollway Resort, owned by Jim and Lenae' Pinnick, provided the bussing and parking for the event and were so great to work with. We want to thank all of the attendees for making the Iosco Exploration Trail Groundbreaking a huge success. A special thank you to Cooper Standard, Rollway Resort, and all volunteers! Read more about the IET Groundbreaking HERE .
A Michigan Trails Week Surprise
With Michigan Trails Week, September 22-27, came great excitement for the Iosco Exploration Trail Committee. The Iron Belle Trail Fund officials announced the awarding of $50,000 to Plainfield Township in Iosco County for the Iosco Exploration Trail development project. Plainfield Twp is the first recipient of an Iron Belle Trail Fund grant. These funds were given to match a grant from the Department of Natural Resources and local funds that are for a 1.16 mile stretch of the Iosco Exploration Trail, a part of the Iron Belle Trail, in Plainfield Twp.

To read more about the Iron Belle Trail Fund, please click HERE . The Iron Belle Trail Fund is a non-profit 501(C)3 organization formed to raise private funds that can be used to match public dollars to complete trail.
Mill Street Bridge AuSable Township
The completion of the Mill Street Bridge in AuSable Township this August is a wonderful sight. With the Pedestrian foot path as part of the Iosco Exploration Trail, we are so thankful to all those in AuSable Township who worked so hard to make this happen. Such a beautiful bridge. It provides a safe way to travel and is a great addition to AuSable.
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