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April 12, 2019 

During the state legislative session, the IAA sends out a bi-weekly legislative update. In these emails you'll get an update on what's going on at the State Capitol, and in Congress, as well as actions you can take to advocate for afterschool!

We hope this communication is helpful to you!
Federal Policy Update
Last month, President Trump released his budget proposal for FY20 that called for the total elimination of 21st Century Community Learning Centers, which would impact 1.7 million young people across the country. Also zeroed out was the Corporation for National and Community Service, the agency that provides funds for AmeriCorps, VISTA, and SeniorCorps volunteers.
The President's budget is just a suggestion, and next it goes to the House and Senate for their proposals before the two chambers come to agreement on a final appropriations bill. The IAA will be following these negotiations closely and providing updates throughout the process. For guidance on how to take action, you can visit the Afterschool Alliance's website.
State Policy Update
Second Funnel
The second funnel was last week, and it is one of a few deadlines set in place to keep the legislative process moving. By this date, bills must have been passed out of committee from both chambers in order to continue in the legislative process. For instance, Senate files must be passed out of their Senate committee and the House committee. House files must be passed out of their House committee and the Senate committee.

If bills were not passed out of committee in both chambers, they are considered "dead" and cannot be debated or voted on. Exceptions to this rule are Appropriations bills, Ways and Means bills, government oversight bills, bills filed as unfinished business, and bills from leadership.

Helpful Links
Click  here to find your legislator.  You can search by address, city, school district, county, or zip code.

To find bios, contact information, and photos of all the legislators, go to the Legislators page on the Iowa Legislature website. Select either "Senators" or "Representatives" on the left-side menu to see a complete list of all members, including links to their information page and district map. 

For a complete list of Senate and House committees and members, click here.

For a full list of Senate and House leadership, click here.
House Study Bill 166 Establishes an interim study committee relating to the impact of state assistance program income restriction guidelines. Did not pass out of Human Resources Committee by funnel deadline.

House File 306 Relates to public school funding by establishing the state percent of growth. Passed House on February 11th and passed Senate on February 13th. Governor signed the bill into law on February 19th.

House File 546 Relates to school funding by modifying provisions relating to the collection of sales tax for deposit in the secure an advanced vision for education fund (SAVE).  Passed House on March 13th and passed Senate Ways and Means subcommittee.

House File 681 Permits qualified entities to request national criminal history checks of certain covered individuals.  Passed House on April 9th. Similar bill passed out of Senate Judiciary Committee.

House File 690 Establishes a children's behavioral health system and a children's behavioral health system state board.  Passed House on March 21st with amendments. Similar bill passed out of Senate Human Resources Committee.

House File 704 Requires the boards of directors of school districts to appoint student liaisons to the boards. Did not pass out of Education Committee by funnel deadline.

House File 756 Appropriates federal funds made available from federal block grants. Passed House on April 4th and passed Senate Appropriations subcommittee.

House File 758 Appropriates funds to the college student aid commission, the department for the blind, the department of education, and the state board of regents.   Passed House on April 4th with amendments and referred to Senate Appropriations subcommittee with Kraayenbrink, Koelker, Quirmbach, Sinclair, and Wahls.

House File 766 Appropriates funds for health and human services and veterans. Passed House on April 11th with amendments.

Senate File 316 Establishes a special education interim study committee.  Passed Senate on March 12th and passed House Education Committee. 

Senate File 547 Establishes an education savings grant for pupils attending a nonpublic school. In Appropriations subcommittee with Breitbach, Celsi, and Kraayenbrink. 

Senate File 608 Makes appropriations to the department of cultural affairs, the economic development authority, the department of workforce development, the college student aid commission, and the state board of regents. Passed Senate Appropriations Committee. Amendments have been filed. 
Important Dates
May 3               Target Adjournment Date
This update is a bi-weekly publication intended to share information and resources regarding legislative activities, events, and bills related to afterschool issues in Iowa. If you have questions or need more information, please contact Britney Samuelson at
or 515-237-0340.