IAA Policy Update
January 31, 2020
During the state legislative session, the IAA sends out a bi-weekly legislative update. In these emails you'll get an update on what's going on at the State Capitol, and in Congress, as well as actions you can take to advocate for afterschool!
Federal Policy Update
State of the Union
On Tuesday, February 4th at 8:00PM, President Trump will deliver the annual State of the Union address. In his speech, the president will lay out his agenda for his fourth year in office. The address will be live streamed on C-SPAN and aired through major news networks as well. Tune in to hear what President Trump's vision is for youth and education.
State Policy Update
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IAA Action Center
IAA Day at the Capitol
Join the Iowa Afterschool Alliance and other afterschool advocates at the State Capitol on February 12th to meet your legislators and let them know how important afterschool is to families across Iowa.

You are welcome to bring students from your program - we'll have snacks and space for them to present a project they have worked on in your program.

When : Wednesday, February 12th from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Where:  Legislative Dining Room at the Iowa State Capitol
Relates to classroom management and related practictioner preparation procedures for reporting alleged classroom violence and assaults, to corporal punishment, and establishing a grant program and fund for creation of therapeutic classrooms.   In House Education subcommittee with Dolecheck, T. Moore, Fry, R. Smith, and Donahue. A similar bill ( SSB 3080 ) is in a Senate Education subcommittee with Sinclair, Celsi, Edler, Giddens, and Lofgren.
Requires school employee training and protocols relating to children's mental health, requiring that suicide prevention information be included on secondary student identification cards.   In House Education subcommittee with T. Moore, Gassman, and Mascher.
Relates to seizure disorders and establishes certain requirements for school districts, accredited nonpublic schools, and the department of education.  In House Education subcommittee with A. Meyer, Fry, and Gaines. A similar bill ( SF 2056 ) is in a Senate Education subcommittee with Cournoyer, Edler, and Wahls.
Relates to protocols and school employee training relating to suicide prevention and the identification of adverse childhood experiences and strategies to mitigate toxic stress response.  In House Education subcommittee with T. Moore, Gassman, and Mascher.
Relating to the education of kindergarten through grade twelve students with characteristics of dyslexia and the preparation and licensure of practitioners who provide instruction to such students.  Introduced to the House Education Committee.
Establishes a policy prohibiting public school teachers from engaging in political or ideological advocacy while carrying out student instruction or otherwise acting within the scope of employment by a school district.  Introduced to House Education Committee.  
Relates to best practices for student engagement and expectations for student behavior.  Introduced to House Education Committee.  
Relates to sexual orientation or gender identity instruction or related materials provided by school districts to pupils.  Introduced to House Education Committee.  
Establishes authority for school districts to impose additional property taxes and income surtaxes for certain school resource officer expenses under the instructional support program.  Passed by Senate Education subcommittee with Lofgren, Cournoyer, and Quirmbach.
Relates to a mental health service providers competitive grant program for school districts and area education agencies, reducing state aid to area education agencies, and making an appropriation.  In Senate Education subcommittee with Sinclair, Kraayenbrink, and Mathis.
Relates to the inclusion of the telephone and text numbers for the Your Life Iowa program on public school student identification cards.  Passed by the Senate Education Committee.
Child Care
Relates to the Future Ready Iowa Act and other efforts to strengthen Iowa's workforce, including a child care challenge program for working Iowans, a workforce diploma pilot program, computer science instruction, work-based learning coordinators, and the senior year plus program.  In House Commerce subcommittee with Deyoe, Fisher, and Forbes. A similar bill ( SSB 3077 ) is in a Senate Commerce subcommittee with Sinclair, Breitbach, Koelker, Mathis, and Quirmbach.
Permits businesses' new onsite daycare facilities or businesses' expansion of existing onsite daycare facilities to qualify as projects under the high quality jobs program.   In House Ways and Means subcommittee with Osmundson, Bloomingdale, and James.  
Relates to child care reimbursement rates under the state child care assistance program.   Passed House Education subcommittee with A. Meyer, Ehlert, and Fry.
Provides businesses with income, franchise, moneys and credits, and gross premiums tax credits for providing child care benefits to employees of the business.  In House Ways and Means subcommittee with Osmundson, Bloomingdale, and James.  
Establishes a child care future zones program and fund within the economic development authority to award financial assistance to eligible persons involved in child care.  In House Economic Growth subcommittee with Wheeler, Gustafson, and Jacoby.  
Establishes a child care workforce state matching grants program and fund administered by the early childhood Iowa state board to award matching state grants to eligible communities.  In House Human Resources subcommittee with Dolecheck, Bergan, and Ehlert.  
Relates to the construction of child care facilities by providing developers with sales and use tax refunds and income, franchise, moneys and credits, and gross premiums tax credits.  Introduced to House Ways and Means Committee.  
Establishes a graduated eligibility phase-out program for state child care assistance.  Introduced to House Human Resources Committee.  
Relates to the family income eligibility requirement for state child care assistance. Introduced and referred to Senate Human Resources Committee.  
Important Dates
February 12: IAA Afterschool Snack
2:00 - 4:00PM in the Legislative Dining Room.
February 21: First Funnel
Final date for House bills to be passed out of House committees, and Senate bills out of Senate committees.
March 20: Second Funnel
Final date for Senate bills to be passed out of House committees and House bills to be passed out of Senate committees.
April 21: Target Adjournment Date