April 23, 2019
Homeownership Program FAQ
Thank you to our partners who were able to attend one of our meetups and webinars over the last couple of weeks.

We have created a FAQ document which highlights questions we have received about the new down payment assistance 2nd loan of up to $5,000 as well as our other programs.

You can also find the PowerPoint presentation from the Meetups and webinars for your reference.
Down Payment and Closing Assistance Loan Program
Disclosure Information
Iowa Finance Authority (IFA) prohibits lenders from charging fees to the borrower other than standard recording fees on the down payment and closing cost assistance loan program. IFA relies on its Participating Lenders to comply with any and all applicable legal and regulatory disclosure requirements. Lenders should consult their compliance or legal departments for assistance with questions related to which disclosure forms are required and the content of the forms prior to disclosure. Participating Lender acknowledges that IFA and its employees assume no responsibility for disclosure requirements, and that the Participating Lender will hold IFA and its employees harmless from, any claims or expenses that may be related to or arise from use of these forms.
Lenders are responsible for adhering to TRID or Partial Exemption Disclosure regulatory requirements.
We look forward to working with you to assist as many home buyers as possible this home buying season!

Please contact your assigned  single-family team member with questions, 800-432-7230.