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Meet  Susie Veatch '01 
Williamsburg, Iowa
Susie (Kinzenbaw) Veatch is the second generation in an Iowa family business which is one of the largest, privately held agricultural equipment manufacturers in North America, Kinze Manufacturing.

Susie graduated from Iowa State University with a double major in business ( Management Information Systems and Finance). Today, she is the  President and Chief Marketing Officer at the family business, located in Williamsburg in eastern Iowa. But she didn't go to college knowing she would join the family business.
"My dad told me that my brother and I would always be welcome at the family business, but he wanted us to go out and find success someplace else first," Susie said. "I'm so glad my dad said that because I did get excellent experience and I learned a lot. It really made me appreciate my family business even more."
Prior to joining Kinze in 2005, she worked as a Systems Analyst for Caterpillar near Chicago. This past April, she was named President and Chief Marketing Officer at Kinze.

Her parents instilled many values in her as she grew up. "Kinze core values are not just words, they define our culture and business operation. Integrity is absolutely essential. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions to increase farmer productivity. Our farmer customers are the reason we are in business, and we understand their needs because we are farmers too. We are proud to put our name on Kinze equipment and to build high quality, durable products that are made in America. The American farmer helps feeding the world, and we are honored to contribute to this responsibility."
Susie joined the College of Business Dean's Advisory Council in 2015, where she has an opportunity to share her business experience with college leadership.  

Susie is another great example of one of the 100,000 ISU alumni living in Iowa and contributing to the economic health of the state.
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