Throughout 2021, Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity continued to experience challenges to its traditional ways of working. With the help of our community, IVHFH responded with incredible agility, resilience, and compassion. We are excited to share with you a brief year-in-review.

  • Homeownership-built 5 new homes and remodeled an additional 2 homes.
  • Helping Hands-completed 38 emergency home repairs, carried out 18 critical home repairs, and constructed 4 accessibility ramps.
  • ReStore-through sales of donated goods, the Iowa City ReStore raised $500,000 while diverting 865 tons of usable goods from the landfill.
  • Donors-590 individuals donated $306,000 through individual contributions and fundraising events.
  • Cans for Habitat-270,000 cans were donated and recycled raising over $13,700 for emergency home repairs.
  • Volunteers-590 individuals volunteered 6,500 hours on construction sites, in the Iowa City ReStore, in the Habitat for Humanity office, and on various IVHFH boards and committees.

To all of our volunteers, donors, homeowners, customers, and supporters, THANK YOU! With your help, more of our neighbors can build and improve a place to call home in 2022!
In 1992, Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity was founded by church leaders in the greater Iowa City area. Within two years, enough funds were raised to build a home in Iowa City with our first homeowners, Fred and Janice. The home for Fred, Janice, and their two young sons cost around $42,500!

We are thrilled to celebrate our 30th year serving the Iowa Valley community and look forward to sharing lots of memories and celebrating new milestones throughout 2022. Stay tuned for special throwbacks and exciting announcements as we continue celebrating this year!
The Procter and Gamble Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation has recently awarded IVHFH $10,000. This grant will be used to support the Helping Hands home repair program. We have been fortunate to have the continued support of our local P&G sites through their involvement as build volunteers, providing household goods and supplies to homeowners, and through the generosity of the P&G foundation. We are proud to have Horaleo Ukpan, Operations Senior Manager at P&G Iowa City, serving on our Board of Directors. Thank you, Procter and Gamble!
  • February/March Volunteer Shifts: Sign up to volunteer on construction or in the ReStore!