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Our 10th Anniversary

     Iris Gallery is pleased to be celebrating its tenth year in business and to announce that we will now be representing painters and other artists in addition to the photographers at our galleries. Our passion for the visual arts is expanding and we are excited to now offer a more complete range of artistic mediums to our clients. We are delighted to present the addition of Sarah Benham of South Dartmouth, MA whose style has been compared to that of David Hockney, John MacDonald of Williamstown, MA a representational painter who captures the Berkshires in all seasons, Andrew Woodward of Denver, CO who does photo-realism graphic paintings of urban architecture, and Erik Zener of Santa Barbara, CA who creates images with mixed media (the latter two will only be displayed in our Aspen gallery). 
Sarah Benham

Sarah Benham of South Dartmouth, MA has a style that has been compared to David Hockney and Milton Avery and was recently featured (Sept/Oct 2013) in "Design New England" magazine.
John MacDonald

John MacDonald of Williamstown, MA is a representational painter who captures the Berkshires in all of it's beautiful seasons.
Andrew Woodward

Andrew Woodward of Denver, CO creates photo realism graphic paintings of urban architecture. He was recently featured in "American Art Collector" magazine. (His work is available only in the Aspen gallery)  
Eric Zener

Erik Zener of Santa Barbara, CA creates images using mixed media. Although his images start with photographs, his complicated process to the finish goes through resins and painting. (His work is available only in the Aspen gallery.)  
Photographer Peter Liepke

Peter Liepke has released a new set of images which are part of his "Above and Beyond" series, all from New York City, and available as Platinum Palladium prints. Below are "One Man's World" and "Walking Downtown". Peter has a graphic approach to his beautiful compositions, which give a wonderful small neighborhood and personal feeling to this very large city. 
Photographer Michael Massaia - Billboards Change

Michael Massaia very recently revisited the billboard on Houston Street, in New York, that had carried the image of Kate Moss in his photograph, "Dusk Falling on Houston Street" and has released a new image, "3 AM, Houston Street" as a Gold Tone Platinum print.
Just Released - "The New York Times" List of 52 Places to Go in 2014

#29 - Aspen, Colorado
"This ski town has a big development off-piste: The long-awaited reinvented Aspen Art Museum will open its doors this summer. The 33,000-square-foot space, designed by the Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, is meant to reflect the mountain experience. Visitors first take a lift to the roof and take in the view from the sculpture garden before descending to tour the galleries. There is also plenty of news for outdoor types this year, too, with new mountain biking trails planned throughout Aspen and Snowmass, a new mountain skills center and expanded lift-serviced biking. - Bonnie Tsui"
The museum will be located a block down Hyman Ave from the gallery.

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