Volume 193 | December 10, 2020
Irish Whiskey Expected to Overtake Scotch in US by 2030

Irish whiskey was the fastest-growing spirits category in the world for the past decade, and the US is the world’s largest market for Irish whiskey, representing 42% of all sales last year. Looking to the future, Irish whiskey sales in the US are expected to surpass Scotch sales by 2030, according to a new report by Drinks Ireland.

Drinks Ireland noted sales of Scotch were running 470% ahead of Irish whiskey in 2010, but the gap had fallen to 76% by 2019. The upcoming decade could be the first time sales of Irish whiskey overtake Scotch since before Prohibition in the 1920s.

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David v. Goliath: How DTC is Democratizing The Alcohol Industry

E-commerce and direct to consumer (DTC) sales have been a lifeline for beverage alcohol producers in 2020. In this video, Thirstie CEO Devaraj Southworth talks with Harry Kahn, the Vice President of Marketing for Caledonia Spirits, about their experience transitioning to DTC sales and how it is allowing smaller brands to better compete in a big brand world. (15 mins)
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