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August, 27 2014
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Lansing Community College will be offering individual and group training in the repair, rehabilitation and restoration of metals through workshops and courses. The industrial tools demonstrated are used in industry today: Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW), Oxygen Fuel Welding (OFW), Oxygen Fuel Brazing, flame straightening of wrought iron and steel, and field riveting used in the preservation of historic bridges and buildings.


The Iron & Steel Preservation Newsletter will publicize these workshops and courses that are scheduled at Lansing Community College.


"Let the tool do the work"
Every time I pick up a hand saw I'm reminded of my father's instructions to me when I was a teenager. I was trying to saw a piece of lumber and struggling with it binding and cutting at an angle. "You need to let the saw do the work," my father said. "Hold the saw handle lightly. With a gentle push, set the saw blade teeth against the wood and let it cut. With a light touch, draw the saw back and continue guiding the saw blade to make the cut."


"Let the tool do the work" is advice I apply to every tool I use as a craftsman. Nothing is more important to a craftsman than his/her tools, and you can always tell a true craftsman by the respect they show for their tools.


Craftsmen use many different tools for the repair, rehabilitation, and restoration of metals. The arc welding process, for example, is a versatile and reliable tool for any metal work. Advances made in arc welding processes and selected electrode combinations give contractors, engineers, craftsmen, and preservationists choices in successfully matching a welding process and electrode combination for any challenging project. Learning more about arc welding can benefit those who are responsible for making decisions for the repair, rehabilitation, and restoration of metals. 


Vern Mesler


Repair, Rehabilitation, and Restoration of Metals

A two day welding course "Repair, Rehabilitation, and Restoration of Metals" is scheduled at Lansing Community College for October 24th and 25th, 2014, designed for individuals who are involved with arc welding activities that require the knowledge of welding processes and who may be responsible for writing an effective Welding Procedure Specification (WPS).

Featured in the course are hands-on activities and instruction about the essential variables (voltage, amperage, and other operating parameters) for:

  • Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)
  • Metal Cored Arc Welding (MCAW)
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)

The arc welding processes demonstrated during the course are widely used in industry today. This course will give participants a better understanding and greater sensitivity toward existing metal structures and fabrication technologies, providing rare hands-on experience in the repair, rehabilitation and restoration of metal structures using careful application of welding technology.


  Register at (517) 483-9853 or
  • Date: October 24 & 25, 2014
  • Time: 8:00am - 5:00pm
  • Cost: $611.00/participant
  • Location: Lansing Community College, West Campus Welding Lab, Lansing, Michigan 
  • A 1.45 CEU certificate for both days will be issued at the end of the second day of the course.
  • Repair, Rehabilitation, and Restoration of Metals, Welding Instructors

     Bill Eggleston, LCC Welding Instructor

    American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)

    Roger Morrison, LCC Welding Instructor and Lab Technician
    Photo Gallery

    Vern Mesler and his wife Nan Jackson visited the Lagunitas Creek Bridge in Point Reyes Station, California at the invitation of California's Department of Environmental Analysis to review its possible restoration or use as a pedestrian bridge at another location. View photos of the Lagunitas Creek Bridge

    Vern Mesler
    Iron & Steel Preservation Course Coordinator
    Lansing Community College



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