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January 3, 2022 | Issue 10
Dear Members, Friends, and Supporters

Welcome to 2022!

Take Action Canada continues to expand its operations across the country, as more and more volunteers with amazing skills join the movement.

This week we have seen a particularly devastating hit to the narrative of Covid - as tens of thousands of Canadians across the country contracted covid despite being either 'fully' vaxxed - or even boosted!

Provincial Health Officers have no explanation for the data, and have decided to censor numbers or make them more difficult to find, or release them AFTER press events to avoid specific questions. Some newspapers have decided to publish the data in any event.

There is a sense, in 2022, that we are starting to turn the tide. If you want some proof, check out the number of Canadians who looked up Mass Psychosis after watching the Joe Rogan show, featuring the famed mNRA inventor, Dr. Robert Malone.

Keep strong and carry on!
Police Force Veteran Fired for Speaking Out | Interview with Brian Denison
Brian Denison is a 24-year veteran of the Calgary Police Service who spoke out about CPS’s vaccination mandate amounting to a violation of employee rights. Mr. Denison was released from duty on November 6th, with pay but at the time of this interview his pay has been suspended. 1 year from retirement, Brian refuses to stay silent on these wrongs as he knows that it is essential to stand up for our rights before they are completely eroded.

On whether complying will bring back normal life …

Now there’s two sides to the Canadian people, vaccinated, unvaccinated. Those that are vaccinated, a lot of them look down on us that are unvaccinated. That’s starting the two-tier system very reminiscent of many years ago, during the world war that Hitler was perpetrating against the Jews…then he was able to demonize them enough that all the German people were on board to exterminate them because they were nothing… It is coming. And if you want to leave this world worse off for your children and for the younger generation, just keep complying because soon enough you’ll be as indoctrinated as all these people that are running the show.

On his call to action to other police officers …

Time to stand up, you signed up for this job. This is your job. If you lose your job, you can go home at night going, Hey, I stood up for what is right for everybody. For the law and order. And I didn’t turn my back on it. I paid the ultimate price besides dying.

On the reaction of other professionals …

The reaction is great between unvaccinated and vaccinated police officers. A lot of them are very supportive. I’ve had people reach out to me from across Canada; police officers, as well as retired military. A lot of frontline services, they’ve all reached out to me.

On the mandates …

I don’t know how they can justify the mandates. I think what they’re doing personally is they’re towing the line that the city has taken. And the city is towing the line that the provincial government has taken and the provincial government is towing the line that Justin Trudeau and the Liberals laid out for everybody.
Massive Study: Deaths & Hospitalization worse for Vaxxed
This study found that, despite full vaccination, persons with immune dysfunction had substantially higher risk for COVID-19 breakthrough infection, than those without such a condition.

Narrative Falls Apart
ONTARIO - Multiple provinces across Canada suddenly have a big public relations' problem.

Daily Covid case counts among the vaxxed now run 80%+ of total cases in many regions. The reason, therefore, to have a vaxx passport or mandates has now evaporated.

In Ontario, for example, 'fully vaxxed' became the majority of cases on or around Dec 11, 2021, but the number of vaxxed cases has since skyrocketed to just over 8,000 daily vs 1500 vax-free cases daily by December 28, 2021. (See more about this in subsequent articles).

One thing is certain - the legal case for restrictions is becoming much weaker, and constitutional scholars likely will jump on these numbers.

New Organization Launches
ONTARIO - The Free North Declaration, started by a group of freedom-loving constitutional lawyers and activists, is causing quite the storm. Check out their new video and website.

Vaccines Do Not Stop COVID-19: JCCF
CALGARY - A new report by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms confirms what many already suspected: governments' claim that the vax stops the spread of covid aren't true. This, of course, makes vax mandates and passports completely useless. TAC hopes the JCCF and others will use this data to advance court fights.

BC Admits 84% of new cases are in vaxxed!
VICTORIA - Although very hard to find, new stats released on Dec 29, 2021 by the BC Government admit that only 15% of new cases are among the v-free - meaning that the vast majority of new cases are in the vaxxed (or about 84%). What is worse for the narrative, the numbers are getting more extreme each week. Question: Why have a vaxx passport or mandates now?

Japan Takes A Different Path
JAPAN - You can view Japan's common sense vaccination policy in English which was recently translated and posted on Twitter. It is interesting to ask why Japan is taking such a measured approach compared to the rest of the world - could it be that Big Pharma doesn't have influence over the country's politicians?

Great Resource on Vax Injuries
This website collects individual reports of vaccine injuries from social media - quite interesting to review.

Front Line Heroes Look for Help
For those who can chip in a few bucks, help out some worthy people who have been displaced from their jobs due to their medical choices.

Stop Hurting British Columbians' website receiving thousands of visits daily
In the wake of seemingly endless, unconstitutional restrictions on basic Charter rights such as Freedom of mobility, peaceful assembly, freedom of religion and association - a new website aimed at pushing back on Dr. Bonnie Henry is receiving thousands of responses.

If you haven't already checked it out, you are urged to send Bonnie an polite email with your concerns about her policies, and tell your friends about the site, too.

Each person has a role in shifting the narrative away from totalitarianism.

Gen X perspective
This short video is a funny overview of why one guy thinks that Gen Xers (defined differently but generally born in mid-1970s thru 1980s) haven't gone full Covid Karen. You might find it funny.

"Jimmy and Scotty" Video Tutorial!
This easy explanation of current health policies concerning restaurants is hilarious. See video link.

Special Guest 911 First Responders invited to Zoom meeting
Click on the link below to visit our website to register for our next Zoom meeting. Special Guest - Sheriff Richard Mack, Thursday, Jan 6th, 8 p.m. EST.

This Graph below is from the Ontario provincial government Covid website - sometimes it really helps to see a visual of data points. Here, daily "cases" reported for December 31, 2021 show that the vast majority of cases are now in the vaxxed.

REQUEST: Ask your vaxxed friends about this: do you still support a vaxx passport and mandates if anyone can get Covid?
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We don't know when this was taken, but isn't it instructive of our time? The Amazon billionaire is exempt from his own mask rules, as are his followers, but not his servants; hence, master and servant.
Latest VAERS Data
USA - This link will take you to the latest data from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System