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June 2017

City Councilmember Melissa Fox Appoints Traffic Mitigation Expert Ken Montgomery to Irvine's New Trafffic Commission

Councilmember Fox's appointee Ken Montgomery elected Chair of the new Irvine Transportation Commission

Irvine, CA -- City Councilmember Melissa Fox is pleased to announce that she has selected Kenneth Montgomery as her appointee to Irvine's new Transportation Commission.

Kenneth Montgomery is a retired Civil Engineer with more than 40 years of experience in managing public works and traffic and transportation issues as Director of Public Works for 3 Southern California Cities: Norwalk, Redondo Beach, and Laguna Niguel.  Ken retired from the City of Laguna Niguel in 2009 after 18 years as that City's first Director of Public Works/City Engineer. He has been closely following transportation issues in Irvine for decades.

"I am delighted that Ken Montgomery will be contributing his expertise and insights to fixing Irvine's traffic problems and building a transportation system that will serve Irvine into the 21st Century." Fox said.

"When I ran for election to the Irvine City Council, I promised to reduce Irvine's traffic congestion both in the long and short term, while providing more transportation choices for Irvine's residents and commuters, and to reduce travel time, reduce noise, improve safety, improve resident access to employment and entertainment centers, improve parking and reduce emissions." Fox explained. "Ken Montgomery is also deeply committed to these goals - and he has the expertise, experience, and vision necessary to achieve them."

As Laguna Niguel's Director of Public Works/City Engineer, Ken managed transportation and traffic issues for this new and developing city, including hiring the traffic engineering staff and managing their Transportation Commission.  He has also worked with Caltrans for years on redesigning freeway interchanges to minimize impacts on city streets.  Ken is an expert on traffic control devices such as stops signs, new traffic signals, street striping changes and school zone traffic management, and has designed and implemented dozens of major and minor street improvement projects to improve traffic safety, capacity and traffic flow.

Ken is a strong advocate for increased transportation choices as a means of traffic reduction.  He was instrumental in building train stations in each of the cities he has served.  He was personally responsible for the Metrolink station that serves Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo, and has worked closely with the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) on the bus lines and bus stops and shelters that serve Laguna Niguel.

He is also an avid bicyclist, who knows and champions the Irvine bike trail system.  Like Councilmember Fox, he is an advocate for making bicycle commuting safer and more practical.

Ken holds a degree in civil engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He and his wife Judy have resided in Irvine for 37 years and have lived in the same Woodbridge home since 1980.

Ken is an active member of Irvine Rotary Club and serves on its board.  He is also an Irvine CERT member, has served on the Arborlake Home Owners Association Board of Directors, and was a volunteer for the two Solar Decathlons held in Irvine's Great Park.

"I'm excited to seriously tackle Irvine's traffic and transportation issues," Montgomery said. "I look forward to working with Councilmember Melissa Fox, my fellow traffic commissioners, city staff, and all our community stakeholders in getting Irvine moving again."

Meetings for the Transportation Commission will be held on the first and third Tuesday of each month in the City Council Chambers starting at 5:30pm. Like all commission meetings, it is open to the public.

Listen to Melissa Fox's Interview on KUCI's "Ask a Leader"

Councilmember Fox discusses progress on Irvine traffic, her goals for the Great Park, and the Orange County Veterans Cemetery.

Irvine, CA --  Irvine City Councilmember Melissa Fox was recently interviewed by Claudia Shambaugh on KUCI's award-winning program " Ask a Leader ."

The topics covered include the new composition of the Irvine City Council, Irvine's recent progress on environmental issues, traffic, Melissa Fox's goals for the Great Park,  and the Orange County Veterans Cemetery.
To listen to the podcast of the interview, click  here.

Melissa Fox's section of the podcast starts at 29:30, right after "Amazing Grace."

Councilmember Melissa Fox Eager to get Irvine's Green Ribbon Environmental Committee Running Again

Councilmember Fox and her appointee to the committee, Krishna Hammond were elected as Chair and Vice Chair at the first Green Ribbon Committee meeting of 2017. 

Irvine, CA -- At the first meeting of the year, on May 16th, City Councilmember Melissa Fox was elected Chair of Irvine's Green Ribbon Environmental Committee

Councilmember Fox's appointee Krishna Hammond was elected to serve as Vice Chair of the Committee.  Her Planning Commissioner, Dustin Nirschl, is also a member of the Committee.

Irvine's Green Ribbon Environmental Committee seeks  to increase public participation in energy conservation and sustainable practices, helping the City serve the community through advancing environmental policy initiatives and programs. The Committee is supported by the Public Works Department. Comprised of 10 members, the committee is an advisory body to the City Council and provides advice on sustainability policies related to energy, recycling and waste management, mobility, open space and water issues.

Krishna Hammond, Vice Chair, Irvine Green Ribbon Environmental Committee
For some time, Irvine's Green Ribbon Environmental Committee has been dormant because there were not sufficient members to constitute a quorum.  "One of my goals in joining the Irvine City Council was to get this important committee going again.  Working with Irvine's mayor, Donald Wagner, we were able to bring the committee back to functioning strength." Fox explained.

Krishna Hammond, the Committee Vice Chair, is a professional chemist and is passionate about protecting, improving, and conserving our environment. He is a graduate with a degree in chemistry from the University of California, Santa Barbara. " I am fortunate that he has agreed to serve on the committee and offer his expertise to the City of Irvine." Fox said.

For more information about Irvine's Green Ribbon Environmental Committee and for future meetings visit the webpage  here. All meetings are open for the public to attend. 

Walt and the Flying Bull Exhibition Comes to the Orange County Great Park 

Check out the El Toro "Flying Bull" designed by Walt Disney for Marine Air Station El Toro starting on June 3rd.

Irvine, CA -- The Orange County Great Park announces the opening of "Walt and the Flying Bull," a free art and photography exhibit running June 3-August 13. 

In 1943, Walt Disney Productions designed the El Toro "Flying Bull" logo for Marine Corps Air Station El Toro. Walt Disney Productions created approximately 1,200 designs during World War II for both American and Allied military units. all of this work was a donation to the war effort.

The "Walt and the Flying Bull" exhibition will detail a brief history of Disney Insignia Art and feature original artwork inspired by World War II created exclusively for this exhibit by contemporary artists working for Walt Disney Productions, Marvel Entertainment, and Pixar Animation Studios.

The Orange County Great Park is located off I-5 or I-405 at Sand Canyon and Marine Way in Irvine. The Great Park Gallery is open noon to 4p.m. Thursdays and Fridays, and 10a.m. to 4p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. For more information visit the website  here.

Councilmember Melissa Fox Receives Challenge Coin From 5th Marine Regiment

Councilmember Fox is honored to receive a Challenge Coin for her support of the 5th Marines Vietnam Memorial 

Irvine, CA -- Councilmember Fox was presented with a Challenge Coin by Marine Corps Vietnam combat veteran Bill Sandlin for her support of the 5th Marines Vietnam Memorial before the Irvine City Council meeting on May 23rd. 

2,706 U.S.Marines and Sailors gave their lives during the Vietnam War while serving with the 5th Marines. They will never be forgotten. 

"I am honored to be the recipient of this Challenge Coin. My cousin, PFC Irwin Handler, was killed in action serving with the 5th Marines in Korea. He is still missed and remembered daily by my family." Fox said. 

For more information on the 5th Marines Vietnam Memorial visit the website here.

Councilmember Melissa Fox Attends Memorial Day Dedication Ceremony for Northwood Gratitude Memorial Expansion

Councilmember Fox join Mayor Pro Tem Lynn Schott and Community Service Commissioners in moving ceremony to honor fallen heroes and Gold Star families.

Irvine, CA -- Irvine City Councilmember Melissa Fox joined with Mayor Pro Tem Lynn Schott in a deeply moving ceremony at the Northwood Gratitude Memorial  to honor our nation's fallen heroes and Gold Star families.  The ceremony also marked the completion of the memorial's expansion.

Irvine's  Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial, located in  Northwood Community Park, is the nation's first memorial dedicated exclusively to listing the names of all the fallen American service members in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The names of every service member who has died in Afghanistan and Iraq are engraved in granite in a permanent memorial, to assure that future generations of Americans will remember and honor them with gratitude as we do today.  The panels carry the names of all those who died in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation New Dawn.

The Memorial is the result of both community activism and local government commitment. In 2003, shortly after the invasion of Iraq, an Irvine resident named Dr. Asher Milgrom created the first display in the park. The original make-shift memorial consisted of thirty wooden posts bearing the names and photos of the fallen. Starting in 2006, a non-partisan group of Irvine residents advocated for the establishment of a permanent memorial. In late 2009, the Irvine City Council unanimously approved a plan to create a permanent memorial, which was dedicated on November 14, 2010.

Councilmember Melissa Fox Receives Award for Excellence for Support for 2/11 Marines

Councilmember Fox is honored to receive award from Lt. Col.  P. F. Eldridge, 2/11 Marines commanding officer.

Irvine, CA -- Following the Irvine Memorial Day Ceremony at Col. Bill Barber Park, Irvine City Councilmember Melissa Fox was given a challenge coin for excellence for support of the 2nd Battalion, 11th Marines, based on Camp Pendleton by Lt. Colonel P. F. Eldridge, the unit's commanding officer.

"I am deeply honored," said Councilmember Fox.  "The 2/11 Marines are not only Irvine's own adopted unit, they are one of the most decorated units in the Marine Corps. They are models of excellence, patriotism, and courage.

For more information about how you can support Irvine's own 2/11 Marines, click here.

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