Happy Summertime Everyone!!!

Enjoy the Total Solar Eclipse 
 Tuesday 2nd of July!.
A powerful Solar path that will rest codes on the Planet, but especially across Argentina and Chile, the lands of the South American indigenous shamanic peoples. With a focus on ancestral healing of the Collective as well as individuals, much old "victim" energy and anger will be lifted in these areas as they ground the new masculine. And so this will also spread to all of us in the evolutionary pr ocess.  ~ Celia Fenn
On the issue of trading one matrix for another, I'd like to share this excert from...
"Ascension is Just Another Trap"
by Zoe Davenport
Can you not see much of the story of "ascension" is just another trap to make you "think" you have separated yourself from all the BS in the world?

For me ascension is literally a shifting of mindset, the ability to see through one's own ego, BS beliefs and patterns. To wake up to those patterns and to own the truth of what ego would have us believe to be true.

I see way too much ego in "spiritual" places, I have a refreshing idea - can we stop calling it "spiritual"? For me I am awake, I'm not perfect, my ego still loves to come out and make a song and dance till my heart catches on and sends my ego to the back seat. I'm still human, I make mistakes and I certainly don't claim to be living in some form of ascended reality other than I have created my life to be better, my choices are more aligned and I have more freedom and time to gift back to the community around me.

The real way show-ers are the ones simply living their truth- not talking about it. The real ascended masters are those that have kindness in their eyes, compassion in their hearts and never judge another person's path or version of reality.

This knowing, grounding and integration of our higher selves can only come from time, patience and a commitment to keep learning and growing to who we truly are. Let us not forget as we perceive to go through "ascension" we are still ONE, we are still connected to all of our physical incarnated selves and let us remember to throw the rope back for others to follow.

We have our own experience in reality and truly as we honor self-love this shifts the playing field for us, this shifts the relationships with self and with those that come into our field to teach and guide and love and grow.  We do not have to put up with anything that does not light us up, the old karmic webs are being dissolved as we see love truly is the only answer to "ascension" and mastery of one's own truth.
Even in the times of complete isolation and separation from reality- when no one knocks on the door is the time to ask what we truly desire. 
Beliefs are the strongest currency on Earth so spend your thoughts wisely, connect back to the divine beauty of nature that will always hold you in love and compassion and let the ego of others dissolve.

"Ascension" yes it's light body activation, DNA upgrades, complete alignment to a higher purpose but it's also about connection, community, compassion and integration of all pieces of oneself.
The story and illusion can only carry you so far after that it's down to you to start loving who you are.  Let us remember that we are also human too and we still have so much to learn!

Ascension = self-love = connection = joy = compassion

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Message from AA Gabriel
When you ask to be a receptacle for pure light, you are saying that you have space within you, and that you are willing to fill this space with love and all that which is God. You are saying that you want to be filled with Divine Light, and assist the process of bringing Heaven to Earth.

This is important for everyone, and it does not interfere with other work or with family life. Recognize that your purpose on this planet is to be a bridge between Heaven and Earth, so that all beings may live in greater Harmony, Peace and Love. This mission requires assistance from all. Each person who turns toward Divine Light assists this purpose and raises the collective consciousness of the planet. The way to bring Peace on Earth is through one person at a time. So always remember how important you are to the evolution of consciousness on the Earth.