Gonz Shimura of FaceLikeTheSun made this piece about the dangers to our health posed by 5G and the US Government's willful ignorance about these real concerns. Since the late 1940s, the Government's position on the safety of "non-ionizing radiation" has remained fixed, despite the scientific evidence that cumulative exposure to microwaves can cause cancer.

Many in the alt news community feel that this stance covertly enables a means of population reduction, in line with the UN's Malthusian 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. While a soft-kill genocide is subject to debate, what is not is that the profit motives of the wireless industry far outweigh the legitimate health concerns that do exist.

The stated goal of the FCC, as announced by Tom Wheeler in 2016 is for the US to have a jump on other countries in the race to develop and to patent 5G infrastructure and applications. The 5G rollout is expected to raise $275 billion in new investment, $500 billion in GDP and to add over 3 million new jobs to the American workforce. To a "jobs president" Hell-bent on Making America Great Again, 5G must look perfect for his agenda.

To Shimura, a devout Evangelical Christian, Trump's support for 5G is evidence of his tacit support for Globalism, irrespective of his anti-Globalist rhetoric. However, the push for this technology and the economic and strategic benefits driving the roll-out long precede Trump as a politician.

To me, given Trump's outspokenness about vaccine-autism link, singular among world leaders and his reinstatement of the religious exemptions from vaccines and other medical practices at HHS, I'm doubtful he's aware of the potential dangers of millimeter wave exposure or that he secretly advocates genocide. He likely believes the US Government's official position that non-ionizing is safe.

It will be up to the American people to make their concerns about 5G known, like the very articulate Maryland residents shown here speaking before a local committee.

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