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Is Andy Griffith a Bible Class Teacher?

My 12 year old granddaughter came running into the house one Sunday morning recently after Bible Class and worship. After we talked a few minutes, I asked her what her Bible class lesson was about that morning.

"Andy Griffith," she said. "We watched an episode of Andy Griffith."

I was so disappointed! We have only 35-45 minutes of Bible Class (on a good morning) to teach the Word of God to young people. Why would teachers use Andy Griffith instead of the Word of God?!

I got a phone call once asking me if I believed it was all right to teach God's Word using puppets. I said, "I guess so. If the children come out of the class having learned God's Word and the TRUTH of the Bible rather than the names of the puppets and simply a story with a 'moral.' "

One Sunday evening, Stan was asking the young people who sat at the front of the auditorium a few Bible questions. He asked who the giant was that David had killed with a stone. One little boy shouted out, "The cucumber!"

I guess he was enjoying Veggie Tales. However, a cucumber is a far cry from the intimidating warrior that the Philistine giant really was! Why would the entire army of Israel be afraid of a cucumber?!

The truth is that we need to be teaching the TRUTH of the Bible stories to our children! The lesson is not really about Joseph's coat but about his faithful character through abuse, lies and prison. We need to quit teaching that Samson was just the strongest man in the Bible physically, but also that he was weak emotionally and often spiritually and that cost him his eyes and his life!

Our young people need the TRUTH of God's Word. That is what will sustain them in their darkest hours on this earth and for eternity. We need to be able to walk into a classroom with the true love of God in our hearts, armed with the Sword of His Word and make those people come alive! They were real! They are there for examples to us, both good and bad.

Our young people need to learn how King David sinned grievously but still could be "a man after God's own heart." They need to know that as a young boy, he killed and cut off the head of the giant. They need to know the TRUTH. What do we think we are protecting them from by watering down the Word of God? We are only crippling them spiritually when we do that!

Our young people will only become spiritually strong if we teach them God's Word, God's plan and God' purpose for them. We need to quit cheating them in Bible Class! By doing so, we are creating lukewarm Christians and and a weakened Body of Christ that will not be able to stand in the day of adversity!

In Him,

A Grandmother's Recurring Nightmare . . . (This Time It's Blues Clues)

by Cindy Colley

I really do wonder where this will end. Then I sit back and consider that I actually know where it will end. Words are the vehicle of expressed thought and I know I will have arrived at the end destination when I can hear these: “Come ye blessed of my father. Enter into the joys of your Lord.”  

In the meantime, though, there are some recurring and growing concerns I have about the navigation of my grandchildren to the end destination. There are some extremely wicked forces that are trying to divide and distract God’s people. They are constantly trying to make my grandchildren swallow the lie that they are oppressors simply because of their skin color and, on the other hand, they are trying to convince some of your dark-skinned grandchildren that they are necessarily oppressed just because of their darker skin. And we forget we are sisters.

The devil uses our awful time of distraction by unnecessary division to cause us to ignore the REAL enemy. We listen to the culture and forget who is ecstatic when God’s people become divided. He’s Satan and he is willing to use the most vile techniques and weapons to attack the most vulnerable BEFORE they can even understand the battle arena.
Take, for instance, the weapon that’s in our faces this month. It is unconscionable that YouTube for kids is using the formerly innocent BLUE’S CLUES cartoon to put what God called abomination into the minds of our two-year-olds: Take a look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4vHegf3WPU

The shock factor, for me, of such blatant lies from hell, itself, being shared with innocent children by the hundreds of thousands around our land, never abates. I just have a very difficult time fathoming that we are really to this point. I showed the video to my husband and said “What can we do?” He said, “The devil wants people to believe the ship has sailed. He wants Christians to think there is nothing we can do. But we have to keep warning godly parents. We have to keep saying truth.”
I believe we also must understand that distractions and divisions break down our armor against the devil. We must love each other, in the body of Christ. We must prefer each other. We must give one another the benefit of the doubt when motives are called into question. We must throw off the narratives in our society that convince us that we are persecutors of one another or that we are persecuted by one another.

As God’s people, we should look outside the body to the REAL persecution that’s assaulting the faith of our kids. We should unite in our opposition to what the devil is trying to do to our children. And we should fight against all forces that are aligned with promotion of the acceptance of what God calls sin, even if they are masked by titles which state facts that we believe like “Black Lives Matter.” Of course black lives matter. Of course of all of God’s children believe that obvious statement. But we must be very careful to not let the world steal the truths, principles and symbols from God’s Word—black lives matter, the rainbow, love wins, etc… to deceive us,  to distract us, as His people, from our mission of soul-winning. And some of the souls we have to protect from division and distraction are those of our children and grandchildren.
When the devil is planting vile affection though Blue’s Clues cartoons, we know he is stooping to new lows in America. We’d better unite as sisters (moms) in Christ and identify the real persecutors—the real enemy. Let’s be careful not to allow the world’s agenda to divide us, as His people. There’s a real enemy out there and it’s not your brothers and sisters of different skin colors. He’s busy. He’s creative. He wants the most vulnerable of our tribe. Oppression is a real thing and the devil is all about it. 

In Love,


Editor's Note: Sisters, We know you want your children to grow up to love The Lord more than anything else in this world! Please be very diligent in watching what comes into your home via TV, cell phones, friends or videos.

Satan is vigilant and enticing and he wants your children's hearts and souls as well!
It was a joy being with our Sisters at East End in McMinnville, TN, and at Rock valley in Tompkinsville, KY, in May and June!

Sisters, Servants and Soldiers are looking forward to teaching many young ladies at several Bible camps this summer!

We all need to be using our talents in His service. There is NO RETIREMENT for the Christian in this world! When we pray to be "used up" in His service, He will give us opportunities to do that! Our "rest" will be in eternity!

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