Black Obsidian contains boundless power and energy. Also called volcanic glass, this black stone comes from molten lava that is cooled very quickly. Extremely protective and grounding, use Black Obsidian near your front door to dispel negative energy and to invite positive energy into your home. When you use Black Obsidian in your meditation practice, as part of your crystal grid or display it in a place of prominence, you will be encouraged to release energy that is no longer working for you, which will help encourage healing on all levels. This week we are offering 20% off select Black Obsidian products.

Ravens remind us to stay playful in life, to create your own magic and to remain grounded in life. Our Ravens have brown or blue eyes.

Contemporary arrowheads are popular with children for their beauty, and with energy workers for their ability to cut energetic cords.

These are available in several different sizes. Used as scrying mirrors by some, as a base for crystal grids by others, and as meditation tools.

Wands direct energy in a powerful and focused way. Black Obsidian Wands offer release of negative energies and assistance with self-control.

Black Obsidian Blades are useful transformative tools. Used by energy workers to weave protective fields.

A Merkabah (also known as the Star of David) is a powerful symbol. Read more about this in our library.
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