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September 2010
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The Opportunity
Balance and Sanity
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Is the county at new lows?!?

Most recent polling suggest that citizens within El Paso County are dissatisfied with the performance and direction of our county.


According to El Paso County residents when asked at the beginning of September, "Only 29.3 percent say (locally) we're heading in the right direction."

Our opportunity is now

Our opportunity is now, the prospect of gaining Balance and Sanity in El Paso County is here. I view it like this, opportunities are never lost; someone will always take the one you miss.

Balance and Sanity

Our prospect to gain balance and sanity is resting with you. This campaign needs your small contribution and or volunteerism.

A $5 or $10 contribution will increase our mileage and reach,

Volunteer one hour of calling like minded voters, writing comments in the news sites about stories that affect you, also canvassing and literature drops will work wonders to ensure success this November.

Please pick your path that will help El Paso County guarantee victory in November.

You're registered to vote in El Paso County, are your friends, relatives, and co-workers who live in El Paso County registered to vote? Forward this email to them, as they can register to Vote at

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Thank you,

Steve Kjonaas