Back to School Edition - August 2017
Local Report Card!
The release of Ohio's Local Report Cards for schools and districts is an exciting and sometimes stressful time. Projected date for the 2016-2017 reports is September 15, 2017 on the Ohio Department of Education website.

What are the components my school is measured on? How are the scores determined? Do we have control over these numbers and letter grades?

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Summer is over and our bright-eyed students are back to school. What have our students done all summer? How well rested and fed were they? Does this impact their learning as they return to school? These are questions educators and leaders should be asking! Summer learning loss is real. It impacts all students, but most profoundly those who live in poverty.

According to Oxford Learning (2015):
  • 1 month of OVERALL learning
  • 2 months of READING skills
  • 2.6 months of MATH skills

By 5th grade, summer learning loss can leave low income students 2 1/2 to 3 years behind their peers!

Teachers spend up to SIX WEEKS in the fall re-teaching old material.

What can teachers and schools do?
  1. Carefully review school calendars.
  2. Influence the length of summer break at a local and state level!
  3. Discuss year-round and balanced calendar options for your school.
  4. Create and implement quality summer learning programs open to all students!

Let's work together to close the achievement gaps for ALL students!
Tips to
Prepare for a Successful School Year!
Clear Expectations - make sure your students understand what you expect of them for the school year
Procedures – practice the rules and procedures of the classroom, be consistent with consequences and rewards
Team Building – take the time to get know your students and your students you and each other, creating a positive classroom environment
Communication – communicate with parents on regular basis, sharing the positives and when necessary concerns you have for their child
Differentiation – use a variety of ways to present materials to kids so all students can be successful in the classroom
Parent Involvement – get parents involved your classroom to help organize events, volunteer, etc.
Plan – be organized and planned for your day having all materials ready and put together in the location that you will be delivery the lesson
Set class goals – make a list of goals that you want to accomplish as a class and when goals are reached reward your students and give them positive feedback
Sense of humor – remember to keep your sense humor and make learning fun and engaging for your students!

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