Is Grain-Free Dog Food Safe?
Many of our customers have come to us with concerns regarding the recent stories of dogs being diagnosed with DCM (canine dilated cardiomyopathy). We strive to help you keep your dog happy and healthy. That is why we stock ONLY the best food, treats and supplies for your dog.

We are also aware of these concerns and have done our due diligence to stay on top of this recent investigation. Here are some important key facts regarding these concerns via the most recent FDA notice we have on hand.
  1. This investigation is regarding the POTENTIAL link pertaining to certain dog foods containing a higher percentage of legumes, like peas or lentils and potatoes.
  2. On July 12, the FDA issued a notice that they are just beginning this investigation and that no conclusive findings are available yet.
  3. As of right now, according to the FDA, they are aware of 30 dogs and 7 cats that have been reported as potentially having this problem.
So, is grain free food safe? Many dog foods, with and without grain, contain peas, potatoes and other legumes. What the FDA is cautioning is that as long as these ingredients are not the PRIMARY source of protein or a MAIN ingredient in your pet’s food there is little reason to worry.

Fido Park Avenue does carry options that do not use these ingredients as a primary protein source, as well as food that has NO peas or potatoes at all. We want to help you feel confident that we have your dog’s best health in mind, so if you have concerns about your dog’s food that you purchase from us or anywhere else – please stop by either of our two locations and let one of our trained staff help you with your questions.
Did You Know?
Acorns & Dogs Don't Mix
Acorns and oak leaves are both toxic to dogs. While some dogs may ingest acorns without severe issues, acorns can commonly cause mild to moderate gastrointestinal upset such as bloating, vomiting, diarrhea and general discomfort for your dog.
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