Vol. 2 Issue 3, February 20, 2020
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In this week's edition: In-Demand Skilled Trades Event - March 11, 2020; Popular upcoming career path predictions; A different outlook on comparing qualified applicants; Hamilton's Labour Market Information
Is There A Hiring Crisis In Hamilton's Skilled Trades?
In-Demand Skilled Trades Breakfast Forum: Wednesday March 11, 2020
Workforce Planning Hamilton began its investigation into skilled trade shortages in 2017 as it recognized the signs of a tightening labour market and evidence of emerging skills gaps.

The story continues in 2020 with evidence of heightened apprehension among employers about a looming “hiring crisis” and this became apparent as a WPH research team began interviewing over 100 employers for a skilled trades study: Under Pressure 2.0 .
WPH’s most recent skilled trades research reveals worrying workforce trends.

Under Pressure 2.0 report will be distributed at our Skilled Trades forum and we invite local skilled trades stakeholders to join us in the conversation about what we can do to avert a potential hiring crisis in Hamilton’s skilled trades.

If you have similar concerns and would like to join in the conversation, register below. 
The Hottest Career Paths of 2020 &
Beyond Predicted
The business world is constantly changing based on emerging technologies and market demands. Jobs that didn’t exist just a decade or two ago, like social media manager and app developer, are now leading career paths.
Creative jobs
A panel of  Forbes Coaches Council  members share the job opportunities and career paths they think will experience the most growth and popularity in 2020 and beyond.

Some of the predictions include:

1) Relationship based, helping jobs

2) Careers in alternative energy

3) Jobs in biosciences
Silver Spoon vs The Scraper
Regina Hartley, the current VP of Human Resources with UPS, gave a TED Talk, all about how the best hire, may not have the best resume.

With skills gaps in our community it is important to adapt recruitment processes to ensure you are hiring the right person for your roles.
Hamilton Labour Force Information: January 2020
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