Word of Mouth: Helping You Promote Healthy Smiles in the Workplace
A positive surprise can make you smile--but did you know there's a scientific reason for it? In the latest issue of The Oral Health Expert, we'll share why this is plus give you some tips for keeping your employees' smiles healthy.
Nothing says "It's time to celebrate at work" quite like passing out the cake and ice cream. Even though it contains a lot of sugar, ice cream also contains a lot of calcium, so it's not all bad news for your employees' smiles. Get the scoop on the best ways to indulge in this delicious treat before your next celebration.
No matter how careful your employees are, dental emergencies can strike for them and their families. Help get them back to work faster by knowing how your company's dental plan covers emergency care.
Are you responsible for managing your company's benefits? Do people think of you like a Benefits Yoda guiding employees through their company-sponsored dental benefits? If so, you'll want to help your employees understand that visiting an in-network dentist will save them the most money.
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