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Thank You For The Referrals!
I've been busy this past month not only helping current clients, but helping their friends, family and business associates, too.  Thank you to everyone for all of the referrals!  It means a lot that you not only trust me to help with your web design and online marketing, but that you are willing to tell your friends, family and business contacts about my services as well. One of my founding principles for Another Hand Advantage was to connect individuals and businesses with the resources they need to grow.  I'm a strong believer in building relationships and, let's face it, we can't all be good at everything, but chances are we've met someone along the way who can offer their services to help at something we might not personally have the skills for.  Nothing brings me more satisfaction than passing along a contact I've met to someone who could use the help.  So again, to everyone who has passed along my information to someone in need of web design or online advertising, thank you for your help! Don't forget to pass along and share this newsletter, too!

Jacqueline Destremps
Another Hand Advantage
What Can Instagram Do For You?
Using Instagram to Grow Your Brand

With all of the different Social Media platforms available today, it's difficult to determine which one is right for you and your business. While Facebook still remains the social media platform of choice, according to the latest Pew Research Center study, many businesses are also looking to see how sharing photos can fit into their marketing plan. If you've got a photo buff in the office or a product or service that lends itself to being shared visually, you might want to check out these 26 Tips for Using Instagram for Business.
Would you like to set up an Instagram (or other social media) account for your business, but need some help getting started?  We can give you a hand with that!  Contact Jacqueline today to learn more.
Facebook News Feed and Organic Reach
What You Need to Know

You may have seen articles recently about Facebook's changes to what users see in their News Feed as well as dwindling organic reach numbers.  You may even have experienced this first hand. And some of you might be asking "What is organic reach?". Organic reach is the number of users who see your content (whether it be a Facebook post or your website) without you paying for it to be seen. The opposite of organic reach is paid reach, meaning you paid to have your content in front of an audience. For a great explanation of why organic reach has gone down on Facebook as well as how you can improve your organic reach (and why it's still a great deal to pay to advertise on FB), check out How Facebook Calculates What Appears in Your News Feed, by Mari Smith. After reading her article, you may want to take advantage of our August Facebook Marketing Special or contact us to have us take a look at your company Facebook page and help with these 7 Ways to Instantly Transform Your Facebook Business Page
Consulting Services
What We Offer

Our goal is to help give your business a professional, online presence. We will work with you to help solve your web design and online marketing issues, while understanding that you have limited resources and budget. Contact us today to learn how we can give you a hand with your online presence. Web design and redesign packages start at $250 and online marketing packages start at just $25 a month. 
Engagement Marketing
How To Find New Customers and Keep Your Existing Ones

Like most small businesses and organizations, you probably have two wishes:
* To find new customers, members and connections
* To get repeat business, participation and referrals from them

Here's the secret: Engagement Marketing. It's the way to make sure your interactions with customers last longer than "one and done." That a passing interest in you becomes a longer-lasting relationship, one they're eager to tell others about-creating a cycle of more new business and involvement.
I've used Constant Contact for almost 5 years now, both personally and while working at other companies, and when I started Another Hand Advantage in January, it was one of the first services I purchased.  I love it's ease of use (no fuss newsletters in no time!), sign up tools and reports. I'm now able to provide their services to my clients as well and invite you all to try the 60 day free trial of their Toolkit. If you're still trying to e-mail all of your contacts through your business (or worse, personal!) e-mail account, chances are all of your hard work is ending up in their junk folder, never to be seen. Give Constant Contact a try, I wouldn't offer it if I didn't truly love it myself. 
August Facebook Marketing Special

Would you like to increase your exposure on Facebook or perhaps promote an upcoming event? 
During the month of August, sign up for one of our Facebook Marketing packages and SAVE 40% off your first month's management fee. 
Take a look at our packages and e-mail us to sign up today.

Offer valid for new customers only. Expires 08/31/2014. 
Do you have an coupon or special you'd like to offer our subscribers? Email us today to find out how you can be featured in our next newsletter.

Jacqueline Destremps

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