ENewsletter - September 2018
Is Instagram right for you or your business?

What's so great about Instagram?
There are 25 million business profiles on Instagram
60% of people discover new brands or companies on Instagram
200 million Instagramers visit at least 1 business page daily
30% of the most viewed Instagram stories are from business
Instagram has 4x more users than Pinterest*
50% of Instagramers are on the app every day*

Road map to Growing your Following on Instagram
  1. Tell your brand story in both text and images. What are you selling, what are your brand attributes, what do you mean to your customers?
  2. Make Instagram your online magazine. Share your creative direction, start a conversation with your customers or potential targets. Show images and copy re: the lifestyle of your customers.
  3. Grow your audience. Invite others, offer a free item in exchange for contact info,
  4. Market with Instagram. Convey your marketing messages through text and images. Seek to understand your client's motivation.
  5. Post with the bigger picture in mind. Followers may view images one-by-one as they appear on their feeds, but those who are exploring may see the full page of images on your page. Help to tell the story with the latest 9-12 images on your

I nstagram is not Just for B2C Companies
Because instagram is a place to tell your brand story, it's not just for consumer companies. It's also a place for B2B companies to tell their story, show what clients can expect when interacting with their firm, provide case histories and tell client success stories.

The images you use don't have to be only product images. Insert photos of employee or client activities as appropriate (and with permission!), use apps that can help you design posts and other content.

Instagram works for Personal Brands also
Similar to Linkedin, Instagram is also a platform that can help to build and reinforce your personal brand. Thoughtfully posting ONLY those things that are consistent with the message you want to convey will be one more place that people can visit to see what you're all about.

A business account on Instagram allows you to gain insights about your followers, your stories and your posts.You'll see real-time metrics on your posts throughout the day so that you can pivot when something isn't getting the results you want.

When you're looking for new markeitng tactics to convey your message, increase engagement and leads, consider transitioning to or creating an Instagram business account.

*Techcrunch / Trackmaven / Social Pilot
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