Is It Time for a 'Pre-Gesara' Celebration?

Newsletter - Issue 11 - Apr. 8, 2022

Newsletter Topics:

-Remember We Are Watching A Movie

-Gesara/Nesara Updates

-More News

-Use Tesla Bio Healers

-They All Got Caught

-Donald Trump's Return

-Trump's Rallies

-Another Trump Assassination Attempt

-Trump's New Social Media Platform -

-More On Gesara/Nesara

-How Bad Will the Suffering Get?

-Should You Still File Income Taxes?

-Put Your Health First

-The Status of Med Beds

-It Was Always About the Children

-Politicians Are Being Sent Home Without a Job

-Hollywood is Dead

-Rihanna Stop It!

-Russia Was The First to Leave the Matrix

-Trucker's Convoy Updates

-How Will You Bring in the Spring?

-Cathy Harris' 65th Birthday Video Series

-What Really Happened in 2020 Videos

-List of the Guilty


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CEO, Cathy Harris

Austin, TX

They Are All Alive and in Witness Protection.

Over 900 are in Witness Protection.

What Did They Witness?

Why Did They Feel They Had to Escape from Hollywood?

Welcome to 'Cathy's Corner'.

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Cathy Harris

Freelancer, Syndicated Columnist, and Investigative Journalist

Welcome to

'Cathy's Corner'

Welcome to the 11th edition of 'Cathy's Corner.' Read these e-newsletters when you get a chance to find out how and why we are transitioning into a NEW #GoldenEra.

It's fitting that this be the last e-newsletter before the EBS sounds off and we go into Gesara (Globally) and Nesara (for the U.S.) so yes it is time to celebrate because of the EBS, which I feel is imminent.

I will continue to walk you guys into the #GoldenEra with my e-newsletters. There are two changes that I will be making on my platform.

First of all, I will only do my traveling videos at maybe once a week (instead of twice a week) and I will create more articles to attach to my e-newsletters so that I can shorten the length of my e-newsletters.

You see I am listening when you say the e-newsletters are too long and I know many people don't read and others have issues with their eyesight because they are consuming GMO processed foods, which can cause blindness.

This is why I am looking for a platform to teach with videos. Zoom.US and are great platforms so I am looking at them and others to continue to break down some of the content of my e-newsletters.

Meanwhile, I will continue to use my traveling videos to create good content with shorter videos.

I am currently blocked again on Facebook for another 30 days and Facebook and Youtube are censoring me and messing with my numbers.

Therefore, I don't want to do too much, especially on facebook, until we transition fully into the #GoldenEra. By then we will all know which platforms have survived.

My goal is to be totally truthful and honest with you. Just know as an Investigative Journalist, former Whistleblower (, and a Digital Soldier -- I will do my best to dig for the truth.

If I get any facts wrong, I will do my best to come back and tell you about them in another edition of my e-newsletters at

Remember we are leaving a FEAR-BASED WORLD that was run by "The Black Hats" -- which is also called a Shadow Government, the CABAL, The Deep State, Dark Cult, The Illuminati, Globalists, Free Masons, etc. for a LOVE-BASED WORLD (free of all FEAR).

Their reign of power is over, but for the ones that are left in your community, it will strictly be up to you to kick them out of your community. You can do that by working closely with others who think like you.

With the help of the Galactic Federation and Alliance, the White Hat Alliance, and Donald Trump, we are entering a world of peace, joy, and happiness, #GoldenEra, #5thDimension.

And all your words and actions from this day forward should reflect that. If you are still fearful and still standing 6 feet apart, still wearing a mask, and still taking vaccinations and boosters – then you are still living in a FEAR-BASED WORLD so hopefully, you can join us soon in our new LOVE-BASED society. #GoldenEra, #GoldenYears.


Join us as we move from FEAR to LOVE. Congrats for hanging in here!!! Go ahead and celebrate -- #EBSIsImminent, #FinalCountdown, #Gesara, #Nesara, #GoldenEra, #GoldenAge, #5Dimension.

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Freelancer, Syndicated Columnist, and Digital Soldier

Remember We Are Watching a Movie

Remember you are watching a movie to wake up the masses of people so that we can all transition over into the #GoldenEra (aka #GoldenAge).

However, all of this will probably be pretty confusing unless you have been keeping up so go back and catch up with my articles and newsletters at or

We are in an ‘Uncharted Territory’!!! All I have to say is none of this has ever been done before so all we can do is be proactive in our daily lives and understand that many of the #ScareTactics including the #NuclearThreats and even vaccinations are part of the movie -- #GoldenYears, #GoldenEra, #5thDimension, #2020GreatAwakening, #Gesara, #Nesara. See you in the #GoldenEra

Nesara/Gesara Updates

It's Time To Celebrate

Stock Market Crash:

One of the things that we expected to happen before the EBS was for the Stock Market to crash. They have been saying that a Stock Market crash was imminent since October 2021, so it is definitely being manipulated.

EBS/Internet Blackout:

A while back 10 countries went black or had power outages at one time. On 3-29-22 in the UK, London there were massive power outages across the capital, paralyzing traffic lights and electricity. Thousands of homes and businesses were also affected so each country can go into Gesara at its own pace.

This all needs to happen especially in the U.S. with as little fuss as possible. The EBS could not start without the new Starlink Internet system. Many U.S. families are reporting their internet services are now going at faster speeds since installing the Starlink.

With the new Starlink after the EBS, we can switch over to Tesla energy where our power bills will eventually be going down by 75%.

However, archive all your pictures and any material you want to save off social media especially your material in the cloud because none of us know which platforms are going to survive.

People in the U.S. are getting messages from their internet provider that they will be going down -- on and off -- over the next two weeks so not everyone will go down at once.

Remember that people have to work online and all medical records are online so the internet should not be off too long. Instead of blacking out the entire country, it will probably be done in regions instead.

Remember once the EBS goes off, banks might close for 3 days then there will be 10 days (possibly 6 now) of 8-hour documentaries discussing Sex, Human and Child Trafficking, Child Pedophilia, Military Tribunals, Nuremberg Trials, and it should also show recorded confessions by the Elite, Movie Stars, Politicians, etc.


It will feature many gruesome topics such as Adrenochrome and Organ Harvesting, Human Meat Processing Plants, Aliens, etc. and many other topics that most people will not want to even hear anything about.


You will also probably have the opportunity to watch all of this in movie theatres. The EBS should tell you everything you need to know -- along with your bank because you will need to learn about your new currency.


If you live in the U.S. -- make a list of family, friends, and neighbors with gas stoves in case HAARP is used again to freeze us out.


Also, know that you can go to hospitals to stay warm and houses on hospital grids will probably not lose power for too long – maybe.


There is still time to buy generators or pick up some type of power box that you can charge by cranking your car.


Just remember that generators run off gas so if you are in a house have extra gas on hand. Try to keep your car gas tank topped off -- especially for the next few weeks.


You should receive several messages on your phone before they are shut off so have all your family member’s phone numbers written down on a piece of paper.


Again, go to and check out my articles and newsletters. I have been documenting everything since 2020.

Redemption Centers:

The Redemption Centers are fully staffed and are in every state. There should be one in your neighborhood or at least 50 miles from where you live. The state of Texas has around 230.


Once they pay out everyone with investments, which they are doing at this time then we should go next. So we are possibly hours -- if not days – away from being paid our Gesara funds.

However, according to many financial insiders, who receive their information straight from banks -- it is okay to GO AHEAD with a ‘Pre-Gesara' Celebration.

Gesara Fund Payouts:

The reason all your debt will be zeroed out is because it was illegal in the first place. 100 billion dollars will be released in Gesara funds. So, therefore, people’s college loans, credit card debt, and even $20,000 car notes are disappearing off their accounts so it is happening guys.


Looks like car notes will also be included because they want everyone as we transition into the #GoldenEra to have ZERO DEBT.

So, therefore, all your personal loans will be included too. Also, they will be taking off up to $150,000 on your mortgage and you will receive everything you ever paid out to the IRS.

We might even receive our birth certificate funds back now or during our retirements. This is money they made by selling us and our birth certificates when we were born.

I also heard from a fairly credible source or insider who receives a majority of their info -- I believe -- from military intelligence that some of the funds that will be going toward our Gesara funds can only be released during Christmas or Easter and Easter is right around the corner.

The New Rainbow Currency:

Initially, there were problems transferring large sums of money but it seems that has been remedied. They have now been successful transferring up to 10 million dollars at one time so all of this brings us closer to Gesara.

On Thursday, Mar. 10, 2022, the new Rainbow Currency was ready to be released by banks. The current currency, the fiat currency will be going away in the fall.


Russia, Barbados, China, Iraq along with many other countries have all announced that they have returned to gold standards, which means they are no longer on the CABAL Swift Monetary System.

They are now on the new GLOBAL GESARA Quantum Financial System (QFS). Everyone thought the U.S. would be first but because of the size of the U.S., we might end up last.

Bank Changes:


Bank closings nationwide are scaring a lot of people. If you think bank closings are scaring people – just wait until the EBS sounds off.

There are silent whispers everywhere about all the bank closings, but many don’t know what to believe or what is happening especially those that have been watching the CIA Mockingbird Media because none of these bank closures are featured on TV.

Just remember many of the banks will end up being dissolved completely either into other branches or into new banks or they will shut down completely.


Many wealthy people in influential areas such as West Palm Beach, FL, and other locations have been told to clear out their safety deposit boxes so many wealthy people have been seen standing in lines all over the country -- waiting to clear out these boxes with all their valuables.

They were also waiting for a 3-day weekend when banks would be closed to activate everything. Then they had the 3-day President’s Day weekend.

As of President’s Day midnight, Feb. 21, 2022, if banks weren’t in compliance with the NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM, which is called Quantum Financial System (QFS), then they had to shut their doors for at least two weeks until they could become compliant.


They were also waiting on Iraq to come out of bankruptcy, which actually occurred on 2/22/22 so that has happened and as of midnight on President’s Day, 02/21/22 the Quantum Financial System (QFS) and Starlink Internet have been activated and are fully operational -- #Checkmate.

Banks are the head of all the financial changes with the new Quantum Financial System (QFS) and Wells Fargo banks are leading the Gesara charge in the U.S.

With QFS all transactions will be at lightning speed. On Mar. 7, 2022, it was the shift to ALL THINGS QUANTUM.

No more CABAL Swifts Banks allowed. Every bank ALL OVER THE WORLD had to be on the Quantum Financial System (QFS). However, because of COVID many banks have been given until Jan. 2023 to be in basil 3 compliance.

Banks are still under Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) so they are still not saying much. Many have had to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA).

This is an agreement in contract law that certain information will remain confidential. As such, an NDA binds a person who has signed it and prevents them from discussing any information included in the contract with any non-authorized party.

But many have said they were told by banks that on April 1, 2022, which is the first day of the GLOBAL Quantum Financial System (QFS) -- the banks will have new bank hours and a NEW FORMAT.

They were also told that everyone should be provided with new account numbers also in the month of April 2022 so we are right on cue to transition into Gesara. 

Wealth Management Centers:

These new bank accounts will be Quantum Financial System (QFS) accounts for your monthly deposits.

Remember because of all the large Gesara funds everyone will be receiving (eventually and possibly up to $100,000 a month for 11 years for those over age 21), this is why banks have become Wealth Management Centers.

Many of the insides of banks have taken out bank tellers and replaced them with lounge areas instead so they are gearing up for the change. 

Remember there will be over 900 plus new trillionaires. Yes for many money will be raining from the sky and many people will be able to afford mansions and yachts.

However, for safety purposes -- just be careful flaunting your new riches and telling anyone -- including your family members -- how much funds you received.

Just remember your goal going into the new #GoldenEra once you get paid is to help create a beautiful world.


Humanitarian Projects:

You can help create a beautiful world by feeding the homeless in your area until Humanitarian Projects can help them transition off the street.

Many families are now living in cars so when you see these families, especially with small children do what you can to help them out such as provide them with much-needed funds, or pay for them to live in a hotel for a week or month, or let them know about other available resources.

Many of these homeless families will be living on the street or parking at Truck Stops in your community and just living there so go looking for them with groups for safety reasons.

Those engaged in Humanitarian Projects will have funds available to help create a NEW WORLD so decide which Humanitarian Projects you will get involved with - RE: Humanitarian Projects (

Also, go back and read the e-newsletter that discusses Humanitarian Projects entitled “Changing of the Guards” at

To start your own Humanitarian Project you will need to submit a Business Plan with a one (1) to 3-page summary.

You can find samples of business plans online. Some will have blank pages for you to just fill in. If you need help get someone fluent with a financial background to assist you.

You should be able to find these individuals in business groups and you will probably need to pay them but it will be worth it if you have a good idea for a Humanitarian Project.

However, never get involved with a business or any project unless you are totally passionate about the idea.

You also need to be balanced and still continue to put your health first as you work with your Humanitarian Project.

Make sure you read my business book "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide to Starting Your Own Business (Series 2)" to learn everything you need to know about business ownership.

Universal Basic Income (UBI) System:

Even though eventually many people, especially those working with Humanitarian Projects and over the age of 21, will probably receive up to $100,000 a month for 11 years -- before that happens many countries might use a Universal Basic Income (UBI) system.


Austria and Germany are already using this UBI system so it’s a good sign that things are taking place to take care of people. No, the UBI is not NEW WORLD ORDER so don’t think that.

Palm Springs, CA is providing $900 a month of Universal Basic Income (UBI) to transgender non-binary residents. This is also probably happening in other areas, especially in other California areas.


There is a lot that needs to take place or be ironed out -- before the full rollout of Gesara, which can take many months or even years.

New Q-Phones:

New Q-phones are already developed. I don't know the purpose of these phones but again, many will view these as New World Order tracking devices and won't want to use them.

Meanwhile, be careful buying new phones because most won’t work since the chips are still on the ships -- I believe. I am hearing horror stories about people who paid $500 to $600 for new phones and the phones don’t work.

Tracking Criminals:

With the QFS, the system can track criminals so it’s the end of many crimes including Money Laundering, and Sex and Human Trafficking.

Many people are also wary of this and they believe this is the start of a New World Order system, but you need to look at the big picture.

They were already watching many people through the use of street cameras and the And if they can stop crimes and help create a peaceful and safe environment for everyone then I feel it is a win - win for everyone.

Other News:

Mar. News

-NATO and the United Nations (UN), which were also involved in child trafficking are also being abolished.

-Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor was hanged in GITMO.

-Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was recently poisoned. Many believe he died but the White Hats might keep him alive so the Biden Administration can't appoint another Supreme Court Justice. They said Thomas was the ONLY ETHICAL supreme court justice.

-The White Hats also kept Ruth Bader Ginsburg alive even though she had been executed for 'Crimes Against Humanity' two (2) years earlier. Many people commented that the double wearing a mask and playing her was too tall.

-Supreme Court Justice Scalia was also a good guy and is still alive. He is one of the 900 in Witness Protection.

-Beau Biden Children's foundation took in millions but did little to assist children.

-We were missing 2 million children a year but no one cared because it did not affect their families.

-The White Hats raided in Virginia where they keep the EBS. In a shootout, two (2) Delta Force soldiers were injured with non-life-threatening injuries but 6 FEMA agents were killed. The White Hats had a man on the inside for an entire year. is part of the Dark Cabal Cult. They are killing the homeless. They would pick them up then fatten them up for 30 days then kill them and use their organs in Organ Harvesting Rings.

-The Red Cross sells your blood so of course stop donating blood to the Red Cross and just forgive yourself if you ever donated blood to them.


-Shop locally and grow your own food. They also have the Patriot's food packets. Get started with my two gardening links and

-Big Pharma is causing an increase in fertilizer prices so farmers and families can't plant food this Spring. They are sabotaging the shipments of fertilizer so people will stay sick and have to take their Big Pharma medications.

-Pfizer is recalling two blood pressures medications that might cause cancer.

-Pfizer headquarters and some of their buildings are empty. Several Patriots have filmed these locations and they are empty. They could just be working from home like government workers though.

-They are cleaning up Sex, Human and Child Trafficking everywhere but there might be another scare event (China vs. Taiwan or China vs. Russia) or even a #NuclearScare event so they are telling everything to buy iodine tablets in case of a Nuclear war.

-The 3 credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and Transunion, are wiping all medical debt off the website. They will be wiping 70% of a 195 billion dollar deficit. That is the start of zeroing out all your debt per Gesara.


-Kansas passed a bill to legally sell Ivermectin and HCQ and to stop child covid shots. On that same note, 6 schools have forced everyone to start back wearing masks again so fight back.

-In Pennsylvania in Dec. 2021 Mid Penn Banks merged with Riverview Bank.

-Texas fires have burned hundreds of thousands of acres and it came close to Fort Hood/Killeen, TX, the largest Army military base in the U.S..

-Texas has always been targeted by HAARP because they are the last holdout. Remember the Alamo.

-Texas governor Abbot is one of the only governors in the country fighting against Transgender laws and the illegal genital mutilation of children.

-Teachers are giving first graders in Washington State gender identity homework.

-Californians are driving to Mexico for gas because it is $2 cheaper there.

-Several Walmarts have burned down. They are still cleaning up underground tunnels around Walmarts. They have complete cities under some of the Walmarts. The Satanic Elites were going to destroy the earth then go and live underground - especially if Hillary had won. They even had lakes and rivers down there. There are many Truckers who have become "Whistleblowers" and exposed everything. Walmarts are the number one company that took all the Mom and Pop businesses out of communities so we need to bring these businesses back to communities and close down these Walmarts or turn them into educational centers.

-Walt Disney Theme Park was flooded when underground tunnels were cleaned out. An employee said he hasn't seen anything like it in 17 years.

-After visiting the Disney theme parks, parents and children would be invited to other events and this is where they would kidnap the children and take them in underground tunnels when parents turned their backs. The Disney Security and local FREE Mason Police had to be in on it. The CIA Mockingbird media would not put any kidnappings on TV because they were a part of the Satanic Cabal.

-Chuckie Cheeses' started serving beer in their establishments not too long ago. They would get the parents drunk then grab their children and take them into basements. They had children dungeons in the basement of Chuckie Cheese businesses. The FREE Mason Police had to be in on it also.

-Parents use malls as babysitting services for their pre-teen and teenage children then their children go missing. At the two big malls in Katy, TX tons of children go missing every year from there. Of course, the FREE Mason police and mall security had to be in on it.

-The government is only required to give you 19 essential services but instead they provide over 6,000 services. Many of these services are illegal.

-Every hospital had a Child Protective Service (CPS) office in it and this is how they were able to take so many children away from their parents. Once they took the children they took them into underground tunnels where they disappeared forever. This is another reason we have to close down all hospitals.

-According to medical doctors -- who are whistleblowers -- once a month when a child comes in from some type of accident they had to allow at least one child (maybe more) to die to harvest their organs to pay for hospital bills. This was common practice in hospitals.

-The CABAL court system had its own judges, lawyers, CPS case workers, and police officers that would help kidnap children so they could take them into underground tunnels.

Feb. News

They were asking everyone overseas and in the U.S. to honor FREEDOM DAY (or FREEDOM WEEK), which started on Monday, Feb. 21, 2022, the same day the Trucker's Freedom Convoys left for DC. They wanted everyone to take 7 days off work in protest of what is happening and especially support the Truckers.

Pluto Returned:

No, the EBS wasn’t announced on 2/22/22 like many people had thought it would, but many other significant things did take place such as Pluto returning to earth on 2/22/22.


This was a once in a 248-year event. It was a time of destruction and a rebirth. The last time it occurred was July 4, 1776.


Therefore on 2/22/22, it was a high vibrational day so many people manifested their desires and celebrated because the stars were in alignment.


Operation ‘London Bridge’ – The Queen is Dead:


Another significant event that occurred on 02/22/22 was the death of the Queen was finally announced. On 2/22/22 many good things happened in the background including the announcement of the Queen’s death. 


That was one of the things that had to happen for the planet to move to the next level. Most Patriots and Truthers knew the Queen actually died over 2 years ago, but they had to announce her death on mainstream media for us to move on and for humanity to be FREE.


CNN, which was bought out by one of Trump’s friends, finally announced on Feb. 22, 2022, that the Queen was dead. The operation is OPERATION LONDON BRIDGE.

This was a marker that humanity is FREE and that the White Hats have won and none of us will no longer be in bondage.


The Queen ruled over this planet and especially targeted indigenous kids. But her reign has ended, and we are now all FREE -- so celebrate.

Use Tesla BIO Healers

Because there is no deadline on Med Beds being available many are choosing to use the Tesla Bio Healers for themselves and their animals.

You just put the Tesla Bio Healers close to you for up to 8 hours every day or put the larger ones under your bed to help you heal while you sleep at night.

Remember you still need to eat right and do all the other things to stay healthy.

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They All Got Caught

Donald Trump's Return

We know that Trump is taking on the establishment, which is the CABAL, Shadow Government, Deep State, Dark Cult, Free Mason, Globalists, etc., which were running the world.


Trump was selected by the White Hat Alliance to work with our Galactic Sisters and Brothers in the Galactic Alliance and Galactic Federation to rid this planet of evil.

China Joe and his son Hunter Biden has been dead for 3 years. The 5 actors playing Dead Joe and V.P. Kamala Harris are in the 6th edition of my e-newsletter entitled “The Redpilling of America” -


The actor playing Nancy Pelosi is in the (4th Edition) entitled “Welcome to the New World” -


As of Jan. 20, 2022, the military had the right to remove China Joe at anytime per the Military Law Manual and the Geneva Conventions. You can read more in (8th Edition) entitled "Nesara and Gesara Finally Announced"


Just remember even though Trump did win the election by 80%, (many are saying he won ALL 50 States) he is still a hated man by many especially after Russiagate.

I know many Liberals and Democrats would jump out a window or off a cliff if they suddenly find out Trump is President again, but we can no longer worry about their feelings because massive amounts of #ElectionFraud did indeed take place.

Supposedly, back in February 2022 Trump made a short speech telling everyone to move on. And then he suggested that he might be back in 2024.


When he said 2024 many people’s heart sank because everyone knows that unless you fix 2020, there is no 2024.

Everything he does is a CODE and many can’t decipher what he is trying to say. I would not even try because it is just going to make you frustrated trying to figure out these codes and most of it is to throw off the enemy.

Trump's Rallies

Donald Trump is holding so many rallies now that it is hard to keep up. I watched him at a Georgia Rally I believe and man was he on fire and that was definitely the real Donald Trump. I mean he wasn't holding back.

However, that was his double at the SC rally with the hat on I believe, but again it is just hard to keep up.

I have seen at least 2 Donald Trumps for sure, but I am also thinking I have seen three.

Comedian Dick Gregory, before he died, said there were at least two Donald Trumps -- of course for safety purposes.

Another Trump Assassination Attempt

Trump was well insulated, especially while Putin was taking down the Ukraine Nazi Mafia there -- which included rescuing children kidnapped from Russia and Ukraine and blowing up the biolabs, which was funded by the Cabal U.S. Department of Defense.

However, there was another possible assassination attempt on Trump’s life when a GOP donor loaned out his plane to him. One of the 4 engines went out so they had to make an emergency landing.

This all just made Trump mad and he is ready to release the Gesara funds but they need to make sure there won’t be another 911.

Again, there have been several attempts on Trump’s life, so everything that he does has to be strategic, and he must make sure that those around him are not turncoats.


This is why none of us – not in the inner circle – know what has really been happening or what is about to happen.

Remember over 90% of what is happening we are not seeing it. It is happening behind the scenes.


Many around Trump has also had to sign Non-disclosure Agreements, which also means we are at the end game.

Trump's safety and the safety of the White Hats are always at risk as long as any of the Black Hats are still out there.


The Black Hats still don’t want Nesara to go through and despite the fact that many -- if not most of them -- have been taken off this earth, chances are there will still be some out there causing havoc even as we transition into this New World. #Gesara, #Nesara. 


The Black Hats still have access to HAARP and some of the mainstream media. The goal is to continue to rid these individuals from your communities.

They have tons of Free Masonry lodges all over so get rid of these and start working with others in your community.

The White Hats and the Galactic Alliance can only do so much. Now it's up to us to rid our communities of this evil and to keep them from ever coming back to our communities.

Trump's New Platform --


We all knew the CIA Mockingbird Media would be the last to be taken down. Before the takedown of the media, they took out the Politicians.

Most media or the bad CABAL players have already been taken out too and this is why we are at the end of the movie.

These people are gone and they have actors/body doubles and are using CGI to make it appear like they are still around but they are gone.

Until the White Hats fully take over social media and mainstream media after the EBS, just remember that everything that you hear on mainstream media is a LIE (or is FAKE NEWS).

Therefore, start now and turn off the TV and get on some of the Patriot or Truther news platforms to find out the truth. Read my articles and newsletters at, Trump’s new website, which will be on the platform, is already up and running but they have to iron out the kinks first.


Trump's new platform,, was launched on President’s day, Feb. 21, 2022. Many people have tried to join because they are so desperate to find out what is happening.

This new platform might be the only way that any of us learn the truth about what is really happening in the future so go over there and join now.


More On Gesara/Nesara...

Because NESARA abolishes the Federal Reserve System and provides for the buyout of shares and facilities of the Federal Reserve Corporation by the U.S. Treasury, NESARA immediately wipes out over 90% of the U.S. National Debt.


Weeks after NESARA is announced, there will be educational seminars on TV regarding Constitutional Law, which is based on Common Law and we all will be learning about this.


The restoration of Constitutional Law also requires that all judges, law enforcement, and others MUST attend educational seminars and be sworn in again, and learn about Constitutional law.


Any cases now clogging up the court systems will no longer be valid court cases under Constitutional Law.

In addition, many people who have been imprisoned under Unconstitutional laws, such as income tax laws, will be released from prison within weeks after Nesara is announced.


Some people, such as IRS employees, will find that their jobs no longer exist, or their income is decreased by the announcement of GESARA.

In the U.S., everyone who can prove their income has been reduced by NESARA will be eligible to apply for generous financial allotments which will carry them through until they have new income sources.


NESARA will bring most of the world’s people increased prosperity, liberty, sovereignty, peace, and more knowledge that enables them to flourish.

How Bad Will the Suffering Get?


Over 4 million people quit their jobs or were fired in Jan. 2022. Many families are sleeping in cars. They have already poisoned all our foods in stores so between the poisoning of foods and the COVID vaccinations many can't see straight or make good decisions for their families.


Everything we are eating is already poisoned so unless you get proactive in your daily life and grow your own foods or gain access to healthy food outlets, there will be suffering.


If people aren’t stocked up by now and don’t really pay attention to how they eat -- it is probably already too late so chances are many more souls will be exiting this planet.


Negative 48, whom everyone thinks might be related to JFK, Jr. or maybe it’s one of his two sons, had said when he first came on the scene, that we should not experience any food shortages at all as we transition over to a NEW Era, #GoldenEra. But there are many empty selves out there so you be the judge.


The Black Hats are still causing all types of misery in many communities including where I am at in Texas. They are still using HAARP to change the weather in the U.S. and overseas so many countries are in bad shape right now.

Should You Still File Income Taxes?

You will receive all your money back from IRS under Gesara. The last day for the Federal Reserve was Mar 31, 2022.

The IRS department that processes income taxes is 3 million applications behind and has been moved to the Department of the Treasury.

Like the Federal Reserve, the IRS has closed. Once these 3 million applications are processed that department will also close down.

Therefore, don’t worry about your income tax filing this year for the year 2021. But to be on the safe side and if you are not comfortable not doing your taxes just file an extension until Gesara will have time to go through.

We are currently still under the Fiat Currency -- not the new Rainbow Currency until the EBS sounds off so we are still using the Deep State and Cabal IRS laws and regulations, even though it was illegal to file taxes in the first place.

I believe you can file an IRS Extension from the website at Once the EBS goes off and when Trump returns to office -- there should be announcements made that the IRS has closed down.

There are several videos out there now saying the IRS was an illegal entity and that paying taxes was strictly voluntary.

Mississippi and Kentucky have both announced NO MORE STATE INCOME TAX.


Put Your Health First

Just remember your goal should be Self, Family, and Community -- in that order -- so don't forget to put your own health first.

At the age of 65, I have seen many people who wear expensive clothing, drive fancy cars, and live in lavish homes but these individuals passed away in their 40s and 50s simply because they did not put their health first.

The biggest mistake we make as a society is choosing materialism over our health. What is the use of having plenty of money if you are housebound, bedridden and literally on your death bed?

Instead of going out and buying expensive clothing, fancy cars, or living in lavish homes -- please put your health first.

Once the EBS goes off, we will also have access to med beds and 6,000 natural remedies so there will be no need for hospitals.


Stay out of hospitals. They are killing people in hospitals so go back and read my last e-newsletter - (9th Edition) entitled "The Birth of a New Nation" --


Every community has holistic and natural healers, or you can find them online. Join my group “Health Healers Unite” at

We will be posting a list of doctors that can help you and we will help each other market our natural and holistic businesses – no matter where we are located.

Remember the Galactic Alliance is helping us heal and transition over into the NEW WORLD so go on youtube,,, and and find out more about them. They are indeed the same as the “White Hat” alliance -- aka “The Good Guys.”

The Status on

Med Beds

The military will be in charge of the initial release of the Med Beds so that they don’t end up in the wrong hands (aka “Satanic Global Elites”).

So, therefore, the military and the children being rescued will have FIRST ACCESS to the MedBeds.

There will be a “Med Bed Healing Center” in EVERY MAJOR CITY and you can apply to work there.

If you work there, you will need to undergo 1 year to 18 months of training (the training will be FREE) and you will need to use the Med Beds yourself for your training to be complete.

However, there will be screenings to make sure you are not applying to work there simply to use the Med Beds.

It Was Always About

Rescuing the Children

What Really Happened

Over 2 million children were going missing every year and because they weren't our family members we did not care. We never questioned who was taking these children even though we saw pictures after pictures on milk cartoons.

An ancient cult (Satanic Hybrid Elites) treated the human race like cattle, especially our children. Not only did they sacrifice children in ceremonies but they also ate children for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and used their blood to make adrenochrome so they could get high (an LSD type high) and remain young forever.

When they were finished with the children's body parts, they were sent to Human Processing Plants and then to large food corporations such as McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, etc. Many people reported finding children's teeth in their fast food.

Human Remains were also put in condiments, chocolates, and other foods. They turned all of us into Cannibals and this is why we need to stop buying food especially from large corporations and start back again growing our own foods or buying from other Mom and Pop food businesses.

They have been taken down by Trump, the White Hat Alliance,

and the Galactic Federation.

Politicians Are Being Sent Home Without a Job

Congress and Other Politicians in DC

Are Being Told To Clear Out or They Will Send the Military to Clear Them Out

Replacements Are Here

You can buy the book "Politics 101: How To Win Your Political Seat" as an ebook only at

This is why Politicians did not want Gesara to go through because all your politicians would be sent home without a job especially if they were elected with #ElectionFraud. They would only do this if we were close to the EBS so we are at the end of the movie.

If Trump won the Presidential Election by 80% but #ElectionFraud was used well what do you think took place in other races (Senators, Congressmen, State Senators, and other State Legislatures, City Councilmen, Aldermen, Commissioners, School Board Members, etc.).

Per Gesara -- your community has 120 days to elect new politicians so get to work.

Do not elect any #CareerPoliticians.

Remember most politicians don't know anything about business ownership. So, therefore, try to elect former or current business owners so they can help set up Mom and Pop businesses ASAP.

Hollywood is Dead

"The Slap Heard Around the World"

Palm Springs, CA is providing $900 a month of 

Universal Basic Income (UBI) to transgender

non-binary residents. You can also ask for this

money for your group too. Work with politicians.

Please go back and read the last issue of my e-newsletter entitled "The End of Hollywood." Hollywood and many places in California were 'Pedophile Central' aka "The Belly of the Beast." It was the head of the snake. They had to cut off the head of the snake by capturing and killing HOLLYWOOD so Hollywood is dead.

That last e-newsletter entitled "The End of Hollywood" included months of investigative work that took me almost 6 months to complete it.

While you were distracted by "The slap heard around the world, the entire Biden Crime family was arrested. So it was nothing but a distraction.

In 2021 at the Oscars and other Hollywood award shows, it was quite obvious that they (aka "The White Hat Alliance") were using doubles and CGI.

The Movie Stars did not look like themselves and there were all types of glitches with people walking behind people and disappearing and they were showing audiences from previous years.

This year in the 2022 Oscar's deception like the previous year's deception, it was actually recorded in 2020 because the White Hats knew this day was coming.

By 2022 they knew all the main players such as Will Smith, Jada Pinkett and Chris Rock, who were all INVERTED (born opposite sexes) would be GITMOED for 'Crimes Against Humanity.'

They or their doubles or characters playing them were just a part of the movie so don't get so wrapped up in any antics by these people. It's all just a distraction. cont'd


Believe me when I say Hollywood is DEAD and probably won’t return. I just hope that many of you took my advice when I told you to forget about Movie Stars and Entertainers.

Many Celebrities or the ones that are left (most left for other areas, others are GITMOED and over 900 are in Witness Protection) are writing books or doing podcasts to stay relevant -- but start now getting off these Celebrity Platforms.


Most are nothing but distractions to keep you from living a wonderful and beautiful life. Again, stop supporting everything that they do.

Just remember going into the NEW #GoldenEra, everyone will be treated the same so we will no longer give these individuals our energy.

Instead, we will work on our own Creative Projects or with others especially in our communities on Humanitarian Projects or we will create our own Humanitarian Projects in order to build a safe, kind, and joyous world.

We will work to build the types of lives that we truly deserve. We will focus on the future -- not on the past. Each and everyone of us will build #BeautifulLives.

Rihanna Stop It!

A Man Cannot Give Birth...

Is Rihanna Faking Her Pregnancy?

(click here)

This is the face and skull of a female. Is ASAP Rocky carrying Rihanna's baby? His/Her former girlfriend was Kendall Jenner, who was born a male -- the same as Rihanna.

Rihanna's #MoonBump deflated like Beyonce's. I know all of you have seen Rihanna all over social media pretending to be carrying a baby. They are using photoshopping and airbrushing to brush out the #MoonBump.

This is nothing but a deception. Men cannot give birth to a child. Rihanna was born a male. Look at Rihanna's boyfriend's big double-layer clothing. Seems like he/she is the one actually carrying the baby because she was born a female.

Another natural-born or biological woman would wear heels that high if they were that pregnant. We just don't do that ....because we would be afraid we would fall and hurt the baby...deception...deception...deception...

Go back and read my last e-newsletter to help you understand some of Hollywood's greatest deceptions "The End of Hollywood."

Russia Was the First To Leave the Matrix

They were the first country to leave the

Cabal Central Banking System.

Russia was the first to go to the 'Gold Standard.'

Russia is leading the Gesara charge.

Russia/Ukraine False Flag

Russia is leading the way. Russia is the FIRST to “LEAVE THE MATRIX” so hold on we are almost there.

Putin, who is the actual President of both Ukraine and Russia, has already announced Gesara and he is preparing to release millions of Gesara dollars to the people in Russia and Ukraine. 

Yep there were two Putins. The first one was a tyrant so they kept the second one -- the "Good Putin". Putin also has at least 5 other doubles for protection.

The White Hats and Putin have the biolabs under control. However, Putin is still searching for 19 biolab scientists who was hidden by President Zelensky, who up to two years ago was an actor and comedian. 

Ukraine was the "Belly of the Beast" when it came to Child, Sex and Human Trafficking.

The Ukraine and Russia deal that has been keeping people distracted is just a hoax, false flag and/or a distraction. Just remember that any country participating in Gesara can’t be at war and we will have 1000 years of peace.


There are 209-214 (I believe 209) countries that have currently signed on to Nesara/Gesara – which again include – NO WARS.


Read more in my last e-newsletter – (9th Edition) "The Birth of a New Nation" --


Putin has said their internet will be going down on Mar. 10, 2022. Of course, it is so the EBS can take place.

Putin said Russia and Ukraine will be in Gesara as soon as their Special Operation is over. He said it on BBC news at 5:00 p.m. He also said he would give MILLIONS to the people of both countries.


Putin is not the #BoogeyMan. The Ukrainian government was part of the Deep State. The Deep State last stand was in Ukraine.

So, therefore, understand there is no war between Russia and Ukraine. Putin is in there taking down the bio-labs and rescuing the children that were child trafficked.

There might be over 50,000 kids kidnapped from Russia and Ukraine -- without food and water after their captors left them to go and fight in the pretense war.


Russia is publishing documents which will show Ukraine was working on biological weapons near Russian borders such as Anthrax and Plague.

These are U.S. funded labs. Many of these labs are owned by the 'Cabal' Department of Defense and Obama had ties to the labs also.

You can’t have these bio-labs in the U.S. so the U.S. might have up to 300 bio-labs in other countries. I believe it is 9 in Ukraine.


After the Russian government’s signing in of its anti-fake news law, these networks have stopped broadcasting in Russia – CNN, CBS News, Bloomberg, ABC News, BBC, and CBC.

Trucker's Convoy Updates

Will The Trucker’s Freedom Convoys Cause a Food Shortage?

Even though I am looking for it everynight when I take my classes -- it's been extremely hard finding updated info on the Trucker's Freedom Convoys.

Some of the White Hats have said they might allow the Trucker’s Convoy to wake up the masses of people so many feel it was the White Hats that formed the Trucker’s Convoy in the first place.

They have been telling all of us from day one that it needed to be us that rise up and take back our country.

With the Trucker's Freedom Movement they needed to put something positive out there to show people how others are fighting back and taking back their country and the Trucker's movements also gave Gesara time to finish being implemented.

So, therefore, we needed this movement to instill hope back into the people. Now it's up to all of us to see how we are going to be proactive and build this New World, #GoldenEra.

Most of the U.S. Truckers headed to DC on Monday, Feb. 21, 2022 for the "State of the Union Address" but many did not go into DC at that time.

Up until a couple of weeks ago, the truckers in the Trucker's Convoys in the U.S. were idling outside of DC.

Many wanted to make sure that the DC cops did not set a trap for them so we might be getting ready to feel a food shortage.

I saw many Truckers meeting with politicians on their demands which was to stop mandatory vacinations and fully open the country back up.

The problem was for those still watching the CIA Mockingbird Media none of the Trucker's Convoys made it on TV so unless the Truckers or their supporters made noise when they passed through many cities, many still don't even know that the Trucker's Freedom Convoys took place.

So, therefore, stock up on 3 to 4 weeks of food and have cash on hand in case ATMs or gas pumps stop working.

Even if you receive your Nesara payouts – just remember you can’t eat money or gold or silver.

March was the beginning of Spring so grow your own Spring Crops now. You need to be growing your own food or support local organic farms or build food co-ops or food coalitions in your communities. Check out and cont'd

All of us are seeing what is happening with the gas prices and many are saying the “food shortage” (and maybe gas shortages) will be the next big crisis.


There are already many empty store shelves overseas and in the U.S.. One of the worse things in the world is for a parent to have a child (or parents) on the other side of the world that calls them and say they are OUT OF FOOD.

No one wants to receive a phone call like that because basically they would just be saying good-bye to them.

Even after everything that is happening, I still know people who are afraid to warn others -- even their own children and other family members – simply because they are sick of being called a “conspiracy theorist.”


You better let that go and warn the people you love about a possible food shortage. Common sense would tell anybody that if the truckers have left their food and other routes to head to D.C., then there is a 99.9% chance we will have a food shortage.


And since it is not being shown on TV many people don’t even know about the Trucker’s Freedom Convoys. Therefore, you need to be a lifeline for your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and others that only receive their news from the CIA mockingbird media.


Put aside your pride and try one more time to save the people you love. I don’t have any idea how the world will look after the EBS.


There will probably be a lot of suffering before everything calms down again, but you need to do your best to take care of and save the people you love.


Just make sure you join the truckers on their routes and support them. Many Cars, Vans and RVs also joined these convoys. Bring food to feed truckers and the homeless. 

Look for updates on the Trucker's Freedom Convoy Movement and relay it to the people you love. When history looks back on the 2020 Great Awakening and especially the year 2022 -- the "Trucker's Freedom Convoy Movement" have carved out a place in it.

The Australian, Canadian and U.S. Truckers especially have indeed carved out a place in history and we love them for that.

We will never forget how they inspired all of us to stay positive and keep moving ahead. #TruckersFreedomConvoys, #TruckersRock, #SupportTruckers. 

Just some of the Trucker's Freedom Convoys pages on Telegram:

-Truckers for Freedom

-Truckers for Freedom USA

How Will You Bring in the Spring?

Will You Grow a Garden?

Read my gardening book "Green Thumb at 60: How I Stated My Gardening Journey With Raised Beds and Pots and Containers." Available as an ebook and paperback.

Why First Time Gardeners Give Up - Over 40% Quit After the First Year

Whether you are growing foods in the ground in gardens, in raised bed gardens, farming using

permaculture or aquaponics, or growing foods in pots and containers in or outside of your home, or using some other method of growing foods, only you can decide which is best for you.

Because we were warned not to grow foods in Austin, TX in the ground, because of the thin soil, we knew that raised beds or growing foods in pots and containers would be our favorite way to grow foods.

What is quite alarming is that over 40% of people choose not to garden again after the first year. Why is that?


This is probably because:

-No Harvest: In many cases, it's probably because their crops did not yield any harvest so they gave up. They probably did not conduct enough research in the first place.

Gardening is just like starting a business. You need a mentor (Gardening coach or consultant), where you can ask questions so you can avoid some of the critical mistakes.  

-Did Not Have Enough Space: Many backyards have too many trees, which provide shade, but if you grow foods in the ground or in raised bed gardens, you need 6 to 8 hours of sunlight, especially for summer crops.

So everyone needs to be strategic and then choose to grow foods at community gardens ($20 a month), or in pots or containers in or outside of your home (on your patio, balcony, rooftop, porch, in your kitchen or another room with grow lights).

The goal is not to let the space issue deter your dream of growing your own foods. If you don't have a homeowner's association, you can actually grow foods in front and backyards.

Remember the story I told you about the lady that had over 100 pots and containers because she was renting. She could not plant anything in the ground so she had over 100 pots and containers growing foods. What a great motivator!


-Had To Travel: Many people might be 'first-time' gardeners, but might love to travel or have to leave for emergency trips and might not have others to help care for their gardens. This is why it's important to have your own drip or irrigation system.

And this is something you need to plan for from the very beginning of deciding to become a gardener. 

With an irrigation system, a family member, friend or neighbor or someone that you can pay -- can help check on your garden while you are away.

-Too Much Work: Many new gardeners found gardening to be hard work. I am sure many people got involved and had no idea how much work it would be, especially when they had to monitor and water the garden on a daily basis. 

-Too Sick/Waited Too Late: For many, it was too late to try to use gardening to improve their health, so they had to stop because of their health. This is very unfortunate so, therefore, get started today. Don't let this be your story! 

Don't let any of these reasons keep you from becoming a gardener or even starting your own farm.


Green thumb gardeners are not always born with green thumbs. They develop these by attending gardening classes in person or online, joining or forming gardening clubs, watching gardening shows on youtube, and conducting research on and

Buy the book "Cancer Cures: Heal Your Body and Save Your Life." Available as ebook and paperback.

Save Your Ownself TURN OFF THE TV

Turn off your TV and go on and use the search engines at or, (also,, etc.) to educate yourself on how to grow foods. Check out my gardening links at, and

Read my gardening book "Overcoming In Your Community: How To Start a Home, School or Community Garden, Food Co-op or Food Coalition." Available as an ebook and paperback.

How Will You Stay Motivated To Keep Growing Foods?

The below steps is what I did to stay motivated and become a successful gardener during my one-year gardening journey (2017/2018) in Austin, TX.

-Got Family Involved: If you truly want to get motivated and stay motivated while growing foods, get others around you involved. You can do this with family members, friends and neighbors.

-Got A Mentor: I did not only attend regular, local FREE natural gardening center meetings and classes, the instructors there, both a man and woman, served as my mentor.

Or you can hire business and gardening consultants and coaches to work with you. Some will even come to your home.

-Started My Own Garden Club: I started my own garden club "Cathy Harris Garden Club"( and laid out every step aspiring gardeners could take by writing articles and selecting quality videos.

-Released Two Gardening Books: I launched an entire food growing campaign around the release of two gardening books entitled "Green Thumb at 60: How I Started My Gardening Journey with Raised Beds and Pots and Containers" and "Overcoming Food Deserts in Your Community: How To Start a Home, School or Community Garden, Food Co-op and Food Coalition": - available as e-books and paperback books at

-Created A National Gardening Movement With Two Initiatives: I created a new national food movement with two initiatives around growing my own foods at "Virtual Organic Garden Clubs" and "Brothers Building Gardens."

-Launched A National Tour: As a Speaker, Author, and Coach, I launched a national speaking tour "The Cathy Harris Tour," around the release of my 2 gardening books and 2 food growing initiatives and food campaigns and went to 8 cities.

-Launched National Weekly Masterminds: I started my own monthly online Masterminds, Think Tanks and Classroom meetings and training platforms around growing foods at the website on the 2nd Tuesdays of each month from 7:00-8:00 p.m. (CST).

What We Did Right

-Got A Plant Diagnosis: Don't be afraid to get a diagnosis on your plants. We go to the doctor for a check-up and we take our animals to animal doctors for check-ups.

So, therefore, I took a leaf from the lemon and tangerine tree to the natural gardening center for a diagnosis and she said it was being 'over-watered'.

The lemon tree is doing well now. After my mate was going behind my back watering it, I just gave it to him to look after. It's been in the house most of the time and is growing quite well in a window with direct sunlight.

Eventually, though, it will need to be moved outside and repotted to a bigger pot and/or even planted in the ground.


-Used Good Soil: We chose to use the Thunder Dirt for our 3 raised beds from GEO Growers in Austin, which contained many essential nutrients, and gave the foods a fighting chance, especially since we chose to start the garden in one of the hottest months of the year -- June 2017.

-Set Up A Water Drip or Irrigation System: The best step that we took was rigging a drip system using a sprinkler system (Orbit Hose Faucet Timer from when we went out of town for a week.

Our best friend came over and checked on the system while we were away. So, therefore, don't be a slave to your garden. Try to install a drip system as soon as you apply the soil.

The good thing is, no matter how many foods you plant in the future, you will still be able to plan trips out of town and enjoy yourselves as you age gracefully.

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Updated Clones, Doubles, etc.

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93 Politicians Hanged Who

Voted for Election Fraud 

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The Guilty Are in #GITMO

If you see these people again they are body doubles

or they are using CGI. They are gone!

List of GITMO Executed Monsters

If you see these individuals again you are

looking at body doubles or CGI.

Most of these corrupt Politicians, Entertainers, and Hollywood

Celebrities are already gone...Executed or in Prison so

start now falling out of love with these people...