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Is It Too Late for Black Folks?
An Open Letter to the Black Community

Nov. 18, 2016

by Cathy Harris,, Syndicated Columnist
By now many African Americans are devastated with what has happened in this country with the elections.  It's something to be said when you have to vote for the President of the United States and you have to make your mind up to vote for the "Lesser of Two Evils." 

We live in a very scary and dark time in this country, where we are at risk of a nuclear holocaust and now "Evil #1" has his hand on that button.  Hold your children tight because chances are we will end up in all types of wars and conflicts because of this election.

However, I try to look at the good side of all situations. Hillary Clinton and her family had already dug a hole for themselves with all the corruption, so none of us should be surprised about what happened. And obviously this country is not ready for a female president.

And let's look at the big picture here -- you know if Hillary was elected, she would have automatically continued to support businesses, corporations and government offices promoting and supporting GMOs and MANDATORY vaccination laws in this country.

And don't forget that many black people did not even get out and vote, despite our ancestors dying for the right to vote. I know here in Texas, black folks had community discussions on whether they should even vote or not.

Many people don't understand that elections are more than about the presidency. It's also about local elections, where politicians are often in better positions to assist the black community.

Also don't forget there were major problems with voting machines all over the country, where many people said when they voted for Hillary, her opponent's name came up and chances are many people probably did not even catch this with their voting machine -- and of course because he won, there will be no investigations of this.

This election is no different than when President George Bush was elected, who will go down in history as being the dumbest president ever. He too was racist but many blacks made it through his presidency and that's all you have to do today but don't just "survive" -- but "thrive."

Remember you are the creator of your own reality. Republicans and Democrats don't create your reality - you do. Just make your mind up now! Ask yourself -- what can you seriously do to change the course of your own life? 

After all everyone is only responsible for their own life. W ill you continue to sit back waiting for something to happen in your life or are you ready to get out there and make something happen?

Since the news is saying the new president rewrote all the campaign rules, it's time for the black community to rewrite their own rules.  However, are black people a day late and dollar short? 

This article was written as a follow-up to the articles I wrote entitled  "CDC Autism Vaccine Tragedy: Is This Another Tuskegee?"  and  Mandatory Vaccinations for All Men, Women and Children -   and it is an update  strictly for the black community and issues they are facing all over this country.

On one front of the vaccination movement out here today we have the producer, director and others on the VAXXED tour bus traveling around the country hitting several cities. On the other front, we have the Nation of Islam, Brother Tony Muhammad, visiting 47 cities.

Despite all these groups and their efforts, to me things in this country still looks pretty dismal, especially for black folks. 

B efore these groups can even reach many people today, especially African Americans, it's already going to be too late. 

Be Unstoppable!

Don't let anyone tell you that you are not great, awesome or unstoppable! Try to live a purposeful life...a life filled with purpose. Remember that your passion will drive you into your purpose -- so always look at what you are passionate about. 

If you are passionate about uplifting others, then put yourself in a position to uplift others with your own business, however, stay clear of "non-profit organizations" or "non-profit businesses" because the government is not your daddy. Never start a non-profit thinking that the government will give you money.

Never doubt my love for the African American community because as a business owner with my own Empowerment and Publishing Company,, in January 2013, I left my city of 20 years, Atlanta, GA, to travel around the country to try to save black folks. 

My motto was "Save As Many As You Can."  However, like the great Dr. Claud Anderson said, we are not going to be able to save everyone because some folks don't want to be saved -- and it's already too late for some folks.

Also Dr. Anderson said we can't help black people globally, until we help our own neighborhoods. I have a problem if there is a single mother down the street without food on the table. 

So for an entire year I went into the trenches in 15 cities populated by African Americans and launched my health and business initiatives to teach them how to become "self-sufficient."

I  will never forget the pain I saw in mother's eyes, who expressed to me that their kids were sick or dying in their arms or the fathers that expressed they were unable to find work in their cities. 

The problem was these mothers had no idea that all these diseases were not only "preventable" and even "curable" but they were also "food-related." 

Most diseases today are "food-related", but until families realize this, they will continue to live sickly and deadly lives and perish off this earth, especially African Americans. 

These fathers did not know that business ownership was their way out and that "family businesses" are truly the path to "true generational wealth."

At the end of the day, all you can do is your own part and I am "Walking the Walk." As a Speaker, Author, and Coach, my goal is to invoke deep thought and change within the African American community and hopefully I can do that with this article. 

I am a baby boomer,
60   years old, so I have been there and done that. As an Empowerment Speaker and business owner, I don't just lay out problems but I also lay out solutions -- so everyone can come up with ACTION PLANS for themselves, their families and their entire communities. However, your new motto should be  "Self, Family and Community" -- in that order.

Fall in Love with Black Folks Again

African Americans are horrible at sharing information but what they
need to understand is that it is okay to love black people. 

We have to look black people in the eyes and say I appreciate you "my sister" or I appreciate you "my brother."  We just need 
to get back to the place of loving black folks again.

If you have any hope of saving yourself, your family, and your community, you should try to implement the list of steps included in this article over the next few months and especially for the New Year. 

Start Back Loving the Black Woman Again
We need brothers, just like they
do in the Nation of Islam, to start looking out for black women and children again. 

We need to start coming together again in holy matrimony. Instead of just living together we need to be true and committed to each other and become husband and wife again. 

Remember there are 4 things that need to be in play in all relationships - love, respect, communication and trust. If you are missing just one --- it will be extremely hard for you to make it as a couple.

We need to set up dating and couple counseling businesses, such as dating services and marriage counseling businesses, which should be highlighted in our communities but not just in churches.

If you are ignoring black women then you are ignoring black children so we need brothers to become mentors, counselors, holistic and natural healers and especially "Big Brothers and Big Sisters." 

Another program black adults can get involved with is "Foster Grandparents," which is sponsored by the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Hospitals today are packed with sick children so volunteer to read to these children. Also check out  CASA for Children, where you can become a court-appointed advocate for abused and neglected children and teens, which can provide the emotional satisfaction that you need, if you truly love working and helping children. 

The problem is many people, including school teachers, don't even like working with children. They are simply there for the paycheck. 

The  black community do not need these government-sponsored programs to work with their own people, especially their children, however, they do need to know these programs exist.
Make New Year Resolutions

Remember that New Year Resolutions are nothing but "GOALS." And goals are truly what's going to motivate you into action. 

So try to meet with family members over the holidays and try to make "solid" and "serious" New Year Resolutions to build a new life for yourself. 

Understand that New Year Resolutions do fail and there are reasons for this. However, setting goals (weekly, monthly and yearly) is truly what can motivate you to live a great life. If you don't have goals, you are doing nothing but drifting through life.

Dumbing Down America - How They Did It!!!

Okay this is how they DUMB DOWN America and what you need to do to restore your life to some sense of normalcy. And what today is normalcy?

Again, the breath was knocked out of the GMO food movement in July 2016, when President Obama, passed  "The DARK Act (Deny Americans The Right To Know)." 

So since the early 90s, or even earlier, they have poisoned all the foods with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). N ow to tell if a product is a Genetically Modified Organism  (GMO), consumers will need to use a smart phone to scan the barcode of foods. 

The problem is most poor folks don't have smart phones, so it's important to conduct research before you go shopping and learn how others are growing good foods in holistic and natural communities.

So now we see how they DUMB DOWN this country by introducing these toxic foods into our environment. 

They, biotech scientists from Corporations, the government (,,, etc.) food manufacturers, other businesses, and especially the Pharmaceutical Industry, which is BIG BUSINESS,  put Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in all the foods or allowed this to take place, especially ALL PROCESSED FOODS, foods that you can buy in  packages, bags, cans, jars and other containers -- foods that have been altered. 

These GMO seeds that grows these toxic foods were created in a lab, where they mixed together the DNA of a plant with the DNA of an animal, then they mixed in bacteria and fungus, then pesticides  and herbicides, which are HEAVY METALS, that automatically causes your brain and nervous system to give out. 

So they  literally turned America into  zombies.  If you can't think for yourself, how can you change your life? How can you say no to being experimented on by the government? 

This was to get everyone use to walking around "brainless" and "mindless" -- and it worked. They were successful!!! It was also done to kill off everyone or to depopulate (to remove or reduce the population). 

Since they were successful with introducing GMOs into the environment, now they are coming after ALL FAMILIES with  MANDATORY VACCINATIONS LAWS - - not just for your child but everyone - EVERY
man, women, child and even pregnant women. Don't forget what Dr. Andrew Wakefield said in Dallas at an event, that there are 300 new vaccines coming down the pipeline.

These mandatory vaccinations laws will continue to wipe out everyone, who wasn't rendered brainless by the GMO movement. So it's important to join the "VAXXED Movement to fight against mandatory vaccination laws in your city. Make sure you subscribe to  for all updates. 

Black people aren't the only people dying, however, they are dying at a more alarming rate than any other group. Now that privileged white men are dying off or becoming impotent from using statin drugs and other drugs, the white community is really "Up in Arms." 

Every city has groups fighting back or form a group to fight back against mandatory vaccination laws. You need to get involved with these groups or donate funds to them.  Below is the accomplishments of "Texans for Vaccine Choice.  

F acts about Texans For Vaccine Choice:  
  • We have grown from a Facebook group of a few hundred concerned parents to a state PAC with over 2000 members statewide.
  • We have doubled in size during the past 4 months.
  • When we started we didn't even know a single legislator. Now we have relationships and alliances with dozens who not only oppose pharma's agenda but who also promote our agenda of medical freedom.
  • Last year we worked to defeat 17 bills that would have compromised medical freedom in Texas.
We are asking ALL GROUPS and INDIVIDUALS to use this hashtag EVERYWHERE -#UniteAgainstPoison - where these advocates and activists are fighting against GMOs and Toxic Foods, Health Choice Freedom, Fracking, Aerial Spraying, Clean Water, Clean Air, Climate Change, Money in Politics, etc.  We all have one thing in common, the chemical companies are poisoning all of us!!! 

Report Back on Atlanta, GA

Everyone need to seriously do a "REPORT BACK" on their cities or the cities that they have lived in before -- so others will know what to expect and if they should relocate to these areas to try to save their families.

I can give you over 20 reasons why I knew it was time for me to leave Atlanta. I will list only a few of these reasons in this section. 

Some people might be living in the wrong city.  When I decided I needed to leave Atlanta, for weeks I had felt like the air was being sucked right out of me -- so I knew I had to leave the city. 

When you feel that you can no longer breathe in a city because of the negative things that's taking place around you, then it will be time to leave. 

If you don't have any support system in a city, then it's time to leave, especially if you are a single mother.  This is another reason it's important to check in on Seniors, who are often in cities without any family support. These Seniors need to relocate closer to relatives and the people that can look out for them.

Atlanta use to be a big manufacturing area but because of the financial collapse of 2007-2008, those jobs never came back so there are no jobs in the city.

Stripping or chopping cars for parts is BIG MONEY in Atlanta. The state workers in the yellow vehicles have admitted to me that when your car break down on the highway and you abandon it on the side of the road, they will give you an hour to come back and get it, otherwise it's going to get stripped (chopped).

Young brothers are stripping or chopping cars in "chop shops" for parts for a living because Atlanta is number #4 (but it felt like #1) in car thefts. I talked to sisters all the time, who told me when they looked out of their windows early in the morning, they would see young black men going from house to house to see which car would be easier to steal.

They got me twice, where I had to pay $500 deduction twice, within a 30 day period, when they pulled my ignition but my car still would not move. 

It's a depressing scenario -- You go into the mall for 5 minutes to buy something and you come out and your car is gone; You stop at a red light and you are carjacked; or you pull up to get gas and you are carjacked, especially if you are a female. 

If they want your car in Atlanta, they will get it, especially a Honda. Don't even drive through Atlanta driving a Honda. M y daughter was on her way moving to another state and stopped into Atlanta to see me and they stole her 10 year old Honda, five minutes after she walked away from the car.

I had to put steering wheel and auto brake locks on my car just to keep them from stealing my car or trying to steal my car for the 3rd time. It was pressure waking up everyday praying and hoping that your car is okay. No one should have to live like that!

I can't live in a city where I am afraid to go downtown. Panhandlers, especially black men, are so aggressive that Atlanta had to create a new law that stated that panhandlers could not stand within 10 feet of a ATM machine. 

I went to an event downtown and parked in the wrong parking lot. When I came back out and got in my car to leave, two black males, in wheelchairs, rolled up in front of my car. 

They did not say anything but the bottomline was -- they wanted money so I politely reached in my pocketbook and gave them money then they politely rolled out of my way.

In other parking lots in downtown Atlanta, brothers would hang out around these lots and tell you when you leave your car -- that they will watch your car for you. 

In other words they are saying, if you don't give me some money, your car will be messed up or gone when you return.  So the hassle wasn't worth going downtown to me. 

Many of these panhandlers were not just decrepit old men, they were strong, fit, able-bodied African American men, who had all these rackets to get money, instead of starting a business or getting a job.

Young sisters in Atlanta will cuss you out at the drop of a hat -- but not just them -- their kids too.  I constantly watched young sisters not just going off on older women but also making fun of them, as if they had no manners and were raised in a barn. 

So where are the etiquette and grooming classes for young women? And when is mature women going to get back to the business of mentoring younger women? What are we waiting on?

These could be thriving businesses for any entrepreneur, especially women. And please don't set these businesses up as a "non-profit business" so you can get out there and beg the government for money.

Tons of sisters in Atlanta are depressed because they are suffering from "female pattern baldness." Five out of 10 women today are suffering from "female pattern baldness" so check out my book "My Hair, My Crown, My Glory: A Woman's Guide To Growing Gorgeous Hair."

It's one thing to put on a wig to look different -- it's another to have to put on a wig because you don't have any hair.  If that's the case, and many times it is, then chances are you will have "low self-esteem."  

I could not stand to see young black men ages
12-15, out on the side of the streets trying to sell newspapers for the Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta Constipation) for pennies, when they could have their own businesses.

Atlanta, being the "Bible Belt", when I tried to talk to African Americans, especially women, they would just respond back to me "Pray About It" -- as if prayer was going to solve every issue in this country.

Even when the police were killing their children, they would just respond to everyone, "Pray About It."  "Prayer Without Action" is nothing...and it's won't work without action! 

In some of the smaller rural counties in Georgia, black boys were packed in jails like sardines and in many of the jails, even in Atlanta, blacks are still being hung today. 

Not only were people tuned out of their lives, but many young people in their early 20s and 30s, were walking around with DEAD EYES, as if there is no hope for the future. 

Some people even said that babies today, especially in Atlanta, are even born with dead eyes....hopeless babies, hopeless futures...

Atlanta is a city full of black school teachers, black superintendents, black school board members and it will forever be famous for the " Atlanta Public School Cheating Scandal ." Many of these individuals are in jail or headed to jail because of corruption.

Despite being a city full of black police chiefs, black sheriffs, black politicians and other blacks at the head of institutions, it is still a city filled with corruption, with no provisions in place to protect honest, hard-working black folks.

Even after having 4 black mayors, the city of Atlanta did nothing but turn over their prize possessions, including it's people, to white folks. 

I really gave up on Atlanta when I watched many people only take action after a "politician" or "pastor" told them to. 

I lived in the largest African American county in the U.S., Dekalb County, Georgia, for 20 years. However, the city of Atlanta and all their counties cared more about "civil rights" than "economic empowerment." 

Black folks in South Dekalb County were begging folks for jobs and white folks in North Dekalb County had businesses. 

If you attended Chambers of Commerce meetings, the blacks who did show up refused to shake your hand or take your business card, because they felt like they were better than you. 

Not only were these people standoffish, but they were like most black folks in Atlanta, trying to keep up with the "Joneses" -- pretending to have this and that, but when you went to their homes, they barely had lights on.

After my mother, who lived outside of Atlanta, and my best friends passed on, and going into my golden years, I could not be around such an inactive community, especially where most black folks thought "economic empowerment" meant getting involved in Network or Multi-Level Marketing (aka Pyramid Scheme). 

Atlanta WAS and IS the Capitol for these types of illegal Pyramid Schemes, where tons of black folks are literally jumping off cliffs. And this has been going on for years and these are just some of the reasons I departed Atlanta in January 2013. 

Atlanta is full of rappers, so some young people seem to like it. My niece from Indianapolis thinks Atlanta is awesome, however, after high school both my daughters wanted nothing to do with the city and I know it was because the people were too "plastic." 

I am not saying don't move there, but what I am saying is "Don't Buy" because chances are you won't stay there. It is nothing like it was 20 years ago, and at this point, it will never be nothing like that again.

Report Back on Tampa, FL

In 2014, I spent 6 months in Tampa, FL. Florida of course is full of seniors. Doctors brag about living in Florida because they spend half a day writing prescriptions (because it's a PILL MILL) and the other half on the golf course. 

So it's a hot spot for many doctors, who don't really
care about Seniors. Most seniors over the age of 65 are on at least 5 medications (if not more) and many times at least 4 pills are for Diabetes, which is the 3rd largest killer in the U.S., but the NUMBER ONE killer of African Americans.

Medications causes brain fog, inflammation and especially organ failure. Organ failure is the number one cause of death in the US. Your food should be your medicine. 

Many seniors are in bad shape. Many African American women especially, are living in these big homes, instead of downsizing to something smaller,

so they can afford organic foods and other natural products, which will help them get off medications. 

I would say move to Florida but make sure you are not on medications and always downsize so you will have the funds to buy organic and natural foods.

Report Back On Austin, TX

Out of 3 million people in Austin, over 350,000 are involved in the metaphysical community doing energy work, holistic healing, law of attraction, etc.

Austin is now considered more healthier than California so it's one of the most healthiest and natural places to live and don't forget that "Wholefoods" national office is in Austin.

Austin is also known as the " King City."
They have a group for everything and they know how to work these groups, especially business owners. If you are doing anything of value, especially if you have a business in Austin, then you will also have a group. 

Many African Americans, especially women, think the only place you can meet others with similar interests is in church but that's definitely not the case. 

You can meet others at work, the gym, community events and especially at groups. As a matter of fact, many people find their soul mates at these meetings.

When I left Austin in May 2016 to live in Dallas, TX for 10 months, I had 9 groups, but I wasn't dealing with too many African Americans in the area. However, I tried to reach out to blacks in Killeen and San Antonio, which was only one hour from Austin, but it was hard to get everyone on the same page -- so when I left Austin after 21 months, I just closed some of the groups.

Austin is also a hot spot for panhandlers. I thought it was because of the military, Ft. Hood and other military posts, which weren't that far away but someone told me it's because it's always hot in Austin - maybe. 

It's extremely hot in Austin, which can mess with most sisters' hair.  Sisters, or brothers, in that area don't really have events where they can come together and work together. 

They have "Hair Group Meetings" about every 4 months, which is ridiculous because these events should be held every month. 

Sisters in Austin and the surrounding areas are driving all the way to Houston (2 hours) and Dallas (3 hours) just to get someone to help them take care of their natural hair.  S o the area is a "GOLD MINE" for black beauticians or black barbers to come in and build natural hair care franchises.

W hen I tried to talk to black folks in Austin, they all would respond "Well most of the black folks here have moved to Dallas and Houston." 

This was basically because of gentrification and high taxes in the Austin area. Many black folks have also moved to the Pflugerville and Round Rock, TX area. 

However, people need to stop making excuses for not taking action in their lives, simply because people who look like them don't live around them. There is no excuse for not showing up in your own life.

I would say move to the area but be ready to market your business through and surrounding areas.

Report Back on Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

I can't really comment on Dallas, TX yet because I haven't been living here long enough.  I am still trying to figure out the "lay of the land." However, it seems to be some type of rift between blacks in Dallas and blacks in Fort Worth. 

I don't understand fully what is happening, but if you have an event in Dallas, don't expect blacks from Fort Worth to attend and if you have an event in Fort Worth, don't expect blacks from Dallas to attend.

In Fort Worth there is a family black- owned bookstore," The Dock Bookshop ," doing an awesome job bringing the community together. They bring in speakers from all over the U.S. and hold all types of meetings and training at their store. 

So plan on visiting this store if you are ever in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  DeSoto, TX is also suppose to be a proactive area for black people, especially business owners.

Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth, like Atlanta, is full of Network Marketers, both black and white.  It seems like wherever I travel around the country, it's the same story, especially in black communities, black folks are trying to get you to sell someone else's products, instead of assisting you to set up your own business, using your own skills, talents and passions. The black community has to do better!

Think about this for a minute "Everyone has some type of skill or talent, which is of value to others." So if you have time to deal with these types of unethical business ventures, which are nothing but "Pyramid Schemes," then you have time to start your own "legitimate" businesses. It's frustrating and I have been speaking on this issue for years -- so when are African Americans going to wake up?

What's Really Wrong With the Black Church Today?

What I did not realize when I moved to Austin and Dallas, is that they both are like Atlanta, the "Bible Belt." 

Many of these so-called "Bible Belts" are now called "Stroke Belts" because a large number of African Americans especially, are sick, however, churches today do nothing to remedy this or to build any type of economic empowerment base in their cities. 

Many churches, not all of them, are muzzled by their 501c3 statuses, which means whatever they do is monitored closely by the government.

I was raised up in the church in rural Georgia so I don't have anything against the church, however, today I can't be a part of any institution that is not taking care of people. 

Churches can do a lot to help save communities but they will only do so when communities demand it.  Churches do nothing but keep women single and praying to go to heaven, while they are living in hell on earth. 

It keeps women from going to the gym and working out, because many times people are in churches several times a week, when they could be working out.

In some communities, churches are telling people who don't vaccinate their children, not to come there, but you can bet these aren't black churches because they want that  Almighty Dollar , so these pastors can continue to dress well, buy fine cars and live in elaborate homes, while church members can barely keep their lights on. 

Face it the black community is in bad shape and unless families come up with action plans like other communities, they will continue to disappear off this planet.

Texans Eat A Lot of Meat

I believe the biggest issue with many people today is the foods they are eating, which contains heavy metals, parasites, hormones, etc., and causes the brain to give out. 

I remember when I lived in Houston and El Paso, TX 30 years ago, that Texans eat a lot of meat. 

Not only do they eat a lot of meat but I can now reflect back on 30 years ago when I lived in Houston for 6 years, and why tons of individuals back then, especially men, were dying in their early 40s. My ex, my two daughter's father, who was from Houston, died at 46 from a heart attack.

Texas, who is known for their cattle, has all these little MEAT/BEEF FRANCHISES all over the place - everywhere you look. 

Meat stays in your body for 3 days turning into parasites and toxins, so eating too much meat and the wrong kind of meat can be detrimental to your health. 

Black Folks Need to Give Up Chicken

You can't write an article to black people and not mention the word "chicken." They always said if you want to truly kill off a bunch of black folks, all you have to do is put poison into chicken -- and now they finally have. All chickens (and beef) are feed GMO feed, which contains Bovine Growth Hormones, heavy metals, toxins, etc., that can literally kill you.

I had a good friend in her 50s and I was shocked when she told me she ate chicken 4 times a day. However, I understood why she was "knocking on death's door." Not only could she barely walk but she could barely talk. 

After helping her cut down from eating chicken 4 times to once a day, she felt much better, however, she needed to give chicken up altogether, especially since she was B blood type.

"Type A" and "Type B" blood types should NEVER eat chicken because their bodies can't break down chicken. What you need to understand is that 4 companies owns all the meat in the U.S., which makes meat extremely easy to contaminate. 

And you know anytime you see a chicken as big as a turkey, you know that chicken has "Bovine Growth Hormones." 

Tyson chicken owns Perdue Chicken so Perdue Chicken IS NOT natural or organic like they claim so not only do you not want to eat this chicken, you also want to avoid eating "organic chicken" and "free-range eggs."

When I work with my clients during my health consultations by phone, when I tell them they need to give up chicken, I can literally hear them hyperventilating through the phone. 

And I am sure you can guess the question that comes next "Well, if I can't eat chicken, what can I eat? Most black people think chicken is the ONLY FOOD out there, so again, chicken is literally killing black folks. Trying to get black people to give up chicken is like pulling teeth. 

Also don't forget that turkeys are also fed GMO feed, just like all chickens and beef, so it is also not a good food to eat. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Food Agenda Need To Be "Top Agenda"

The FOOD AGENDA need to be the TOP AGENDA in every city, especially in African American communities. W e need to keep moving forward educating everyone about GMOs.  You are indeed what you eat. 

Foods affects every area of your life - from your mood, to your behavior, to your happiness and your entire quality of life. Your body, especially your brain, will have a "negative" or "positive" reaction to everything you eat. And those reactions can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an entire week or longer.

Most foods today, especially GMOs, are causing allergic reactions but many people don't know this because they haven't taken time out to figure out what's happening with their foods today. 

Most families are sitting down at the  table for 3 meals a day and there is no nutrition at the table. So everyone need to  figure it out. 

There are all types of diets out there. The Standard American Diet (also called SAD, which should tell you something), is what most folks, especially African Americans are eating, which is full of processed foods. So check out other diets -- Paleo Diet, which is a Gluten Free Diet, Vegetarian Diet, Vegan Diet, Blood Type Diet, etc.

The Problems With Millennials

In order to really help the black community, it's important to understand the plight of young people. I had the help of an educator, an English professor, to help me break down what is going on today with Millennials.

Many people call this the "Sandwich Generation," where you have parents not just taking care of kids but they are also taking care of their parents.  Over 80% of students today are not working in their majors and 3 out of 4 will end up back at home.

My two daughters were born in the early 80's, which makes them millennials.  Millennials today (also known as Generation Y, Generation Me and Echo Boomers) are the demographic following Generation X.

Generation X   is the generation born after that of the baby boomers (roughly from the early 1960s to mid 1970s), often perceived to be disaffected and directionless.

However, the problem today is with the millennials. They should also be called the "Know-It-All" generation or at least they pretend to know it all. 

They were born and brought up in the computer, technology and information age -- so they are good with computers and social media. All of them have an Instagram account. 

Because of technology today, many millennials could be teaching "Generation X's" and "Baby Boomers" how to use this technology, but they don't want to do anything. Some have 3 or 4 businesses but the majority don't want to do anything.

You would think because they are good with technology, that they would have businesses because t hey don't have the mentality to work in a workplace.

Not everyone can start businesses so millennials should be advocating to raise the minimum wage in the workplace.

Many are lazy and are considered to be the spoiled, privileged or the "self-entitled" generation. They are use to being taken care of by their parents so many will stay at home, sometimes until the age of 35. 

When they do have children, they rather be out shopping for new shoes and clothing, than attending a PTA meeting. 

Back in the day, parents were in the back of classrooms seeing first-hand what was happening with their children and many volunteered to teach kids how to read after school.

What you need to understand is that millennials are also "GMO Babies" -- brought up eating toxic GMO processed foods and living in toxic environments, so this is also the sickly generation and many will not outlive their parents. So this is another reason they are lazy.

They are sickly
and on medications because their brains have given out because of their toxic GMO diets and environments. 

And according to this English professor, most don't have a "general thought pattern" in their brains. They google everything and borrow worlds online -- so a lot of plagiarism is happening today because of millennials. 

Black Lives Matter Movement #BlackLivesMatter

Many millennials are going to jail simply because they refuse to pull their pants up. Many cities now have laws on their books against SAGGING. 

And once you end up in jail, you will become part of the system with a record, where the police can charge you with just about any crime they want to.

Even though police officers have the upper hand in ALL situations, millennials still want to fight them back and this has resulted in many young people today being maimed or killed by
corrupt police officers. These millennials are simply "dying to make a point. "

Millennials participate in protests all over the country but they don't have any action plans once they leave these protests. 

E laine Brown, Former Black Panther leader, says the Black Lives Matter Movement has a "Plantation Mentality."

What everyone needs to understand is that "Black Lives Matter" is a movement and the Black Panthers was an organization. However, supposedly the "Black Lives Matter" founders have a mission and vision statement but this group is definitely missing a clear vision. 

I understand that Black Lives Matter is a movement  started by young black women and of course today it has been infiltrated by those that mean no good to the movement such as
philanthropist  George Soros , who goes around buying movements to change the direction of the world. Did he buy this movement?

You hear very little today about this movement because many people are saying the movement has been bought out.  If this was still a legitimate movement, then why haven't there  been training set up in every city to keep young men and boys from being killed by the police in their cars, on the streets and in their homes?

In  Dallas, young people explained to me that the  Black Lives  Matter  movement is nothing but a  hashtag  ( #BlackLivesMatter ) and that we should not expect more than that. 

Sure the "Black Lives Matter Movement" has created awareness of police killings and brutality and many police officers are going to jail because of it, h owever, i f black leaders wanted this movement to be a real movement, why haven't it branched off into a "Black Economics Matter"  or "Black Dollars Matter" movement? 

Like Dr. Claud Anderson said as long as we continue to be "consumers" instead of "producers," we will continue to be killed by the police. 

So where are all these  black financial and business leaders who should be launching LEGITIMATE national boycotts because of police brutality? 

Many people just don't see the BIG PICTURE today, so young people, millennials, who understands business ownership, need to step out there and form nationwide ONGOING BOYCOTTS, until there are changes made in regards to the criminal justice system in this country and also address other timely and relevant issues affecting African Americans.

"Millennials" vs. "Baby Boomers" 

Millennials refuse to work with the older generation and like most African American business owners today, even with all this technology, including hand-held devices, they NEVER respond back to texts, emails or phone calls, even after the older generation (baby boomers) has reached out to them.

They think the older generation has sold them out because baby boomers are still trying to deal with groups like,, and 

Millennials don't want anything to do with these groups until they get hit over the head or killed by the police then first thing out of their families' mouths are "Where is the NAACP?

One thing about the older generation is that they use to hold these awesome conferences, symposiums, town hall meetings, etc., where everyone came out of these events excited with action plans for their entire communities. 

This is not happening today! And most baby boomers are dying off, so millennials need to sit down now and gain some knowledge and wisdom before it is too late. Everyone also need to sit down with elders in their own families and gain this wisdom before it is too late.

Can We Pass the Torch?

The problems with most activists and advocates today is that many are also business owners, however, they have no idea they are a business
owner. If you offer a service or have a product (book, CD, etc.), you are a business owner, so you need to set yourself up to grow and build a business.

My business book "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide to Starting Your Own Business (Series 2)," list EVERY STEP you need to take to set up a legitimate business and it is available as an e-book and paperback at and can be read by 12 year olds and above.

I was a "Community Organizer" before becoming a business owner so I know "first-hand" that community organizing is frustrating and hard work. 

Anyone, especially millennials, engaged in community organizing, need to reach out to the " People's Institute from Survival and Beyond " and take their "Undoing Racism" classes.

I went to New Orleans, LA, six months before "Katrina," where their headquarters were located at the time, and had this training. You need to have a good understanding of why communities, especially black communities, are set up the way that they are. 

This is all by design -- to keep black people unhealthy, dying and living below the poverty line. 

What do you find in most African American communities?  You find churches, food deserts (no grocery stores or none containing healthy food), abandoned buildings, liquor stores, thrift stores, pawn shops, "Your Job is Your Credit" car lots, car tire shops, dollar and convenience stores full of unhealthy snacks and foods, and tons of fast food places. 

And most black communities don't have sidewalks for walking or exercising so many black kids trying to walk to school, are being hit by cars because of this.  There is a reason the black community is set up this way. 

When I rode around the country on tour in 2013 to 15 states, I could not believe how good white folks had it.  They had clean, thriving, communities with 2 or 3 health food stores or restaurants serving healthy foods right down the street from each other; Fitness Gyms all over the place some with TVs on every piece of equipment; 2 or 3 Learning Centers; Elaborate neighborhood recreation parks for swimming, softball, basketball, etc., which looked like amusement parks. Their neighborhoods contained large sidewalks for running, walking, and cycling. They have everything they need to be happy and healthy so wake up black folks.

If you are trying to organize and help black folks, you need to be trained.  You can't help poor people unless you understand the reasons they are poor.

Many poor people are poor because of their upbringing; many are poor because they want to be poor; others are poor during "wartimes"; etc. 

The "Undoing Racism" training is the best community organizing training out there for black folks, so go to their website and ask that group to send trainers into your community or get trained yourself to be an "Undoing Racism Trainer." There is no time better than now to wake up.

The best "old school" "baby boomer" conference today is the "State of the Black World IV" with Dr. Ron Daniels out of New York. 

It's extremely hard to "PASS THE TORCH" to the younger generation today, especially when the younger generation won't answer texts, emails or phone calls from "Generation X's" or "Baby Boomers." 

Most of these activists, advocates, protesters and even business owners today in this "Reality TV World," just want to be seen in the streets, on the internet and on TV. 

Again, when baby boomers organized in the streets years ago, we were trained and had action plans, unlike the millennials today.

However, not all millennials are sleep - some are definitely waking up and not afraid to speak out against injustices today, even when they are in a position to lose major funding. This is what you call "Walking the Walk."

However, just because Colin Kaepernick is standing up to injustices today, doesn't mean other African American sports figures or entertainers will. So we need to stop thinking that sports figures and entertainers are going to save black folks. The only person going to save you is -- YOU!!!. You are the person you have been waiting on. 
D o Your City Have A Black Bank?

In 1994, there were 54 African American owned banks, according to the FDIC. Now, there are 21, supposedly with assets totaling approximately $4.7 billion.

We have the power to generate over 1 trillion dollars annually and invest less than half a percent of that in our own financial institutions. 

However, it's impossible to SUPPORT BLACK BUSINESSES, when you can't tell if a business is "black-owned" because they are afraid to put their photos on their websites. 

No black business should have to put photos of white people on their websites, just to be able to sell their products or services. This is ridiculous!!!

To form a black economic empowerment movement in your city, having a black bank in your city would be a major plus. If you city don't have a  black bank  (#bankblack), you definitely need to think about relocating elsewhere or using a black black in surrounding cities or states or even on the internet. 

" One United" is the first Black internet bank and the second largest Black-owned bank in the country, with offices in Los Angeles, Boston and Miami.
They were awarded the highest Bank Enterprise Award by the U.S. Department of Treasury for community development lending.
Location(s): Los Angeles,California, Miami, Florida, Boston, Massachusetts
Minimum Deposit: $50

The black bank movement is needed all over this country, because white banks do not give out  business loans  to black folks.  White banks will only give you a house loan, car   loan, and a student loan, but they avoid giving you a business loan because this will give the black family too much economic power.

Solutions for the Black Community

It's time to honor economic leaders like Dr. Claud Anderson, who has been giving us action plans with solutions for over 40 years. He has a great love for the black community so let's seriously look at all his teachings and writings. 

Dr. Claud Anderson stated three (3) years ago in 2013, that black folks had two (2) years to save themselves, or by the year 2015, otherwise, it is going to be too late. So is it too late to save black folks?

Black people are in bad shape in this country. Many don't have ACTION PLANS for their families or they are not a part of any ACTION PLANS in their communities, for any other relevant or timely topics.

Action Plans for the Black Community:
1. PUT YOUR HEALTH FIRST: Put your health first ALWAYS. Join my "90 Day Health Challenge". Women should learn how to prepare foods WITHOUT cooking and men need to seriously turn off the TV and sports and learn how to grow foods again because there is a "food shortage" in this country.

2. FORM YOU OWN FOOD COALITION IN YOUR CITY: Everyone need to form a food coalition in their own city. I will be releasing a new book soon entitled "How To Form Your Own Food Coalition." Action plans will eventually include knocking on doors and having websites where everyone can order organic foods or pick these foods directly from community gardens or fields.

3. JOIN HOLISTIC AND NATURAL COMMUNITES: We don't have to reinvent the wheel. Join holistic and natural communities because EVERY CITY has these communities with someone that can teach you what to grow and when to grow it -- so take classes or pay these individuals to come to your home and show you what to grow and when to grow it. We can teach our kids to do this, especially young black males, who can't find work. 

4. JOIN AN ORGANIC FOOD CO-OP: Join an organic food co-op. You can also start an organic food co-op with a family member, friend or neighbor.

5. GET RID OF YOUR LAWN: Everyone need to get rid of their lawns and grow their own foods. Everyone, especially all homeowners, need to have a garden or learn to grow your foods in your kitchen or on the porch.

6. Get Your Own Greenhouse:  A backyard
greenhouse kit can provide a stable, warm environment where plants can be grown all year. They can also be used to get a jump start on the growing season, where plants, like tomatoes and peppers, are planted early and later moved out to the garden. Whatever your reason for wanting a greenhouse, there are several types, styles and costs for almost anyone who wants to start gardening.

7. GAIN ACCESS TO GOOD WATER: Alkaline water is the best. If you don't have access to it drink only "distilled" or "pure/purified" water but stay away from Spring water, which causes dehydration. 

8. GET REGULAR EXERCISE: Your body is not meant to stay still so commit to exercising at least 3, 4 or 5 days every week. Make sure you especially do some type of cardiovascular exercise, (walking, aerobics, spinning, cycling, swimming, etc.), where you can get your heart rate up for 20 to 30 minutes and keep it up. For New Years don't go to the gym, do a detox program first.
9. GET PLENTY OF REST: Rest resets your entire body so commit to going to bed the SAME TIME every night and get up the SAME TIME everyday. Also invest in a good mattress.

10. READ CATHY HARRIS BOOKS:  Read all Cathy Harris books at
which can be read by 12 year olds and above, especially her first health book  "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide to Becoming Healthier Over the Next 30 Days (Series 3)." 

11. READ ALL DR. CLAUD ANDERSON'S BOOKS: Read all Dr. Claud Anderson's books at Also read his articles at and listen to all his presentations on YouTube.

12. FORM LET'S READ CAMPAIGNS IN YOUR CITY: Form "Let's Read Campaigns" and book clubs in your communities and continue to teach kids how to read.

13. FORM WRITING GROUPS IN YOUR CITY: They have taken writing out of most schools, so form writing groups and make sure kids know how to write or create writing businesses such as Marketing or Advertising Businesses, Press Release businesses; Become a Freelancer or Columnist, etc. 

14. TEACH KIDS ABOUT THEIR HISTORY: Children who know about their history do better and go further in life, however, don't get so stuck on what happened years ago, until you can't come up with action plans for today. Make your ancestors proud!

15. READ CATHY HARRIS BUSINESS BOOKS:  Start a business or allow your kids to start a business. You need to give kids something to be proud of - a business of their own. Read the two business books by Cathy Harris "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide to Starting Your Own Business (Series 2)" and "The New CEO: 185 Easy-To-Set Up Businesses for Youth and Adult Entrepreneurs"at  

16. BUY BLACK: Support black businesses, especially black bookstores in your city. There are only a handful left. Remember it's hard to buy black when African Americans are afraid to put their pictures on their websites.

17. FORM BUSINESS ALLIANCES: Form business alliances, strategic partnerships and co-ops with other black entrepreneurs, especially business owners dealing with holistic and natural healing.

18. STAY AWAY FROM NETWORK AND MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING (PYRAMID SCHEMES) VENTURES: Don't allow your family, especially your children, to get involved in Network and Multi-Level Marketing (aka Pyramid Schemes).

19. ELECT PROACTIVE LEGISLATORS: Elect and work with proactive legislators from the ground up, who can help you form an economic empowerment base in your city. Create a REPORT CARD on all your legislators in your city. Rate them A, B, C, D. (Cs and Ds need to be voted out of office).

20. VOLUNTEER TO MONITOR LEGISLATORS: If you work on 2nd or 3rd shifts, is retired or is a student, volunteer to monitor legislators in your city to see who is doing what. What type of legislation are they introducing or voting on?

21. TURN OFF TV: Turn off your TV and stop watching mainstream media, which is nothing but a "Weapon of Mass Distraction" -- instead subscribe to independent news websites such as,,,, etc.

22. ASSIST MOM AND POP NEWSPAPERS:  It's imperative to have our own media. Volunteer to work with black mom and pop newspapers. Subscribe, donate funds and volunteer your time and make sure they have an online presence. 

23. FORM SOME TYPE OF MEDIA OUTLET: It's imperative to form some type of media outlet since we no longer have any talk radio shows. Let's tune into internet radio. Check out "The Cathy Harris Show" To receive timely and relevant news today you can subscribe to "Cathy Harris News Updates" at
and read Cathy Harris E-newsletters at,  or and tell family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues about these news outlets. Social media should be a part of your media network also.

24. BRING BACK BLACK MARRIAGES: Let's bring back black marriages and show our children that marriage is more than just moving in together, but it is also "sacred." You need to have love, communication, trust and respect for one another.

25. START LOVING AND RESPECTING BLACK WOMEN AGAIN: Black men need to stop disrespecting black women and black women also need to stop disrespecting themselves.

26. TEACH ALL FAMILY MEMBERS HOW TO SHOOT A WEAPON: Everyone, even kids in black families, need to become familiar with weapons. Be ready for anything that comes down the pipeline.

27. SUPPORT ALL WHISTLEBLOWERS: We need whistleblowers in EVERY industry to educate us, so support all whistleblowers. Set up a or page for all whistleblowers. Check out "The Cathy Harris Story" (

28. SUPPORT SPEAKERS AND TRAINERS IN YOUR CITY: Support Speakers and Trainers in your community or bring them in from other areas, who can teach your community about health or business opportunities or set up "virtual" events. These individuals need to be up to date with how to remove poisons from eating GMO foods and receiving vaccinations, and other heavy metals and toxins from your body, so it's important to look for holistic and natural healers, who can also teach others, especially our children, how to become holistic and natural healers. Also suggest these holistic careers to your children, especially if they are good in science.

29. FORM MEETUP.COM GROUPS: Form groups in your city and help each other move forward. Meet face to face and come up with action plans for the entire family. Right now all African Americans in EVERY CITY need to hold Masterminds, Brainstorming Sessions, Roundtables, Panel Discussions, Symposiums, Town Hall Meetings, and other serious meetings and conferences to discuss their communities. We can also discuss these by phone and video. Decide if changes can be made or is it time to move on to more thriving communities. 

30. LET'S BOYCOTT: We need to boycott more than just BLACK FRIDAY. Let's look at all the companies headquartered in each city and BOYCOTT all their products and services nationwide. For instance, Atlanta is home to "Home Depot"and "Coca Cola Products," so let's boycott these products and services across the board nationwide. Let's go from city to city doing this, especially cities populated with a large number of African Americans. Just some of the companies that need to be boycotted because of their past unethical practices include Monsanto, Walmart, Comcast, Wells Fargo, etc. What companies need to be boycotted in your city? We will never have a voice unless we "HIT THEM IN THEIR POCKETS!!!"  DON'T CROSS THE BOYCOTT LINE!!! 
Again, send this article to all your family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues.Cathy Harris is an Empowerment and Motivational Speaker, Non-GMO Health and Wellness Expert, Advice Columnist at, Self-Publishing and Business Coach. She is also the author of 23 non-fiction books, including 4 health books and 2 business books. She provides seminars, workshops, webinars and consultations through her speaking and training platforms at  and can be reach through her empowerment company, Angels Press, CEO, President, Publisher, P.O. Box 800511, Dallas, TX 75380, Phone: (512) 909-7365, Website:  , Email: 

Black America is Powerful!!!
Do you see thugs in this picture? Well they're not thugs, they're doctors and they just graduated from Harvard. These 7 Harvard University men are what the inner city youth should idolize -- not Rap Stars or Sports Figures. 

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