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Colleagues and friends, 

It’s no surprise to those who know me that I’m a bit of a… well… nerd. I’m an avid reader of management and systems sciences. Russell Ackoff offered a terrific metaphor that I come back to often in our work: as change leaders, we have to know when we’re confronting a problem versus a mess, which is a system of interacting, interconnected problems. A problem can be solved with a solution; a mess demands a systemic approach.

As I make sense of the priorities emerging for education improvement and reform, such as those recently laid out by the federal administration, I have to wonder if we are continuing to think we are facing a problem rather than a mess demanding holistic innovation. No amount of change around kids’ core experiences in school – be it in the form of additional tutoring, mentors, or summer and after-school programming – can sufficiently address the urgent need to change what happens at the center of kids’ and educators’ days. It’s time to invest in approaches that do that.

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Early next month, we’ll be announcing a large initiative led by The Learning Accelerator to tackle the mess. We’ll be advancing the adoption of innovative, gap-closing approaches that make real, durable changes to how students and teachers work together during their school days, supported by new tools. Stay tuned for more details on funding and evidence-creation opportunities for network leaders.

To close, you can’t resolve a mess by making it tidy – you have to recognize its causes and have a vision for broader change. Conversely, you can’t resolve a mess simply by visualizing a less messy future or by walking away from the mess. You’ve got to start concretely somewhere, with many hands. I’m excited to join you as we tackle the mess together.

Yours in partnership, 

Beth Rabbitt, Chief Executive Officer (she/her)

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