Volume 96 | October 2017
Is Kernza® the Next Quinoa?
Sustainable food advocates are buzzing about Kernza®, a perennial wheat. Since it doesn’t have to be replanted year after year, Kernza® is poised to be a more sustainable alternative to conventional grains. Read all about Kernza®, its environmental benefits, and which restaurants and food products are featuring it.
New Report Details Health Benefits of Whole Grains
In the past five years alone (2012-2017), more than 100 new studies have been published detailing the health benefits of whole grains. Wonder where the consensus stands, or where whole grain research shows the most promise? Download our Summary of Recent Research on Whole Grains and Health.
Whole Grains Month Winner Revealed
As a wrap up to September’s Good Grains for a Good Cause campaign, we’re pleased to award Okanogan County Community Action Council with a whopping 125 cases of whole grain foods, generously donated from food companies across the country.
How to Use Whole Grains to Improve Your Recipes
Switching to whole grains can not only improve your health, but also your recipes. Our handy new infographic illustrates the culinary and flavor benefits of whole grains.
Seasonal Recipes
These delicious waffles feature corn flour, October’s Whole Grain of the Month.

Recipe courtesy of Bob’s Red Mill
Arroz con Pollo is a distant relative of the classic Spanish dish paella. This Puerto Rican version features a base of sofrito, with extra flavor from olives.

An Oldways recipe
This rib-sticking dish combines an assortment of both chili and pumpkin pie spices. A touch of unsweetened chocolate gives it a bit of bitter complexity.

Recipe courtesy of Robin Asbell

Kelly Toups, MLA, RD, LDN 
Director of Nutrition

Caroline Sluyter
Whole Grain Stamp Program Manager

Cynthia Harriman
Director of Food and Nutrition Strategies