Let us share with you the most important question you will ever ask about suffering, persecution, and martyrdom. Is martyrdom something we do for Jesus or something Jesus does to us?

Martyrdom is usually described as something the martyr does for Jesus (i.e., self-sacrifice), or something that enemies do to the martyr.

But in scripture, a martyr is one whom Christ transforms into a witness. That transformation is Christ’s work, not the martyr’s.

This has huge implications for the work that we partner together on. Click here to read more on what the Bible has to say.

Warmly in Christ,
Pastor and Dr. Foley

Image: Painting of Chinese Attorney Li Baiguang who was martyred on February 25th 2018.

India: Widows of Martyred Christians Receive Sewing Machines, Training

This month, 20 widows whose husbands were killed in anti-Christian violence in Odisha State are receiving sewing machines and the training to use them. The project, funded by Voice of the Martyrs Korea’s Families of Martyrs and Prisoners Fund, operates in Lokebadi, in the Kandhamal District of Odisha State.

The project is designed to enable the widows not only to achieve self-sufficiency but also to help other widows and daughters of Christian martyrs in the area who are similarly struggling.

New Video!
NK Young Person Reads Christian Literature from VOMK in Thailand Prison

One of the most common routes of defection for North Koreans is through Thailand. Once they reach Thailand and turn themselves in to the police, they are held in a Thai prison for a period of time before being released to the Korean embassy.

Although we do not assist with defection, we do have the opportunity to minister to these NK people during their stay in prison.

In this new video, you can see an NK young person who is reading Christian literature for the first time!

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Pray for each and every daily radio broadcast. TVOM radio gospel content is currently sent to NK 5 times a day (4 short-wave and 1 medium-wave broadcast). There are many obstacles to North Koreans listening, including attempts to block the signals and the threat of arrest for those who listen. Despite this, there are approximately 2 million North Koreans who listen to these radio broadcasts. 

Pray for our partners To minister to North Koreans, VOMK partners with Christians in countries where high pressure is put on Christianity. Every time our partners minister, they are risking their safety. Please pray that God honor’s their sacrifice by not only keeping them safe, but also helping them to grow in him. Please pray for their health and their families. Most of all, however, pray that their ministry bears fruit.