But I Can't Afford An Appointment...REALLY?

Let us talk about the money issue here.  Many people do not see a Naturopathic Doctor because the insurance companies will not cover it....by the way, that is not OUR choice, it is the choice of the insurance companies.  (Most HSA and flex spending accounts will cover our services though).   

We want to bring this up because - just think about that mentality for a moment....you will continue to walk around feeling bad because you don't want to pay for a Naturopathic Doctor because the medical doctor (who may not be SOLVING your health issues) appointment is paid for by the insurance company....So...you are willing to continue to feel bad because of this fact.

But...you will take your broken car...your sick pets...spend money on vacation (sick and can't enjoy it)...go out to eat...buy new clothes...morning lattes @ $150 per month or whatever you spend your money on.

If you felt better, you could probably work WAY more efficiently and make more money to pay for the Naturopathic Doctor appointment and enjoy the rest of your life too.  Dr. Nelson has been working about 80 hours per week the past few months...there is NO way that she could do that if she did not feel physically and mentally well.

It is all about your priorities...one of my top priorities is feeling REALLY good -- it effects EVERY single aspect of your life...Only YOU can decide what your priorities are. 

  We Spend More On Our Cars

While we are on the subject of money, again...Dr. Nelson recently took her car to get fixed.  It was $200 to get it inspected and a headlight changed --- nothing else was wrong with her car -- then one month later, the car needed new breaks for $500.  That was $700 within 5 weeks.

The average cost of a first appointment at Abundant Life Wellness, INCLUDING supplements is about $400 (less than new car brakes)...and from there, you just pick up items as you run out.  The follow ups are typically 2 - 6 weeks after initial appointment and then 4 times per year going forward.  Most clients will choose to have a footbath once per month and some will incorporate a therapeutic massage monthly as well ...by the way...you do NOT have to be a patient of Dr. Nelson's to come in for footbaths or therapeutic massages.

I like my car to get me from point "a" to point "b", but I don't carry my car around all day long -- I don't sleep with my car -- I don't need my car's brain to help me function better at work -- I NEED my body and mind to function well.

I would say, one of the biggest reasons that people don't see a Naturopathic Doctor is because insurance doesn't cover it.

Only you can decide what your priorities are....