April 24, 2020

Is now a good time for virtual employee training ? YES! Employees need an outlet, and training can be a very effective one. In response to the needs articulated by many CEO's we work with, we're writing to remind you about several 30- and 60- minute facilitated workshops we run to support your organization.

We're also including a reminder about our free, day-long virtual summit coming next Thursday, " Paths to Profits ". Join your peers in this inspiring opportunity!


Calm in the Chaos   Helping Employees Regain Their Footing and Build Resiliency

This session is to help employees focus on what they can control, and to build resiliency, along with guiding them to reboot, focus and thrive.

  • An employee told us: Exercises were good, caused me to think deeper, and putting on paper gives me something to look back on as a reminder (and track changes over time).

  • A CEO shared: Watching people’s stress numbers go down after the guided meditation as well as hearing 'Thank you for doing this' and 'This was really terrific and so needed' speaks to the great job everyone on the Crothers team did... it also says that some folks really did need an outlet like this. 

Calm in the Chaos Part 2 : Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity with Amy Arvary 
Understand the concepts of neuroplasticity and how our brain works to be "re-wired". Mindfulness is just not a buzz word, it's a practice that can be learned.

Our session leader, a senior consultant with Crothers Consulting, will guide you in several practices to increase mindfulness, which includes a guided meditation.
Handling Tough Conversations

Your employees will learn and practice the seven principles of having tough, fierce conversations.

Behavioral Interview Skills

This engaging course will teach participants how to ask great interview questions and conduct a behavioral interview.

DiSC – How Do You Live In Times When So Much Is Out Of Your Control?

This session assists employees with remote working by focusing on effective communication, and reconnecting to what their DiSC style is like in times of stress, along with providing tips for facilitating virtual meetings. It's a positive team builder too!

  • Very valuable! The thing I liked best about the whole presentation was the beautiful summary at the end based on the various versions of 'Ready, Aim, Fire' based upon the styles (DiSC).

Aligning Your Team - Facilitated Discussion of Offense or Defense

This session is a professionally-facilitated team meeting to align your team to address what’s needed in these times and normalizing what companies/leaders are feeling, allowing the team to gain energy through collaboration.

  • Our team came up with so many great ideas in this session. People were very thankful for the opportunity to have input - thanks for putting this together.

  • I started out feeling tired and concerned, and at the end of our meeting I felt optimistic, with a smile on my face.

Respect in the Workplace

A shortened, 60-minute version of this half day workshop will deal with one or two of these very important workplace topics per session: harassment, discrimination, diversity/inclusion or unconscious bias.  This training is mandatory in many states (such as NJ, NY, and CA) and will go hand in hand with your employment policies.

Please consider one of these sessions for your employees, as a way to give them not only an outlet but professional development. Contact Isabelle Brennan at
201-602-8816 or email her to learn more.

We are very grateful for the positive comments we receive!
Coming next week:
Thursday, April 30
8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
No cost

I'm a small business owner myself and I admit, my head is spinning with questions about how to thrive in these uncertain times.

That's why I am excited to partner with eight other thought leaders to form the Business Innovators Alliance, a team of thought leaders and industry experts who can provide guidance to small and mid-sized businesses in this time of uncertainty.

Panelists will share expertise in the areas of:

Virtual Sales
  • Fill the prospect funnel
  • Build relationships and close sales virtually
Digital Marketing
  • Create semi-automated marketing funnels that drive inbound leads
  • Position your company for rapid growth in this new environment
Leadership, HR and Employment Law
  • Strengthen your leadership and company culture in a virtual environment
  • Understand your rights and obligations as an employer/employee
  • Workforce planning: offensively and defensively inventory your team to be prepared for what might come next
Virtual Workplace Operations
  • Understand the tools available to companies in a virtual environment
  • Develop virtual systems that increase efficiency and decrease costs
  • Develop cash flow strategies that allow businesses to grow
  • Understand how to access government resources, SBA loans and grants
Camera Readiness and (Virtual) Public Speaking
  • Maximize your impact when speaking to an audience virtually
More details on the schedule and how to register are here. Join this energetic group for an engaging day of information and inspiration!

Stay safe and lead courageously,

Crothers Consulting, LLC