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1 in 4 Physicians Say Prior Auth Led to a Serious Adverse Event

3 Upcoming Physician Collegiality Dinners

What We're Reading: Updates on the Opioid Crisis

Monday, February 11
MedChi Legislative Council Meeting

Tuesday, February 12
MedChi's House Call on Capitol Hill

Wednesday, February 20
Women in Medicine Red Dress Collegiality Dinner & Discussion

Wednesday, March 6
MCMS Lobbying Day in Annapolis

Thursday, March 14
Physician Collegiality Dinner
Tuesday, April 9
Early Career Physician Collegiality Dinner
Wednesday, May 1
MCMS Installation of Officers & Annual Meeting
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The MCMS mission is to be  the foremost physician organization to advocate for and serve physicians, their medical practices, and their patients in Montgomery County, Maryland.
priorauth1 in 4 Physicians Say Prior Auth Led to a Serious Adverse Event
©Jon Carter
More than 9 in 10 physicians said prior authorization had significant or somewhat negative clinical impact, with 28% stating it had led to a serious adverse event such as a death, hospitalization, disability, permanent bodily damage, or other life-threatening event for a patient in their care, according to a survey by the AMA. 

Share your story with the AMA about prior auth's impact on your practice and your patients to help #FixPriorAuth. Visit FixPriorAuth.org to learn more.
3 Upcoming Physician Collegiality Dinners: Register Today!
Our physician collegiality dinners are back by popular demand in 2019! Register today to reserve your seat. 
When: W ednesday, February 20, 5:45-8 PM
Where: Season's 52 in  North Bethesda
Register: Online 

Women physician members are invited to don a red dress, or a power suit, for this dinner and share experiences related to being a female physician in 2019. How has it changed since Elizabeth Blackwell became the first female physician? Would she be proud? Or outraged?

Join us, together with your female colleagues, as we celebrate the many rewards (and challenges) of your life. 
When: Thursday, March 14 , 5:30-8:30 PM
Where: Stanford Grill in Rockville
Register: Online I  Fax/Email

All physician members of MCMS are cordially invited for an evening of collegiality and conversation, as we ponder the triumphs (and travails) of the art and practice of medicine in 2019.

This year marks the 116th anniversary of Montgomery County Medical Society since its founding in 1903. Our society's first president, Dr. Roger Brooke, VII (pictured above) is credited among the first physicians to emphasize preventative medicine.  Join us as we celebrate his august  legacy and ponder what he would  have thought of medicine in the 21st c entury.
When: Tuesday, April 9 , 5:30-8:30 PM
Where: Pinstripes in North Bethesda
Register: Online I  Fax/Email

Early career physicians are invited to Pinstripes at Pike and Rose for collegiality, networking, dinner and optional bowling. Enjoy an evening of fun with fellow physicians in the Montgomery County area.

Come experience the ambiance of one of the area's newest hot spots for socializing and dining, as we discuss the many unique issues that impact early career physicians, including work-life balance, finance, and more!
OSHA Penalties Adjusted in 2019: $13,260 per Violationosha

This is a reminder that Federal OSHA regulation Title 29, Part 1910.1030 requires that all employees with potential for exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials MUST receive training BEFORE beginning work, and must be retrained annually. 


Note: Federal OSHA regulation Title 29, Part 1910.1200 has been amended to conform to the "GHS" - Globally Harmonized System of Classification & Labeling - regarding hazardous materials (i.e. specimen preservatives, lab chemicals, etc.) Employee training and a written Hazard Communication Plan modification is MANDATORY. 


MCMS, in partnership with OSHA Medical Courses, LLC, offers fully narrated, on-demand PowerPoint training programs and compliance plans templates to members at a 70% discount. 

Sign Up to Be MedChi's Physician of the Day in Annapolis advocacy
The "Physician of the Day" program provides an opportunity for MCMS & MedChi members to interface with legislators and provides valuable assistance to all those who need medical help in the General Assembly complex. Contact Kevin Hayes to sign up. Special thanks to Dr. Clare Kelliher, Dr. George Malouf, Dr. Benjamin Stallings, and Dr. Roasire Verna for staffing the First Aid Room last week.
What We're Reading: Updates on the Opioid Crisis opioids
From HCUP: Opioid-Related Hospital Stays Among Women in the United States, 2016
by Audrey J. Weiss, Ph.D., Kimberly W. McDermott, Ph.D., and Kevin C. Heslin, Ph.D. I Pub. Jan. 2019 I Read the Study

The Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP) provides the  largest database of encounter-level, longitudinal hospital care data in the US. Their most recent report provides insight into the opioid epidemic's impact on women. Key findings:
  • Women's opioid-related hospitalization rates surpassed those of men beginning in 2014.
  • The rates increased with women's age, decreased with community-level income, and was highest for white women, followed by black women.
  • 56.5% of opioid-related stays involved a co-occurring mental disorder, more than twice the rate for non-opioid stays. 
  • 18.4% of opioid-related stays among women of reproductive age involved pregnancy/childbirth.
  • 1 in 10 opioid stays among women aged 45-64 years involved self-harm.
From NBC & AP: U.S. Attorney in Philadelphia sues to stop first-in-nation supervised drug injection site
Pub. Feb. 2019 I Read the Article

U.S. Attorney William McSwain, the top federal prosecutor in Philadelphia, sued on February 6 to prevent Safehouse, a local nonprofit, from opening the first supervised drug injection site in the US. 

In response to McSwain's suit, local DA Larry Krasner made a statement: 
"We are not going to prosecute people who are trying to stop people from dying. We had 1,200 people die last year. I think it is inexcusable to play politics with their lives."

Assistant Attorney General Jody Hunt of DOJ's civil division, however, reiterated that the DOJ "will not hesitate to bring actions like this against any state, city, municipality, or private entity that attempts to open a so-called 'safe-injection site.'"
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