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Dancing with Nature 
September 2020 Issue 9 Vol 10
News, Life, and the Art Culture in the Smoky Mountains
The outpouring of sympathy and well wishes after the loss of my mother has been heart-warming. Thank you to so many of you for reaching out. I am also grateful to a supportive staff that stepped up to the plate taking on additional hours keeping the gallery running at a clip pace and allowing me to focus on family.
A friend was recently given job notice due to the pandemic forcing him into early retirement, but he put a different twist on it and said that he was going to “rewire.” I like that. I think that we all need to rewire right now in one way or another whether it is a weekend away to recharge or a year pondering redirecting your destination. 
As 2020 has left us feeling battered and torn, give yourself permission to rewire, allowing you the grace of space and the clarity to continue your path or to develop a new one. Your soul will thank you for taking care of you. (Photograph of tattered dragonfly captured by Heather Gates.)
One of my favorite rewire spots is under a huge oak tree at the farm in Florida. I mentioned this spot before glazing over the matter that it had, in my youth, been a lion pen.  My father, beloved by the residents of our rural town, known to be a bit eccentric, relished in possessing the unique thus the menagerie of animals which locals called a “zoo” that included ostriches, horses, camels, rhea, sheep, goats, and an occasional lion. That apple fell FAR from the tree. John and I own a cat. Where do you go for your calm and inspiration?
My heart goes out to all of you being affected by the flooding of Hurricane Sally to the fires of California and everything in between. If life was not stressful enough with all this Covid-19 floating around only to be turned upside down by a natural disaster. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we wish for the safety of your friends and family as you regroup, rebuild, rewire.

Everyone has been asking about Downtown Waynesville, October festivals, Church Street Arts & Crafts Festival and Apple Harvest Festival. Just recently some revisions have been made to modify events with Covid-19 precautions. They will each have a totally different feel from previous years and from each other. You will find the information below.

Art After Dark is about to roll around again. We continue to not participate in the Friday evening social event but work to create a unique Saturday event, depending on our featured artist. October spotlights goat photo taker extraordinaire Jeffrey Stoner.
He will be in the gallery Saturday, October 3, 11-3, sharing stories of his photography escapades.  Special discounts on Jeff’s photography will be available during the presentation only.  There will be a goat challenge for your participation to enter to win a goat portrait of your own. While in the gallery, help us celebrate 22 years of Twigs and Leaves Gallery on Main Street.
Seven months ago, Covid-19 caused the world to stand still but, thankfully, “we are fine” and are tremendously grateful for the outpouring of support for our artists and the gallery. We hope to see you as the leaves change their color and you give yourself permission to rewire, reset, and rejoice in the splendor and the coziness of the mountains.
May You Walk in Beauty ~ Carrie


Linda Caristo
Linda is a full time professional jeweler who has created her unique pieces of art jewelry for over 30 years. She is a native of Western North Carolina and her family has resided in this area since the 1600s. Her designs are heavily influenced by nature and the styles of the Arts and Crafts Movement, Art Nouveau and Art Deco Eras. She also specializes in Celtic designs. Linda is primarily known for her fine detailed hand pierced work.

She had the rare opportunity to learn the plique-à-jour enamel technique many years ago from Russian artist, Valeri Timofeev. Timofeev had helped to restore some of the Fabergé eggs in Russia and his work is highly prized today.
Timofeev discouraged Linda from using the original glass and wire technique in jewelry because of its complex fragile nature. He was right – the wire would bend, the glass easily cracked, and panels would fall out.

Linda loved this use of translucent enamel popularized by master jewelers such as René Lalique during the Art Nouveau Era and was determined to figure out a way to do it successfully. She did. Instead of using the glass enamel she figured out a way to use a more durable resin utilizing the same surface tension technique. The resin is placed in hand pierced cell designs instead of wires which makes the piece more structural sound.

Now these beautiful works of art can be worn or displayed as art and enjoyed without the fear of breakage. Linda successfully reintroduced an old art form made new in her jewelry.

She has won many awards for her work, including being selected for an important Art Nouveau exhibit at the Forbes’ Galleries in New York, which included original work of Tiffany and other master jewelers of that era. Her work has been used to promote art events including The Atlanta Arts Festival.
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October Featured Artist:
Jeffrey Stoner
"My passion is to capture, through photography, the beauty, wonder, and mystery that surrounds.

This passion started early in my life. When I was seven years old, my family moved from the city to the country and the moment that influenced the direction of my photography happened soon after this move. I remember going outside on a sunny winter morning. There had been a freezing rain during the night and when I looked into the trees, I saw sunlight glistening on ice covered branches. I had never seen anything like that; it was amazing. I remember wishing I had a camera to capture that moment. My wish for a camera came true when I was ten and my love of photography began.

My photography is still driven by that original wish to capture the moment - to capture the feeling and spirit of the scene I am witnessing. My photography includes wildlife, landscapes and cityscapes. I believe beauty, wonder and mystery can be found whether taking wildlife and landscape shots in the middle of a winter blizzard or cityscapes on a summer morning. My goal is for others, through my photography, to experience the feeling and spirit of these moments."
View more work by Jeffrey Stoner in the gallery or on our website here.
Art After Dark
Friday, October 2nd, 6-9 pm

You're invited downtown to October's Art After Dark. It may look and feel different, but it's still your favorite Main Street. Make sure you plan a stop at one of our many great restaurants!

Please check out your favorite social media pages and store websites for updates. 
Fall For Waynesville
Sat, October 10th, 10-5pm
The Church Street Arts and Crafts festival historically held the second Saturday in October has instead been rebranded as “Fall for Waynesville.” Main Street will be blocked to traffic, creating a pedestrian-only environment with street performers.
Restaurants can also set up outdoor dining areas in the street and shops can bring merchandise out onto the sidewalks.

For more information call 828-456-3517
Apple Harvest Daze
Sat, October 17th 10-5pm

Modifications and changes to ensure the safety of vendors, merchants, visitors and staff have been implemented and will be monitored throughout the day.

The name has been changed to Apple Harvest Daze as it will not have the same elements of a festival and is on a much smaller scale.  

View more information here.
Schedule your Hayrides with Darnell Farms!
Ready for a Fall Hayride? Not only will you enjoy your ride up to the pumpkin patch to find your perfect pumpkin, but you will also experience farming educational information along the way

Schedule your Hayride here.
Oh La LaLone!
Stay tuned ...
November Featured Artist
Michael Lalone

View work by Michael Lalone here

Find Haywood County COVID19 updates here
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