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Debby Brown's Hocus Focus
Hi there!

It's weird.

As some of you have probably noticed, every month "Hocus Focus" features one word and photos from the DB&A photographers to illustrate it. I like to give the photographers 6 months of words in advance. So last December, I gave them the word list for the first half of 2016.

As it turned out, I had chosen the word "security" for the month of March, obviously unaware of the events to come. Given what happened this week, it's a bit eerie how appropriate the word is.

Scroll down to see how the DB&A photographers visualize it.


Deborah Brown & Associates

Unfortunately, Probably Not 
Breakdowns exist everywhere

I was in Honduras last weekend on a tiny island (Guanaja) and had to go through security at the airport there as I was leaving. It was the old fashioned kind of security: two guys in uniforms behind a big table opening bags and pulling stuff out.

Fortunately, they left the underwear section alone, but everything else was taken out of my bags and put on the table for all to see. Nothing too embarrassing, but it was clear that I had brought way too many shoes. And the number of different eye creams in  my toiletry bag isn't exactly something I want to broadcast.

At any rate, they finally put everything back, closed up the bags and set them on the floor near the door to the tarmac, not paying them any more attention. It was up to me to lock the bags. Which I did, but not before pulling a book out of my carry-on bag and stuffing it into the larger suitcase. Shocking, right?

Apparently carry-ons are deemed secure by virtue of...I don't know what exactly. Maybe they thought my carry-ons were too small to hold anything dangerous. Or maybe I don't look like a gun-totin' gal (they're right about that). Whatever the reason, no one even bothered to take a peek.

So, think about it. After all the fussing over my stuff, I was able to add something to the "secure" luggage, and no one seemed to notice or care. I could have added anything, I'm sure. Drugs (not that I would do that), a gun (definitely wouldn't do that), or worse (also definitely wouldn't do that whatever it may be). The point is, the very intrusive security check completely broke down once the bags were deemed "clean" and set aside.

In a way, the same can be true for the photographs which are shot on assignment for your company.

When you ask a photographer to photograph your executives, offices and/or facilities, you and I discuss the usage rights that your company acquires for the fees. The understanding is that the photographer can use the images for self-promotion.

But sometimes, you want to place restrictions on which images the photographer can or can't use for promotion. For example, using the photos in the photographer's printed portfolio is fine; on his website not fine. Custom-made online portfolio fine; email marketing not fine. You know the drill. I'm pretty sure these restrictions are imposed because of some sort of a security issue being brought up by the legal department. 

It's okay. We work with you on those issues. But then those very same images appear on your company's website and other public platforms.

Photographers find it curious when they aren't allowed to put images up on their websites and then see the images appear on the client's website "out in the open" for anyone else to copy, screen grab, or otherwise lift for any purpose at all.

It's a lot of fussing over controlling where the images appear, only to have those roadblocks break down once the contracts are signed and the photos delivered.

So much for security.

With the attacks in Brussels this week, the word "security" brings to mind images of military and police. But there are other ideas of security, too.

See how the DB&A photographers cover the many aspects of this word below.
                   © Neal Wilson (based in the UK)

          © Jon Love (based in Sydney, Australia)

 © Ron Wu (based in Chicago)


© Amos Chan (based in NYC)

  © Rosanne Olson (based in Seattle)

© Bill Gallery (based in New England)   

© Robin Moyer (based in Hong Kong)

© Yasu Nakaoka (based in Tokyo)

If you want to see Bill Gallery's stock photos of "security" or other themes, have a look at the images on the stock section of his site:

© Bill Gallery 

Our hearts go out to the families and friends of those who were killed or injured in Brussels this week.

Stay tuned for next month's word: Focus

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