Goodbye September, hello October! The days are getting shorter and the tolerance for pumpkin spice everything is already diminishing for some people!

Twitter has been in the news for the last couple of weeks because rumors are running rampant that the platform is going to be purchased. Salesforce and even Disney have been named as potential buyers. That is all at the 30,000-foot level, however. The real question for you is what Twitter can do for your  business, if anything, and that was our focus this week.

Monday's post began at the beginning. Do you need a Twitter account? Do companies benefit from having a Twitter presence? You can see our answers, pro and con, by clicking here

Wednesday, we took things a bit further. Assuming you have a Twitter account, how can you make sure you are using it in the smartest way possible? We summarize some "must do" actions as well as things you want to avoid. Just click here to read all about it. 

Industrial Revolution

Throughout my career in marketing, spanning more decades than I care to mention, we have always seen the trend that the latest and greatest tactics in marketing get used and tested in the B2C world long before they migrate to the industrial world.
This was true when print was king and it's even more true now. Whether it's social media, mobile-friendly websites, or email marketing, the B2C world was leading the way long before these tactics were adopted by the B2B companies.
But now, the tsunami has hit. Everywhere we go, industrial companies are asking about social media, recognizing that they need to get on board with mobile-friendly websites and, in general, jumping on the e-communication train.
Clearly, this is not the industrial revolution that our country experienced during the early 19th century, but this industrial revolution may turn out to be just as important. As thousands of family-owned industrial companies are being passed down to the second or even third generation, the younger group is clearly not doing business like the gray hairs. This is causing conflict in any number of ways in terms of how to move companies forward. The old guard wants to "stay the course." The new guard is saying that course is closed due to repairs and in fact may never reopen.
We are daily participants in this revolution. With both the old guard and the young professionals on board, we are well positioned to play on the front lines.
Now let's go win this for the gipper.

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