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It's Labor Day Weekend! 
So take some time off and read something cool!

We've been getting lots of feedback lately from folks who came on board the newsletter train late in the game, and want to catch up on what they've missed. So, we've added a links block below so you can check 'em all out. For those of you who emailed us (you know who you are)that you deleted the newsletters and now you want to go back and read stuff again, well, this is for you too.

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And last but certainly not least, welcome back to HITEC, whose generosity has brought you another weekend of Cool Reads!
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Wire Wrap
Wire Wrap Is Alive And Well!
Wire wrap. Is it an alternative to PCBs?
Construction articles found in electronics magazines use printed circuit boards for all but the simplest circuits, so investing time and money into the PC board fabrication process seems to be the next logical step, albeit a bit daunting for the new hobbyist. PC board fabrication is not necessarily the next step.

There is another alternative ... wire wrap.

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HiTec Radios
Get More With Your Radio!

When you purchase a Hitec Flash 8, Flash 7 or Aurora 9X from now until Dec. 31st, you will receive TWO Optima 7 receivers FREE! Enjoy the extensive programming capabilities, expanded model memory and lightning-fast response that Hitec radios deliver while getting something extra. Get your hands on one today!
Electronic Stethoscope
Electronic Stethoscope - Find That Noise!
Locate and diagnose mechanical problems with this electronic stethoscope.
An electronic stethoscope can be a considerable improvement over an acoustic stethoscope. It is more sensitive, has better frequency response, and has a volume control to reduce the level when the noise is loud.

The Nuts and Volts 
Workbench Design Challenge Redux
(is coming!)

Way back in June of 2008, Vern Graner, our Personal Robotics columnist at the time, issued the $100 workbench challenge. The setup was simple:

The Challenge: Design & equip a fully-operational, entry-level, electronics workbench
The Catch: Your budget is no more than $100 USD
The Fine Print: Your sole-source for items was Nuts & Volts vendors

Well, now the rules have changed. Time has marched on, the world of workbench options has grown wider, the budget has gotten bigger and the stakes have been raised. So, stay tuned for the official rules (actually they're more like guidelines) announcement coming soon! (In about two weeks!)
The prize pool is getting pretty deep with great stuff from your favorite companies like Parallax, Measurement Computing, Bitscope, Saelig, and Oscium!

Infrared Object Detection
AVR C Programming Workshop - Part 15
Infrared Object Detection
Last episode, we learned to measure light and temperature, and faked showing decimal numbers from data stored as integers. This time, we are going to learn about IR (infrared) object detection.

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Triac Principles And Circuits - Part 2
Optocoupled synchronous power switching, plus other triac-related circuits and information.
Part 1 concluded by pointing out that the simplest way of making a really efficient synchronous 'zero-voltage' triac-driving circuit is with the aid of a special-purpose IC that functions as an optocoupled low-power synchronous 'zero-voltage' triac that can easily be used as a slave for synchronously driving a normal high-power triac. This final episode gives practical details of such circuits, together with other triac-related circuits and information.
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