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Are advertisers slow to respond?

Have you noticed not all brands have shifted towards advertising on streaming platforms? This is a very interesting observation since normally advertisers like to be where the majority of their audience is. So, why are advertisers sticking with linear television despite the cord-cutting plague?

In the last year, cord-cutters have actually surpassed linear TV subscribers for the first time. It seems like it's been easy for consumers to jump to streaming, but it's not so simple for advertisers. Advertisers still spend more money on linear TV than streaming mainly due to live sports. However, digital platforms may start to claim sporting rights, which would make advertisers' spending start to shift.

Another reason advertisers may start to shift towards streaming in the future is because of the current SAG-AFTRA strike. This strike has and will continue to cause disruption in the entertainment industry, which worries advertisers. This is much less of a concern on streaming platforms since majority of viewing on streaming is from library series.

However, a huge reason advertisers are slow when it comes to advertising on streaming platforms is because many consumers are not utilizing ad-supported platforms. Some major streaming platforms do not even offer an ad-supported option. Research does show, however, that new subscribers are subscribing to ad-supported plans.

Some TV companies have also added digital options, which could become a huge asset to advertisers. Companies such as Paramount+, Max, and Peacock are also being able to handle higher volumes of advertising, which creates more competition with the big tech platforms. This allows advertisers to still utilize a platform and advertise within their linear and streaming platforms.

If you are a brand still trying to figure out how to allocate your money towards streaming, we are here to help!

Amid writers strike, free streaming gains steam!

You have most likely used a Free Advertising Supported Television platform, FAST, at least once before. These FAST platforms have quickly become extremely popular in the industry, mainly because it is free! They are also catching steam due to the recent writers and actors strike which is now in its 4th month.

FAST platforms offer a lot of free content, which also offers a better financial equation. In the past, most consumers would buy a cable package for around 200 channels for $100 a month. But now, FAST platforms can offer hundreds of channels for free.

Tubi, which has 250 free live channels, said it hit 74 million monthly active users last month, while Pluto TV has seen its viewership jump by 70%. You won't get every episode of every show, and audio and video quality isn't what you've come to expect from Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. All are free, as long as you don't mind about a minute and a half of commercials before, during, and after shows.

TV comedies such as "Gilligan's Island," "Bewitched," "The Facts of Life" and "What's Happening" are hits again as viewers turn to free TV services that stream those shows and others over the internet.

Will ads soon be playing in this 'Sandbox'?

Google has started to roll out "Privacy Sandbox" which is a new tracking and measurement method that still allows websites to access user information while protecting user privacy. However, many advertisers are concerned with this new method because of the effectiveness and the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Privacy Sandbox allows brands to target ads without the use of third party cookies or other tracking software. Third party cookies will not exist at all for Chrome users, but device IDs will remain if the user opts in. Google will also try to put users into specific interests.

A lot of brands still rely on third-party cookies, so this may cause a shift in where advertisers will spend their money. The Privacy Sandbox will also cause advertising to be more expensive on their platform since it will be harder to reach a broad audience. So what should you do to improve your audience targeting?

Think about what your audience wants to see and what they are more likely to engage with. Make sure to create an ad that gives your consumers a choice that will help them learn about your product and are more likely to convert. Lastly, make sure to always analyze your insights so you are optimizing your ads.

Is X being politically correct?

As you may have heard, political ads will be allowed to be on X, formerly known as Twitter. The platform says there will be a system in place to make sure there is no false information being spread on the platform.

This comes as a surprise since the former CEO, Jack Dorsey, was pretty adamant on not accepting political ads.

When Dorsey banned political ads on Twitter in 2019, he believed "political message reach should be earned, not bought".

Dorsey believed that it would not be right to say we will make sure we are not spreading misinformation, but allow people to pay us to post their ad because then they can say whatever they want. He also noted that political ads on the internet in general bring up a variety of issues at a very fast pace. Ultimately, these issues will affect all internet communication, and not just political.

Do you think political ads should be allowed on X?

Taylor 'Swift'ly moves to big screen!

As soon as Taylor Swift mania took center stage this year, I said to my daughters, "You know what is going to happen next? Taylor Swift will come out with a movie!" And so, it is happening. AMC theaters will be showing Taylor Swift's concert in every single one of its theaters all day long for four days. This could even last longer.

Normally concert movies are a one or two night event. However, Taylor Swift's concert movie is becoming a whole thing. The timing of the concert movie is also very interesting since it is coming out in a time when many people do not go to the movies.

The Taylor Swift concert movie will not need much marketing because of her already huge fanbase. Many people who already saw her concert live will also most likely go to see it in the theaters as well. This concert movie may also continue to be shown past its initial run to help give the business a boost at the end of the year.

My daughter already had me purchase tickets online for the mid October movie. Therefore, the power of your children's influence definitely is in play here.

Will you be going to see the Taylor Swift concert movie next month?


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Organs for Life, aka Cryoprize, is a 501-C3 non-profit whose mission is to focus on a critical facet of organ donation.

The current problems with organ transplants:

  • A very short window of time to utilize the organ once it's donated
  • Distance and transport issues, slowing down the donation process
  • Delays in matching donor and recipient viability

The result? Thousands of potentially life-saving donor organs go unused every year that could have saved a life.

Marketing Keys will be helping Organs for Life with strategies on their social media platforms to help educate their consumers while bringing in incremental donations for this worthwhile mission.

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During my 16 years as a business owner, I have discovered there are (3) main challenges that businesses have when it comes to managing their social media platforms:

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