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Is YOUR State Holding a Conference This Year?

If you are holding a state conference and your state is a current member of COABE, you can access a list of our top, national level, expert presenters,

Additionally, COABE can support your state conference with a door prize, a short presentation by our leadership, and/or by bringing greetings to your board of directors.

Please email michellechiles@coabe.org to access our exclusive list and/or to advise us regarding your state association conference dates.

Virtual Conference Support to State Associations,
State Agencies, and Departments of Education

Many state entities have limited budgets and will not be able to offer a state of the art virtual conference for their members due to the cost of virtual platforms and the need to have technical and graphic skills to fully utilize the virtual platform options. For most of our large group members, their conference is their primary source of revenue which enables them to keep their doors open. With this in mind, we would like to offer a scalable option under the COABE mantle good through December 15, 2020 and available again April 1, 2021 through December 15, 2021.
Learn more here! If you are interested, please contact sharonmbonney@coabe.org for more details.