Volume 6 Issue 7 A monthly newsletter published by MKSA LLC August 2019
Got School Supplies?
Have you finished back-to-school shopping? If you're like many of us (and you haven't even started yet), you'll want to take a look at the links below. They share information on how to find great prices on many items, and other strategies for saving as well.
Check Out Our EI ABA Groups!
-Small group activities
-1:1 discrete trial instruction            
-Opportunities for socialization    
Includes Parent Support Group, Family Training

DAYS & TIME:          
ABA Group Monday-Friday:
9-10:30 AM (full/availability in September)  
11AM-12:30 PM has openings
Scheduled Family Training:  2x/month 
Support Group:  1x/week 1 hour (during class time)
PLACE:   125 E. Bethpage Road, Plainview NY 11803 (entrance at MKSA awning)
- On Nassau/Suffolk border—convenient to both counties
- Parent/Guardian must stay on location. Parent mileage reimbursement available. (PMR)
STAFFING/RATIO : Special Educator and 1:1 aides, maximum 6 children (supervised by BCBA/LBA)
· Individual IFSP and learning readiness goals addressed through principles of ABA
· Socialization goals addressed through principles of ABA
· An individualized program will be developed for each child
· Data collection taken on all goals
· Programs overseen by BCBA/LBA
There are no classes the following weeks:                                               
· Last week of August/Christmas week/Presidents' week (Winter break)/Easter-Passover week (Spring break)                                           

For more information: Contact Heather at 516-731-5588, ext. 229 or JoAnn, ext. 220 or by email . Download flyer here.
Take a Stroll Through a Sensory Garden
With plenty of summer left, there's no better time for walking through beautiful gardens. For children with special needs, there are sensory gardens awaiting exploring! Beautiful colors, sounds of wind chimes, trickles of fountains, and delicious aromas are just some of the treats waiting to be experienced. Learn more here.
Check Out Our Free Workshops!
Be sure to regularly check our  Event Calendar! MKSA offers free provider workshops and parent workshops. These give our providers opportunities to stay current on issues while maintaining their professional development hours. And we want to connect with families--whether in our program or not--to provide information and strategies on typical childhood topics. We hope to see you soon!
What are YOU reading?
Our list of recommended books continues with a theme of back to school for kids:
-This School Year Will Be the Best! by Kay Winters and Renee Andriani
- The Pigeon HAS to Go to School! by Mo Willems
-If You Take a Mouse to School by Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond
August is...
National Eye Exam Month, National Golf Month and Family Fun Month. Go have your eyes examined, then shoot a round and celebrate with your family! Enjoy.
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