Is Your Building... Healthy?

Take Control of Your Facility Indoor Air Quality
for Your Occupants
Many recent scientific studies have linked good indoor air quality with a more productive workforce, which increases overall company value.

Implement Hygieneering's  Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management Program for results that make a difference .
Hygieneering's Key IAQ Program Elements:
  • Best practices air testing services for common contaminants and diagnostic parameters to evaluate workplace environment air quality.
  • A comprehensive facility inspection for poor indoor air quality risk factors, including a review of primary air delivery HVAC system components.
  • A comprehensive report with recommendations and documentation relative to OSHA, EPA and ASHRAE guidance/standards that support good IAQ and obtaining and maintaining LEED points.
A minor investment in Hygieneering's IAQ Program will demonstrate commitment to a healthy workplace and employee well being; while generating positive returns on employee productivity as well.
To further discuss how Hygieneering's Indoor Air Quality testing services can help you meet your environmental objectives, please contact David Zeidner, LEED AP at 630-654-2550 or .