The SCS Ground Master Monitor continuously monitors the path-to-ground impedance and electromagnetic integrity of eight metal ground connections of process tools in work areas. This includes semiconductor, disk drive, flat panel, and electronic equipment manufacturing environments. The monitor provides both visual and audible alarms and includes fuse protection for each channel.
SCS 770069 Power Relay Compatibility
Compatibility with the 770069 Power Relay controls power to workbenches, hand tools, and other electronic devices dependent on the Ground Master Monitor’s status
The 770079 Ground Master Monitor also features:
  • Ethernet Connectivity - Provides network communication with Static Management Program (SMP). Data collected through SMP includes metal ground impedance and EMI voltage.
  • Optical Relay - Pairs with lights and buzzers for increased visibility.
  • EMI Monitoring on Metal Grounds - Alarms if the grounded metal tools have high-frequency noise that could cause electrical overstress (EOS) damage.
This item is replacing the discontinued 770060