PCS Connection - September 2019
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Work to Keep Your Home Bug-Free
In many areas of the country when cool, fall days arrive, Asian lady beetles (ladybugs), Harmonia axyridis, and boxelder bugs, Boisea trivittatus, congregate on exterior walls. They typically choose the south and west facing walls since these walls are the warmest. Once on the wall they look for nooks, crannies and other dark openings where they can hibernate over the winter.
Extend the Warranty of Your Stains and Finishes
When talking about wood stains one question that is frequently put to our customer service representatives is "Is a topcoat really necessary?” Actually a more accurate question would be, “Is a topcoat worth the extra cost and effort to apply?"

Rather than giving a simple answer we will discuss the benefits of topcoats and let you decide after you read this.
Sealing Cracks in Logs
It is virtually impossible to prevent logs from developing cracks and checks as they age and dry. That’s because as a large piece of wood seasons, mechanical stresses build up until the surface stress becomes so great that the wood cracks. We call these stress cracks “checks.”
Should I Apply Stain or Sealants First on My Home?
If you're sealing and applying stain to your home, you may wonder what is the appropriate process. The answer to this question depends mainly on which sealant is used and how you want your home to look.