January 2017
International Fundraising - Is Your Institution Ready?   
by Bob Markley

Bob Markley, Senior Consulting Associate, has joined Brakeley Briscoe after a career at Duke University managing their international fundraising programs in Asia. 
Some universities are seeing 7 and  8 percent of yearly giving coming from international sources.  Independent schools are seeing gifts of $1 million and more from international families.  Educational institutions' strategic plans increasingly emphasize globalization of curriculum, student experience, and enrollments.  Advancement programs need globalization strategies too.
Complimentary One-On-One Sessions with Robert Markley, Senior Consulting Associate  
Brakeley Briscoe can help you analyze the opportunities and plan your international fund raising program. Bob Markley will offer no-cost consultations at the upcoming CASE-NAIS conference in Austin, TX.  Contact us to sign up or to set a discussion at another time.    
Current Issues in Independent Schools  
We interviewed about a dozen independent school development executives to get a feel for their concerns relative to development. The individuals we talked to represented boarding and day schools; schools located in the East, West, North, and South; sectarian schools and schools with religious affiliations; and elementary schools, high schools, and schools with grades K through 12.

Although we heard a wide range of issues, certain issues stood out.

BBI Education Client Testimonial

"W were pleased to partner with the nation's oldest fundraising company - Brakeley Briscoe - in launching what would become our institution's largest campaign in our 50 year history.  The BB team did a planning study which helped us determine how much we could raise in a campaign and how we should structure our volunteers and staff. Then they counseled us in our campaign, helping us blow past our $10 million goal.  We were extremely pleased with our collaboration and thank them for their investment in Tallahassee Community College. " 
Vice President for Resource Development
Tallahassee Community College
Executive Director
TCC Foundation  
BBI is Presenting and Exhibiting at CASE NAIS Conference 

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January 22-24, 2017 
Marianne Briscoe, Robert Markley, and Anne Storch of Brakeley Briscoe Inc. are leading a session on January 22 from 3-4:15PM on Building Your International Fundraising Program in Asia. The three of them as well as Alden Briscoe will also be exhibiting at  booth 1. Stop by for a meet and greet!
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February 26-28, 2017  
BBI Education Practice Group

Our Team of advisors on education includes:
  • Marianne Briscoe, Ph.D., ACFRE, President
  • Mike Brennan, Senior Consulting Associate
  • Peter A. Caputo, Senior Consulting Associate
  • Robert Markley, Senior Consulting Associate
  • Susan F. Rice, Ed.D., ACFRE, Senior Consulting Associate
  • Thomas E. Ryan, Senior Consulting Associate
  • Sharon Shepard-Ballen, CFRE, Consulting Associate
  • Gordon D. Soenksen, Senior Consulting Associate
  • Anne C. Storch, Senior Consulting Associate
To see full bios of our team,  click here.

Executive Search/Job Opportunities

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