Is Your Passport Valid?

As travel professionals, we get more questions about passport and visa services than any other topic. The process of obtaining these documents can be overwhelming and intimidating if you have never done it before. However, having valid documentation is critical if you want to travel anywhere outside of the United States.

 If you frequently travel abroad, request the large passport when renewing.  It contains extra pages at no additional charge and is recommended for travelers who have required additional visa pages in the past. 
Meet a Planner: Ashley Seamon

I joined the Aladdin family in January 2016. As a Meeting and Event Planner, I have the privilege to work with a wonderful, collaborative group of people every day. One of the aspects I enjoy most about working for Aladdin is that I have the opportunity to "wear many hats" and take part in special projects and assignments outside of my job description.
When I'm not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, volunteering with local charities, working with my church and traveling. I have been lucky enough to travel to many interesting places and a few of my favorites include, Roatán, Honduras; Sedona, Arizona; and Boston, Massachusetts. I enjoyed my time in Roatán and Sedona, and was amazed by the unique and breathtaking landscapes in each location. Roatán has lush tropical rainforests, filled with exotic wildlife and Sedona's majestic red rock mountains are something everyone should see once in their lifetime. Boston is an all-time favorite destination, mainly because of my overzealous dedication to the Boston area sports.
The Aladdin Beliefs that resonate the most with me are "We help our clients accomplish their mission in life." and "We create solutions that our clients cannot create for themselves." Whether helping a leisure traveler mark a trip off their bucket list or assisting a corporate partner plan and execute a top-tier meeting, everyone at Aladdin lives out these two beliefs in their daily work life.
Aladdin Believes: We help our clients accomplish their mission in life.
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